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Chapter 18: Entering Zuyi City

Hearing the words of the young lady in front of him, the man had the urge to kill someone, this was obviously targeting someone from the army from the beginning. But Ruruo looked indifferent and said, “Oh..! stop acting as though I’m stealing your family heirloom. We both know that if you want to use that thing you have no choice but to disrupt your own martial arts practice. In fact, that is the only way in all circumstances or the other one that can allow you to break through the limitation with force... well forget that!” As she spoke she was already expecting the old man to behave here and sign the deal she was offering.

Seeing the situation with the two, Wang was already bored, he moved further not listening to their nonsense, the fight was not continuing so he lost interest.

He was curious about the technique the two were talking about but in the end, he knew that it was a waste of time as this was a grandmaster thing.

He did not even want to know what the old man risked his life for from Ruruo and was now exchanging for it even though unwilling.

When the two of them finished their exchange, the old man was left there observing as Ruruo and others continued on their journey across the desert.

He murmured to himself, “I’m afraid with that kid’s talent it will not be long before she will have some reputation in the martial arts world, loosing something in this exchange is not considered a big deal.” He turned around and left using some movement skills.

In this situation, Wang did not say anything as he traveled to Ziyu city, which he has never been to. Based on his previous thoughts the city should be the same as the sand city, but he still did not seem to think so at the moment he heard about the city lord.


Surprisingly, after moving for several miles, it seemed she couldn’t bear it any longer, and she finally spoke. When he looked over he discovered she had been saying something to him.

“Come here?”

When he approached she seemed to be pointing to the ground but he did not get what she was indicating. “I mean squat down.”

He sighed as he looked at her state which seemed worn out, but he did not say what he was thinking which she might have guessed or not.

All the way he was moving with a person on his back, but he did not expect to be carrying an adult whose martial arts realm seems to be higher than him.

“Why? Are you still unhappy about being involved in my plans?” When he heard what she said, did not even answer and just continued on.

Seeing as to how he did not seem to be replying, she just seemed to be laughing at it but did not mention it again.

When they eventually approached the destination of their travels, Wang managed to see something that surprised him. From the distance, he could indeed see that the desert seemed to end but that was far from surprising him.

An imposing tower could be seen standing straight toward the sky, it was shaped like a sword, and just looking at it one could be intimidated. Wang just cast his glance at its shape and soon lost interest.

He had come to this place because regardless of the situation in the rest of the places, some strong people seemed to be in charge of this place. Anyone would be intimidated to attempt to cause trouble in this place.

Most people in the martial arts world seem to be happy about increasing strength, and this city can indeed offer many opportunities. Wang also could tell that this was not some kind of game so he had to make some choices wisely.

He had already thought of separating from this crazy woman after reaching the city but she was very perceptive and whispered in his ears, “Without permission from the city, no one can stay. You can only come with me to my residence or in the end, stay outside of the city. But that would mean having to struggle for all resources. In the end, most of the people on the outside have failed to meet the requirements for staying in this city and are going to head to other cities. I wonder how many cities have already turned like the sand city being occupied by some gangs.”

From everything she said, he only heard the words that requirements are to be met for one to stay in the city.

In that case, he was indeed very interested in asking about it and did. “What are the requirements?”

“Actually it is quite easy, you just have to gain the approval of that tower, the first stage on the tower is to defeat a grandmaster expert. All the way up. Which floor do you think you can reach this moment?”

His plan was not to get himself in trouble, but he had that thought of throwing her off his back and heading for the city, but being rational he just ignored the thought.

He needs a safe space to develop and this place is the right bet, in that case, he can ignore this episode, as he assumes with her level of cultivation she would be busy to bother with him.

When he kept silent after receiving the answer she also did not speak until the group managed to reach the city gate only to discover it was not guarded at all.

Then Ruruo seemed to produce some token from her waist that Wang failed to see, yet the token allowed them to enter the city.

What Wang did not see was that the city gate seemed to have some kind of unique mechanism and at the end of the day, everyone that entered the city had their identity recognized and if not known then they will be tracked. In the same way, others seemed to come just after the four of them had gone further in the distance.

“By the way, where are we going again?” Wang suddenly realized a big problem, this woman was living in the gang pretending to be someone’s daughter, and in this city, he did not actually know where they were going.

In this city to have a residence, it would have a very different meaning and Wang could always feel like something was very wrong, especially with this woman insisting on bringing him along to this place.

Basically, he assumed she did not have feelings for him, so it can not be said that she brought him to this place due to that wedding.

He was very alert in his heart about the next move she makes but that was not his pressing issue at all, rather he could not help but think about the immense resources in a place like this city.

Probably he could buy resources under the grandmaster realm at a cheap price considering the information that Ruruo has already told him about the tower.

A realm like his in this city probably is not worth much and thus he can take advantage of it to become low-key. But this woman making him carry her is something he seems to think very doubtfully has no other purpose.

With Luoli in the lead, the four soon arrived at a residence that was indeed too good for her to own in this city but Wang did not bother with it.

After taking Ruruo in, he heard her call in Luoxi and ask her for some things he seemed to realize were medical materials.

But he did not stay long and escaped fast and seeing the way he was leaving incognito she just smirked. Luoli on the other hand seemed to have something to say.

“Miss is this why you bought this house when we came to the city at that time? But why did you lie to him? Getting accommodation in the city is not only through the tower.”She was after all someone in the blood-forging realm and could hear what Ruruo was telling Wang at that time.

“If he finds out that I lied about this I assume you are responsible for it, at that time you shall have to go on fasting for three days.” Hearing the words that Ruruo was saying the maid seemed to have been wronged.

“Okay, Just make sure he does not find that out for the time being. If he wants something you make the arrangements.” She instructed as she started to meditate for cultivation.

Others might not be capable of seeing it, but Ruruo is someone that has regressed from the future and even though she died before it happened, her realm was not very low. She can see that the husband she married is unique but she just has yet to figure it out, and she can feel that by being around him she also gains benefits.

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