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Chapter 16: She is trying to make us bait

In the night, Wang was practicing in the new area he had discovered for this and the actions kept changing from the White Tiger Fist to Baiyun Fist after some time the wooden sword was used.

Standing there the sea calming manual had yet to reach entry so he kept training as he could see that the technique was very complicated.

In the evenings he went on for days trying to simulate the sea in his mind based on the situation he had seen on earth and when he practiced he kept doing it such that the speed of the technique could barely catch up in the speed of practice.

What he failed to realize was that with his current level it would be impossible to cultivate this technique without the system.

Even Ruruo that provided it can not practice it, and thus she threw it to him so willingly.

But time passed by in a flash, things did not happen based on his wishes this day, and when he moved toward the direction of the noise he saw a bunch of people gathered and for some reason, he could see some old woman standing beside Ruruo.

She was not old per se, but her hair was white with some mask covering half of her face. It is indeed not bad to say that the mask was more of a decoration as it made it difficult to see her face, 𝙞n𝐧𝚛e𝚊𝑑. 𝗰o𝐦


Averting his gaze, he focused on Ruruo that seemed to be checking out the group approaching without any fluctuations but he could still see that some disappointment was deep within her eyes the reason for it he did not know but he could be sure that they were in this residence acting as bait.

The sun was very hot at this moment but not compared to the desert that he is used to practicing. The place Ruruo was is under a roof made of stone tiles, the background has a dried huge tree.

The wind keeps blowing her dress yet he can not feel any cool air at all, and Ruruo is sitting there in a blue dress that is in contrast with the place she is.

It seemed as though the white-haired woman was telling her something yet for some reason Wang had a feeling that she was not putting that crowd in her eyes.

Seeing this development he was already certain that something was wrong with her identity.

“Even after spreading out the fact that I have already come to this place, no one has tried to actually make a move at all. I need to check that thing on him to see if it is what I thought it was, otherwise staying here all this time will just be a waste of time.”

Indeed the desert seemed to be somewhere that even Ruruo seemed to have a problem with.

Seeing that this group of people with fierce auras came towards them she was already feeling very disappointed.

“So! In the end, is there no harvest for me? I wonder what should happen next?” When she said this she looked at Wang with a smile that made him feel creepy.

“I have indeed been keeping an eye out in the city and I can be sure that one entered the city using some tricks during this period. If what you mentioned is true, then it is possible they are already in the city even before we came here.”

“Looking at this group of people, I assume they might be being used to test the waters.” The white-haired lady seemed to be answering truthfully.

But that did not seem to be Ruruo’s attention at all.

“So! what do you suggest we do?” Ruruo looked at her calmly and asked for an opinion but the woman did not even know what to say at the moment.

“The most effective way to draw an enemy is to make them believe you are escaping.” The idea was indeed said by the woman and yet Ruruo did not even hesitate.

Clean up after us then, we should meet up in Ziyu City, I’m very interested in the rumors about it.” As she spoke, Ruruo left the place fast, without wasting time she was standing before Wang that was in a daze thinking about a lot of things.

This movement close to him forced him to recover, especially seeing the beautiful woman before him.

He was in a daze watching her for some time and she seemed to have spoken some words that still failed to make him recover from his thoughts.

“Like it?” By the time he heard the cold voice, he woke up only to see a pearless face before him and subconsciously nodded.

“Don’t seem to want your legs anymore. Better take everything that has value to you, we are leaving!” She pointed towards the group galloping towards them.

Looking into the distance he met a gaze when this happened, he felt that he had seen those eyes somewhere.

But this time it was not good news as the group seemed to be coming here, especially for this woman, or to be exact, she attracted this young lady before him.

He had the urge to speak foul words but just swallowed them back.

He was still thinking about some way out of this mess but saw Ago and that maid that seems to always follow Ruruo everywhere.

But he still did not understand what she meant by he did not want his legs anymore. Putting that aside, he followed along.

But he did seem to see that the experession on Ruruo’s face seemed somehow wrong in the first place.

In the world, he had always cared about acting in a safe manner but this woman seemed to do the opposite, and when they left the residence, indeed someone was watching all this far in the distance.

He left and headed in the opposite direction and entered a house that seemed to in an abandoned street.

“Sir, she has escaped through the commotion and headed towards the other side of the city gate.” As the man reported, there was no response but he retreated after he was done reporting.

In the house two people could be seen one being the old blood realm expert that had been seen in the desert followig after Ruruo. The other one was also an old man with a smooth face.

After recieveing the report, he seemed to be frowning, “She also seems to have come for that thing. She was trying to lure him out it seems, in that case she is not the one with the manual. But anyway it is better to get rid of this threat, after all she has some knowledge she should not have,” As the man spoke he left directly, and his speed was fast that the old man in the blood realm could hardly keep up.

But at the same time something seemed to come on his mind that made him worried. “Why did that woman came back again, unless at that time she never escaped to the other side of the dessert.” He kept following even though he could see that something was not right, his attention seemed to have been on witnessing a grandmaster make a move.

This is intself a rare event even for him, and in the other side where Wang and the others seemed to be running, the speed was not that of those escaping at all.

Wang did not know that Ruruo was trying to attract some grandmaster, if that was the case then he would end up cursing someone.

In his level getting involved with a grandmaster is not a good sign at all as he knew that the strong in the martial arts world could kill him as easy as crushing an ant. In the case of those he should avoid offending, grandmasters should definetly meet this list.

While moving in the desert, he suddenly saw Ruruo seemingly turn back and move to the back, then another figure could be seen moving towards them making the sand blown wherever he passed.

When he stopped Wang could see that is was an old man, and the man seemed ordinary except his speed was too fast. Seeing the old man Ruruo did not seem that suprised at all, rather it seemed like she had been waiting for him all this time.

In the end, the old man looked at Ruruo in the group then at Luoli, he could see that she had already attained blood forging realm at such a young age.

“Litte girl, you should not have meddled with my plans with your half-step grandmaster realm!” The old man’s voice was resounding in the desert because he used internal energy and Wang was fascinated and fearful at the same time.

He could see this unique method, but at the same time he could feel that this man gave him a sense of danger just standing there, and he put him among the list of people that could easily kill him in this martial arts world.

But when he saw how the woman was not flustered by the appearance of this grandmaster, he remembered everything that had happened and almost cursed out loud, “Damn! we are being used as bait!” This was the thought he had in his ,mind.

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