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Chapter 13: Unexpected development

Being in the first realm of martial arts body training, Wang had to already accomplish flesh refinement and bone forging was what he was focused on.

After this, he would go ahead and focus on internal organs, in that way it would be easier for the body to be prepared for the next level, the blood forging.

After having dealt with the incident, he did not waste his time around and left hastily, considering he had obtained enough money and two martial arts cheats as well as a biography on martial arts. He was happy because from it he clearly saw well-defined realms in martial arts and his focus was on the first realm that he was at.

The focus here is purely on body training but the things that made him shocked were the commentaries left behind about this realm. 𝗶𝗻𝙣r𝑒𝑎𝚍. 𝘤𝑜𝘮

When he read through them his previous complacency was washed away, he couldn’t help but sigh at the same time as the manual seemed to have indicated the extremes of each level.

Just looking at it Wang could not help but think twice about some things, he needed to get himself some more martial arts to practice but without other forces to support him it could be difficult but the money he obtained could indeed allow him to purchase in another region is they are for sale.

In a way, the most important thing for him to do at the moment was to think about how to schedule his time for practice and when he managed to accomplish his set goal to leave this city.


As for the gold, he would not use it for the time, unless he was able to get anything that seemed to have value in adding to his strength.

“After this breakthrough, my focus is to strengthen my bones, and even further improvement in the White Tiger Fist to the fifth level could also have the effect of increasing my cultivation speed.”

With this thought in mind, Wang decided to head back and read through the autobiography content he had obtained.

In this way, he was looking forward to what might happen then, as he could feel that the White Tiger Fist was made basically for killing. In the future, he would have to develop in that direction.

Through the tunnel, he was able to arrive back in the sand city, but in the end, he did not take any risk of going to buy medical herbs at all. He rather focused on the gains he had gained from the three people he killed in the desert.

Even lucky enough he managed to gain the knowledge he needed urgently and two techniques too so he put his focus on the techniques.

Wang sat out in the night and was busy studying the techniques but the training this time seemed to bring about soreness all over the body, and he could indeed feel the effect was much better than before.

This kind of training went on for weeks, and he would occasionally give some guidance to Ago while he himself is engrossed in his cultivation. With these changes happening occasionally sounds of bones crackling could be heard occasionally,

At this time Wang had indeed already entered the bone forging level and the speed at which his practice was happening seemed to be increasing.

At this time, he was already in the desert and his body was sweating profusely, his skin was flushed, heat flowing through it and the muscles on his body felt strained to even move.

“It’s almost there, probably in a few weeks I would be able to take the Biyun Fist to enter the first stage. But with this technique, that guy should have been stronger than even me in the confrontation right? Unless he had yet to study it! ”

Wang thought of this in a half awake state. He could not hide his suprise but at the same time understood that martial arts could not be accomplished overnight.

In fact in the past few days, Wang has figured out alot of things on the system panel he owns. He has also used some but the atribute points need him to have more techniques with similarities.

In the past few weeks that Wang got himself involved in the practice of the Baiyun fist in the morning and the White Tiger Fist in the evening.

In this way, his accumilation over time has been rising too fast and he could see that a qualitative change.

On the second day as Wang and Ago was walking across the street, he could see that something was not right and he turned around to ask Ago what was going on. He was shocked to find out that the city has been undergoing many changes .

“It seems the thugs can not hold on anymore! Well, it is indeed time for us to also leave this city. Let’s go back.” Wang had already decided to leave this place the next day early in the morning.

Considering the situation of the bandits, he would already guess this city was not capable of supporting them anymore. In that case he might as well sneak around at night and check if he could collect some resources before he could leave.

But in the same way, he felt that the place was indeed carrying a different vibe from usual, this is not something he would have noticed before since he was more focused on training and overlooked everything else.

Back in the courtyard, Wang was practicing the Baiyou Fist and his entire body kept moving around from time to time as though he as practicing some taichi.

But the moves seemed a bit rigid and Wang was unsatisfied with it so much so he kept practicing, he has been in several fights already and taken lives as well so he knows that some mistakes in the technique might not be allowed and thus he become serious.

In his previous life one could even mess up in thier job and yet the consequences were not as serious as making mistakes in practicing martial arts.

At this moment, even though the technique he was using was still filled with some mistakes he seemed to be making some adjustments with the continued use of the technique in this practice and if the one he got this technique from were to discover this they might indeed not be capable of resting in peace.

In the end the technique had indeed become difficult to practice and the guy had taken it with him to sell, but ended up dying in Wang’s hand before he could accomplish his goals.

The sound produced from practicing this technique seemed like nothing compared to White Tiger Fist due to the low level it was on.

Perhaps if it was on the same level he would not risk his existence being revealed to be staying in the old temple and he just kept going at it.

Only small sounds could be heard in the air, as though the leaves were being blown by the wind. The more he practiced the technique he could feel that the level was very exergerated.

Indeed he seemed to have obtained an oportunity as he observed the wind he saw something even more weird, and then it inturn turned into a chance.

The dry tree seemed to have some area with green leafs, and that was not the area that attracted his attention but rather the fact that the leaf was being blown by the wind and yet it did not fall off.

Based on the Baiyou Fist he could see something from the leaf but at the same time seemed to not understand at all. But his profiency on the panel seemed to have gained some boost and went all the way until it jumped into the first level.

In the moment he could feel that his body was getting hotter but compared to the first time it was just something he could ignore.

His physical quality had improved and the same time the strength he could exert raised due to it, but he felt his body was full for some reason despite the huge hunger he was having.

“This technique seems to require more energy compared to the White Tiger Fist, and in that way it says something about it.” Wang had speculated this technique to be high level but now he could actually see it,

And when he observed the system panel he was indeed happy.

Name: Wang Bo

Lifespan: 35 years

Realm: Body refinement (Bone refinement)

Potential Value: 23

Attribute value: 37

The section of martial arts he could see that the White Tiger Fist was still on the fourth level while the Baiyou Fist had just entered the first level.

In this way other than the power he could exert his potential had increased by about 2 points while his lifespan had also risen too to 35 years.

Looking at the atribute value he had nothing he could do other than shake his head and sigh as in the end of the day he had yeto achieve perfection in any technique yet.

Thinking up to this point, the technique he had not yet started to practice seemed to remind him of a saber technique he had wanted to study so hard but when he looked at it, he got sense it was a sword technique after all the sword symbol on it was more like a huge sign of it.

In the same way, he was incapable of opening the manual due to the sign, and this is why he decided to put it aside at the moment.

If the technique could be studied he would not hesitate at all after all it could make him strong.

At this time Wang seemed to have heard the sound of some people outside the temple talking, and they seemed to be breaking in.

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