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Chapter 11: Another trouble arrives

In the desert, Wang was busy practicing White Tiger Fist as usual and occasionally brings Ago along. But today he was all alone pushing himself to the limit.

Most of the time he even did stay late into the evening and with the rapid improvement in his practice, he was obviously very motivated.

He could feel that with the passage of time he was becoming stronger, and his muscles were also more defined, with this he was approaching his goal.

Practicing boxing, meditation and working was a cycle he was repeating in the process he could feel that his body had also reached some kind of limit. The speed of practice increased so much that Wang was able to feel he was almost at the limit of his improvement.

In a way, he could feel a sense of accomplishment from all this.

Some distance out of the desert region, one could see vegetation appearing and Ruruo could be seen with Luoli. At this time their condition looked miserable but somehow it was surprising to discover both had some kind of happiness in their eyes.

From the way the two have been escaping all the way from Sand city, it seemed like someone was after them.


But all this time no news of even Wang could be found, but that was not the issue that was worrying her, she seemed to be trying to avoid getting in the eyes of some martial artists.

In the end, even though the two had miserable appearances the place seemed to be better than the desert they had left. Walking ahead Ruruo pointed in the distance and explained that she thought the best way is to get themselves into a highly populated town to hide for the moment.

Even things like medical materials for cultivation and healing could only be obtained there. In that way, the two picked up a direction following the river.

At the same time, a group of men could be seen in the desert each having serious injuries and their clothes were looking bad just like those of Ruruo and Luoli.

“What is going on with that girl? She seems to be a half-step grandmaster! Had it not been for the injury she had we could have been planted in this desert. No, I’m now sober, this time we were lucky but if we push her to the edge, then non of us will really be capable of escaping alive.”

A middle-aged man with a fat face seemed to be talking but the rest had different thoughts.

“I agree with what he said, the strongest amongst us is only in the blood-forging realm. Besides we are all seriously injured.”

The man next said this and the others seemed to all look towards the blood-forging realm old man but he was silent. At the same time, another voice could be heard, “You said she is a half-step grandmaster then that means that it is just a matter of time before she becomes a grandmaster? Since we have already made enmity why not pursue her and risk it with her?”

But the fat man seemed to have expected someone to say this, so he did not even let the guy finish what he was saying.

“By us, you mean you want the senior at the blood-forging realm to go after her right? In this fight, we are mostly useless. If this senior really goes up to fight her to death it might be possible but there is also a probability that she has some trump cards. Let’s be honest, such a young person at the half-step grandmaster level is indeed worth thinking about, but that also means that you are cutting off the chance of senior advancing in the future too right? I mean we all know that once you push someone to the edge, then whoever wins will be paying a huge price in return.” The old man’s eyes flickered.

Indeed he never thought of entering the grandmaster realm, but what the fat man said seemed to have sparked something in him. He thought about it and realized that he was indeed someone among the crowds, and thus he would not take such risks.

Besides, the truth was non of them even knew each other well, let alone even if Ruruo become a grandmaster the world was very big and each one of them could just go to other faraway places.

In that case, the old man turned around and left in another direction, the desert was not that impactful on him but he needed to go and recover from his injuries.

The others were also scattered with only three people left in place alone. After seeing that the group had already left the one that suggested tracking Ruruo finally couldn’t stop himself from speaking at all.

“That group of idiots refused to help us complete the task and this is going to anger master! Let’s follow that woman, even though what they said seemed somehow weird it actually made sense in the end, forcing a person with a higher strength to the edge is no different from asking for death.

Let’s just follow her and once we have her exact location we can inform the master to see how he plans to handle things. Damn, the information was very wrong, if it was not because of her injuries with her strength especially her sword techniques could take all their lives.

In this way, Ruruo managed to escape from them at the moment, meaning that their distance was increasing with time. But this situation seems to be something she had already planned for, maybe due to the memories she had obtained from her future self she allowed herself to marry Wang.

In a way, with her realm, she probably had her reasons for staying with the gang, or perhaps it even had something to do with her. In the end, even Wang suspected that the parents in the sect were not hers after all everything that happened at the time was not normal but then again, it did not benefit him to think of it like this.

On the other hand, Wang was at a critical point in his practice and his fists were moving faster and faster. He could feel it and the situation seemed somehow similar to the last time when he broke through but even more intense this time.

“My body is gradually heating up and I can feel the power contained within my flesh becoming more and more. Is this another improvement caused by the White Tiger Fist approaching the fourth level!”

When his strength kept increasing he could actually see that the panel indicated 99.97% on the boxing technique, it was just a step away from there. At the same time, he could actually feel that his senses had heightened slightly. At the same time, the progress in the panel seemed to be almost complete.

With his potential value being 17 he wondered if the breakthrough this time could allow him to go beyond and reach about 20 which would be very useful to his comprehension of exercises.

In this way, three hours flashed by and the level eventually reached the limit and Wang could actually feel the flesh on his body become tougher.

Yes, he had eventually managed to break through but the changes were not just that, he could feel the heat in his body being directed to the bones.

Name: Wang


Lifespan: 32 years


Potential point: 21


Attribute value: 35

He could see that the martial arts had also broken through to the fourth level and thus his focus on cultivation, and could see that he had just stepped on the category of bone forging.

“With this continuing perhaps my lifespan can go back to normal and now that it had been increased by seven it is indeed worth being happy about.”

When he checked the panel and saw that his lifespan had gone up by 7 years he was very happy, in the end, it meant half his lifespan was there to enjoy, under the condition that a strong man does not kill him for no reason.

That thought of living his life in enjoyment for the rest of the time was already cast aside, a man with a system being mediocre is a crime to his conscience.


But his thoughts did not have long to wander because, from his senses, danger seemed to be approaching yet he had somewhere he did not know.

It was at this moment that he actually smelled the scent of blood but it was being shielded by the smell of sand being burned to come from the ground. 𝒾n𝒏𝚛𝗲αd. 𝒄om

It actually did not take long before he could hear movements and the sound of footsteps from different people.

Three people appeared with another following behind them, and each was wearing slightly better clothes than what he had on. The design was what commoners put on and the moment they saw him they wanted to vent their frustrations. Seeing a person dressed like a commoner in the desert the man in the back seemed to have already sentenced Wang to death.

“Get rid of this kid, then we should head to the sand city for a while to relax, I will use the group of bandits to collect information as well as contact master.” The words coming out of the man’s mouth did not shock Wang much as it was not the first time he had seen this happen.

In this crazy world, anyone can easily determine another’s death by merely opening their mouth, as long as they have enough authority and do it openly.

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