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Chapter 3: New Goal, Level 5 Talent

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


An unknown force acted on Victor’s body, soaking through his entire body.


The intense pain was as if it wanted to cut Victor into a thousand pieces.

“F*ck!” It was as if ten thousand horses were galloping over Victor’s heart.

However, even so, Victor would not hesitate to absorb it because he had finally obtained a chance to be reborn. He acknowledged how powerful the “golden finger” game hack was.

All the pain was worth it, not to mention that this world was also the world that Victor dreamed of.

After taking a breath, Victor immediately opened his attribute panel.

Name: Victor

Cultivation method: Qingyun mantra (max level), Qingyun sword technique (max level)

Cultivation talent: Level three

Cultivation realm: Unrated realm

Looking at the information on the translucent panel, Victor could not help but clench his fists.

Finally, he was able to meet the requirements to become an entry-level disciple, and he would no longer be an ordinary servant disciple in the future.

His cultivation talent had gone from zero to level three, and his future had changed. This meant that there were unlimited possibilities.

As long as he continued to download the divine techniques, continuously integrate his talents, and become a Xiantian realm level martial arts practitioner, it was not impossible for him to even surpass the sect master.

“Let’s try the level three cultivation talent combined with the maximum level of the Qingyun mantra!”

After calming himself down, Victor went straight to a big tree and sat down cross-legged.

The Qingyun mantra was divided into five levels and he had completely mastered it. Now, he needed to circulate the technique and accumulate his internal energy.

He began to breathe in and out.

Not long after.

His wide sleeves fluttered even though there was no wind, and he entered a state of selflessness.

It was as if there was a hot current surging in his blood, feeling as if it was about to burst.

And through cultivation technique, this wild and untamed current was still under his control, preventing it from causing any harm to his body. The current obediently followed his instructions, and the circulation speed became faster and faster. It was a very unfamiliar feeling.

This was the amount of control a max level Qingyun mantra had.

Although the Qingyun mantra was only the most basic cultivation technique, however, once it was at the maximum level, its cultivation speed wasn’t any slower compared to high-level cultivation techniques.

One had to know that many people, even if they spent their entire lives cultivating, would still be unable to master a cultivation technique fully.

“As expected of a level three cultivation talent. If I didn’t download the talent, just by relying on the maximum level cultivation technique, I wouldn’t be able to achieve the same results as now.”

Victor sighed in his heart.

In the following days, Victor quickly completed his sect tasks and began to immerse himself in cultivation.

Although on the surface there wasn’t much change from before, but only Victor had deeply experienced what it meant to be able to advance at a tremendous speed.

This cultivation speed could be described as terrifying compared to other servant disciples.

Time passed as Victor worked hard in improving himself. In less than a week, Victor had risen from the initial stage of the unrated realm to the peak.

Half a month later, Victor finally escaped his imprisonment at the lowest level over the years and directly advanced to the third-rate realm.

This caused quite a stir among the disciples of the servant hall.

Victor, who had been working hard but yielded no rewards, suddenly became a cultivation genius in the eyes of everyone.

Facing the compliments of the other servant disciples, Victor did not become arrogant. Instead, he worked even harder.

However, unlike the usual form of hard work, Victor worked even harder to find a suitable target to download more powerful talents and divine skills.

After all, his cultivation had already broken through to the third-realm, and the system’s coverage had expanded to a radius of ten meters.

He observed the servant’s attributes as he approached them.

First-rate talent!

First-rate talent!

First-rate talent!


Second-rate talent!

Second-rate talent!

Second-rate talent!

Third-rate talent!

“Eh? Other than Ye Hao, this is the second servant disciple with level three talent.”

Just as Victor was lamenting over how there were so few disciples with excellent talent.

Suddenly, he heard a shout.


On the right side of the arena not far away, two people were sparring.

Looking at the distance, these two people were using the Qingyun sword technique.

Many of the servant disciples cheered, their eyes filled with envy.

However, in Victor’s opinion, perhaps this could be considered as the top among the servant disciples. However, it was still far from being comparable to him.

Victor passed through the crowd and slowly approached the arena.

Name: Zhang Huan

Cultivation method: Qingyun mantra, Qingyun sword technique

Cultivation talent: Level five

Cultivation realm: Third-rate realm intermediate stage

Name: Wang Yuan

Cultivation method: Qingyun mantra, Qingyun sword technique

Cultivation talent: Level four

Cultivation realm: Third-rate realm intermediate stage

Victor’s pupils constricted as he looked at the two panels that appeared in front of him. His heart was filled with amazement.

He did not expect that these two disciples in the arena would have such outstanding talents.

Victor had been trying to search for such people, thinking it would be best if he could find them.

However if he could not find them, it was not that he could not accept the step-by-step cultivation. It was just that his advancement speed would be a little slow. He could still download higher-level talents and cultivation methods once he was accepted as a disciple under an elder.

“Level five talent!”

“I have finally found a new target. I didn’t expect that there would be fifth-grade talent among the servant disciples. I thought it would be good enough to find a fourth-grade talent first, taking one step at a time.”

It was said that the previous batch of servant disciples who entered the Qingyun Sect had rather outstanding cultivation talent, and they were all taken away to become the disciples of the various elders.

Now, they could still find a level five talent. It was truly rare.

“Grade five talent, I must get it!”

Victor looked at Zhang Huan with a burning gaze.

Ever since he had obtained a level three talent, even though he had adjusted his state of mind very well, his heart became eager at the sight of a more outstanding talent.

After all, who would not want to become stronger!

A level three talent was already thousands of times faster than his initial talent, what kind of speed would a level five talent achieve?

He was looking forward to it.

“System, how long does it take for Zhang Huan to download his level five talent?”

“Ding! It takes five hours to download a level five talent. Host, do you want to lock onto a target and download it?”

Five hours?

As expected, a level three talent needed three hours so it was normal for a level five talent to take five hours.

“I won’t download it for now.” Victor frowned.

Victor was not familiar with Zhang Huan. He had only met him once, and the download range of the system was only ten meters.

If the download was interrupted now, he would have to download it again.

Therefore, he had to think of a way to stay close to Zhang Huan for five hours.

“I should focus on watching the sparring. As long as he is still in the servant hall, I will have a chance to get close to him.”

Victor muttered to himself and felt relieved. However, his eyes were looking at the mountain in a distance.

That was where the official disciples cultivated –?the martial arts peak.

“I must become an official disciple as soon as possible and enter the martial arts peak!”

Victor narrowed his eyes and glanced at the two who were fighting.

“This might be an opportunity!”

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