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Chapter 26: Victor’s Conjecture

“Victor, what’s wrong?”

Zhang Lingren was extremely powerful, so naturally, he had an extremely sharp perception.

He immediately noticed Victor’s abnormality.


Zhang Lingren’s question caused Victor, who was still immersed in shock, to come back to his senses.

“Master, it’s nothing. In the past, I trained so hard just to be able to see you and then worship you as my master.

I didn’t expect it to be achieved so quickly, so I couldn’t help but feel a little excited.”

Victor replied with a serious face.

But all kinds of guesses kept popping up in his mind.

Victor felt that his head was buzzing.

Could it be that Zhang Lingren was able to become an immortal because of his talent in enlightenment?

On the side,

Zhang Lingren stroked his beard. He felt that something was wrong.

Victor was more surprised than excited just now.

However, Zhang Lingren did not have the habit of asking questions.

“System, how long will it take to download Zhang Lingren’s talent?”

Victor was especially envious of Zhang Lingren’s talent.

“Ding! It will take 16 hours to download Zhang Lingren’s cultivation talent, 12 hours to download his sword talent, and 18 hours to download his enlightenment talent.”

The system’s notification sounded in Victor’s mind.

“It will take at least 12 hours, and 18 hours at most.”

Fortunately, it could be downloaded at the same time, and the download time would not be affected.

Otherwise, it would take about two days and two nights to download Zhang Lingren’s three talents. i𝐧𝓃𝒓𝒆𝑎𝙙. 𝘤𝘰𝚖

Now, the problem that Victor needed to solve the most was time.

If he wanted to obtain the new talents and cultivation techniques, he had to ensure that he could stay within 20 meters of Zhang Lingren for the next 18 hours.

“System, download the three talents from Zhang Lingren directly.”

Victor’s idea was very simple. Download first, and we’d think about the rest later.

If he couldn’t succeed the first time, he would download the second time, and the third time, he would eventually succeed.

“Ding! The system has successfully locked onto the target and is starting the download. Host, please keep a distance of 20 meters from Zhang Lingren for 18 hours. Otherwise, the download would be interrupted. Once interrupted, you will need to restart the process.”

“Oh right, system, download Eight Extreme Palms for me at the same time.”

“Ding! Downloading Eight Extreme Palms will take one hour. Host, please wait patiently.”

After instructing the system, Victor put all his attention on Zhang Lingren.

Zhang Lingren was over 290 years old. Even if the sect master was a martial grandmaster, 250 years old was already the limit.

To have such a long life span, other than his own strength contributing to it, it was largely reliant on the effects of the Qingyun Mystic Wood technique.

With his top-notch enlightenment ability, he improved the incomplete version of the divine Tree Building technique and created the Mystic Wood technique.

As the saying goes, it takes ten years to nurture a tree, but a hundred years to train a man.

The stronger one’s cultivation realm was, the longer one’s lifespan would be.

If the path of immortality was opened up, the sect master would become stronger and stronger.

Furthermore, there were only four years left until the sect master’s 300th birthday.

“However, according to the information that the system revealed before, Zhang Lingren’s vision is limited by the world, so he is limited in martial arts and unable to detect the path of immortality. How about…”

Victor planned to use this time to chat with Zhang Lingren, perhaps it could help him open another door of opportunity.

“Victor, do you know how to play chess?”

Just as Victor was thinking about how to mention the immortal path to Zhang Lingren, Zhang Lingren actually sent an invitation first.

Play Chess?

Victor’s eyes lit up.

Although he wasn’t proficient in the different forms of chess, he knew a thing or two.

Most importantly, playing chess could delay time.

In Zhang Lingren’s courtyard.

Victor, Zhang Lingren, and the six elders had lunch together.

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully downloading the Eight Extreme Palms. Would the host like to integrate it?”

Just after lunch, the system’s notification sounded in Victor’s mind.

“I won’t integrate it for the time being. Continue downloading!”

In the afternoon.

Victor and Zhang Lingren played go under the big tree in the courtyard for the whole afternoon.

Perhaps it was because of him downloading talents over the past six months, his brain was exceptionally sharp.

Moreover, when he was bored in his previous life, he often watched go tournaments to pass time.

He did not expect to be able to learn go without a teacher.

To be able to fight against Zhang Lingren, a veteran go player who had been playing for decades, it was hard to tell who was better.

“Victor, I did not expect you to be able to play go so well at such a young age.”

Today, Victor had shocked him more than he ever was in half of his life.

Especially when it came to go. As a seasoned go player, he had a hard time playing.

“Uh… maybe because I used to watch others play when I was younger. And I think the most important thing is that master is deliberately letting me win. Otherwise, I would have lost a long time ago.”

Victor said humbly.

“You brat…”

Zhang Lingren didn’t know what to say. He pointed at Victor and only showed a delighted smile.

“Victor, you go back first! Come back tomorrow morning.”

After dinner, Zhang Lingren said suddenly.

Hearing this, Victor was shocked.

Only eight hours had passed since the download started.

If he left now, all his efforts would be in vain.

Therefore, he had to think of a way to stay by Zhang Lingren’s side.

“Master, I have a question to ask you.”

“Master, do you think there is a more profound path than martial arts in this world?”

Victor did not even move an inch and spoke directly.

After spending half a day with Zhang Lingren, he understood a lot more about Zhang Lingren’s character.

He was very kind. As long as the requirements weren’t too extreme, he usually did not care too much.

Moreover, the most important thing was that Victor noticed that Zhang Lingren looked at him differently from the others.

Perhaps it was because he was young, but he felt that Zhang Lingren looked at him with a smile, just like his grandfather. His eyes were full of kindness.

“A more profound path than martial arts?”

Zhang Lingren creased his brows.

“Yes!” Victor nodded. ” I don’t know if master has heard of some folk myths, in which they have the ability to call the wind and summon the rain.”

“You yourself said that it is a folk myth, how can you believe it?”

“Master, please listen to me first.

“It is very normal for us cultivators to be able to leap on roofs and walk on walls.

“But as for children who have not learned martial arts techniques, if they saw someone flying over roofs and walking on walls for the first time, they would find it incredible.

“Therefore, I think that not all folk myths are made up by people.

“Maybe there really is a way beyond martial arts in this world.

“For example, the path of immortality!

“It’s just that we don’t understand the mystery of it.

“If we have the cultivation technique, perhaps we can really live forever and live as long as heavens and earth!”

Victor’s small guess immediately caused Zhang Lingren to scowl and fall into deep thought.

At this moment.

In Victor’s eyes, Zhang Lingren looked relatively calm on the surface.

However, his heart was set ablaze with shock.

Victor’s simple sentence suddenly gave Zhang Lingren a huge stir of emotions.

In Victor’s opinion, although Zhang Lingren was very talented, he was blinded by the entire world and could only see the path of martial arts in front of him.

And the path to heaven was hidden in the fog, it could not be found just by looking up.

Perhaps Zhang Lingren lacked a person who could clear the fog for him and show him the direction.

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