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Chapter 23: Fighting To Take In A Disciple


“What are you thinking about? I’m asking you if I were to become your master, what would you think?” said Yu Haoming.

Yu Haoming’s face was full of confusion. What was this brat thinking about?

In the past, other people would beg to take him as their master, but he still wouldn’t accept them.

This brat, on the other hand, was still pretending to be stupid and hesitant even after he had made it so clear.

However, when he thought about Victor’s terrifying talent, Yu Haoming felt that he had to endure it for a while.

After successfully taking him in as a disciple, he could do whatever he wanted with him.

“You want me to take you as my master?”

“I’m sorry. Actually, the one I’ve always respected in my heart is the sect leader.”

Facing Yu Haoming’s peace offering, Victor did not even think about it and directly rejected it.

What a joke. He knew almost everything that Yu Haoming knew.

Why did he still need to acknowledge him as his master?

Yu Haoming was stunned. Then, his eyes were filled with disbelief, followed by an expression of great heartache.

He took the initiative to accept someone as his disciple, but he was actually rejected.

Such a talented disciple, it was a pity that he didn’t choose me.

However, Yu Haoming had experienced the storms before. After a slight loss of composure, he immediately announced that Victor did not secretly learn martial arts.

Yang Mu, who had previously accused Victor of stealing martial arts, was directly brought to the back mountain cemetery by the law enforcement disciples.

In the next three years, the severely injured him would face the erosion of negative and cold energy. This would be endless pain and torture.


After Yu Haoming had settled everything, he waved at Victor again and said helplessly, “Kid, come with me.”

Victor’s eyes lit up and immediately followed

At the same time, on the other side.

In a courtyard on Qingyun Mountain.

The Great Elder Song Xiuwen, who had been enjoying the delicacies, had also received a report from his disciple.

A few minutes later, the report was completed.

The Great Elder Song, who had always loved delicacies and treasured every single piece of food was so shocked that he did not even notice that the piece of braised fish he had picked up with his chopsticks had fallen onto the stone table.

“He learned it just by looking at it once?”

“Yes, and his realm is very high. It’s even… even smoother than the fourth elder’s. It’s as if he created the Thunder Eagle himself!”

The disciple bowed and added.

“Is there really such a genius in the world?”

Song Xiuwen muttered to himself, his face full of disbelief.

If it was really as the disciple described.

Then the talent of this disciple named Victor could really be said to be unprecedented.

Even compared to Zixia Mountain’s founder, Zixia Fairy, the famous sword genius, Sword Demon Shi Tian, was no weaker than them.

“Hmm… you said that this kid cultivated from third-rate realm to second-rate intermediate stage in less than half a year?”

Song Xiuwen had only paid attention to the disciple’s report regarding Victor’s demonstration of the Thunder Eagle.

Now that he thought about it, he realized that something was wrong.

The cultivation realm started from the third-rate, second-rate, and first-rate.

After that, the Xiantian beginner stage, the Xiantian intermediate stage, the Xiantian advanced stage, the grandmaster, and the great grandmaster.

Not only was this kid’s talent in martial arts so terrifying, but his cultivation talent was also stronger than the Qingyun Clan’s fourth elder, who had the best talent in cultivation.

With such a speed of cultivation talent, if this kid could really mature…

He would definitely become a grandmaster!

Or even a great grandmaster!

“Wait a minute… the name Victor seems a little familiar.”

Song Xiuwen frowned. He had a feeling that he had heard of this name before.

“Master, did you forget that a few months ago, Junior Brother Hua Feng came to report Victor’s situation to you? At that time, Victor was still in the servant hall.

“After Junior Brother Hua Feng told you about it, he and Junior Brother Gu Xu went to verify victor’s situation together.”

“Is that true?”

Even though the disciples reminded him, Song Xiuwen didn’t remember that matter. After all, the sect’s affairs were complicated every day, and dozens of disciples had to be arranged every day.

“Let’s not worry about that for now. Where are they now?” Song Xiuwen asked.

“I think Elder Yu took him to see the sect master.”

“Your grandmaster is in secluded cultivation. Wait… the fourth elder knows that master is in secluded cultivation…”

“This is bad. He must want to cut off distractions.”

Song Xiuwen immediately reacted.

“Let’s go. We’ll go to your fourth elder’s place immediately.”

“Wait, arrange for a disciple to heat up the dishes on the table for me. I want to eat them when I come back. Also, don’t waste the piece that fell on the table.”

Just as he said this, Song Xiuwen turned into a streak of light and rushed towards Yu Haoming’s courtyard.

He wanted to see for himself if Victor’s talent was really that amazing.

If it was really so…

When that time came… even if he was a little shameless, he had to think of a way to snatch him over.

A similar scene appeared in the courtyard of the other five Qingyun elders almost at the same time.

Other than Zhang Qishan, who had disappeared without a trace ten years ago, the others had guessed Yu Haoming’s intentions the moment they heard the report from their disciples.

One by one, they rushed straight towards Yu Haoming’s courtyard.

On the other side.

Victor was very happy.

He had thought that there would be many twists and turns. He had not expected that he would be able to become the disciple of the sect leader, Zhang Lingren, so smoothly.

It seemed that if he had not intentionally revealed his talent this time, who knew how long he would have to wait to see Zhang Lingren.

He followed Yu Haoming to a courtyard.

“Are you really not willing to take me as your master?”

“As long as you take me as your master, I will immediately teach you the other profound martial arts of the Qingyun Sect!”

Yu Haoming did not give up and tried to persuade him again.

“Eh… didn’t we agree just now?”

Victor looked helpless.

Yu Haoming smiled awkwardly.

After all, if this matter was investigated, he was trying to use his master’s connections.

However, he still did not want to give up.

With such a talented monster disciple as his successor, many years later, when Victor became a grandmaster, he would become the master of a grandmaster.

His master was a grandmaster, and his disciple was also a grandmaster. Just thinking about it made him excited!

“Wait, if you want to become a disciple, the first choice should be me, the eldest senior brother of the Qingyun sect.”

At this moment, Song Xiuwen slowly pushed the door open and entered. He put his hands behind his back, looking like a master.

No one would have thought that upon hearing this news, the great elder would be so anxious that he didn’t even have time to eat his favorite food.

“Fourth elder, please forgive senior brother for arriving uninvited.”

After entering, Song Xiuwen apologized to Yu Haoming. Without waiting for Yu Haoming’s reply, he turned his head to Victor:

“Little brother Victor, I am Song Xiuwen, the eldest disciple of the sect master of the Qingyun sect. I have followed sect master Zhang for the longest time. Little brother, how about I be your master?”


Victor felt a headache coming on.

There were two elders of the Qingyun sect that he rarely saw today.

One of them was the great elder who was in charge of all matters in the sect, and the other was the fourth elder who was the most talented and would become the next sect master of the Qingyun Sect in the future.

The strangest thing was that they all wanted him to take them as his master.

“Eldest brother, although you have followed master for the longest time, you are now focused on handling the affairs of the Qingyun Sect. How can you have time to teach a disciple? On the other hand, the fourth brother has a lazy personality and likes to drink and play around. Teaching a disciple will definitely lead the disciple astray. If it were up to me, little brother, it would be most appropriate for you to acknowledge me as your master.”

Before the person arrived, the voice had already arrived.

Not long after, a tall and handsome figure appeared at the door of the room.

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