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Chapter 15: The Arrogant Yang Mu

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Faced with his opponent’s arrogance, Wang Ling’s expression was calm and seemed unbothered.

He looked calmly at Yang Mu and said, “Regardless of whether I win or lose, since we are standing on this stage, I will not give up. I, Wang Ling, am not a coward who is afraid of battle!”

“Good, Senior Brother Wang said it well!”

“We cultivators should be like this!”

Hearing the audience’s support for Wang Ling, a hint of jealousy flashed across Yang Mu’s eyes, followed by a hint of anger.

“What a blockhead!”

Yang Mu cursed sarcastically. His left hand held the wooden scabbard lightly, and the green steel sword in the scabbard let out a soft sound!


Then, the long sword was unsheathed. Yang Mu’s right hand held the handle tightly, and the tip of the sword pointed at Wang Ling on the other side of the ring.

At noon.

Wang Ling looked at the green steel sword in Yang Mu’s hand. Under the sunlight, it reflected a dazzling light.

At the same time, Wang Ling’s heart gradually became heavy.

He had long heard that Yang Mu’s swordsmanship was amazing.

The move just now was not something that he could do.

Wang Ling slowly pulled out the green steel sword in his hand.

He had watched quite a few matches of Yang Mu’s.

Yang Mu had always been ruthless and could easily defeat his opponent in a few moves. However, during the competition, Wang Ling himself had never met an opponent who could fight back and forth with him.

Now that he had met such an opponent, he naturally valued its importance.

Wang Ling had long been looking forward to a real battle with Yang Mu.

Therefore, even if he knew that the opponent was strong, that he might not be a match for him, he would still draw his sword against his opponent. He would be indifferent to a coward if he did not dare to face a strong opponent.

Wang Ling’s green steel sword was slowly drawn out. The speed may not be fast, but it was very steady.

Just like him, he gave off a composed aura.

On the stage.

One person’s imposing manner was as high as the blazing sun, while the other person was calm and collected like the calm sea.

At this moment, everyone could not help but hold their breaths.

When the sunlight shone on the green steel sword in Yang Mu’s hand again, Yang Mu twisted his wrist and turned the sword.

The moment the warm sunlight shone on Wang Ling, he moved.

Wang Ling sensed the strong light that suddenly flashed in front of him, and his eyes narrowed slightly.

The green steel sword in his hand charged towards Yang Mu.

Wang Ling was tall and gave off a clumsy feeling.

Even if he was the latter attacker, the moment he started moving, he wasn’t any slower than Yang Mu who has attacked before him.

At the same time. 𝒾𝒏n𝗿𝒆а𝑑. 𝘤𝘰m

When Yang Mu saw Wang Ling move, a trace of seriousness flashed through his eyes.

Although he was arrogant, he was not a fool.

To be able to break through numerous challenges and come to the finals, he could not be a weakling.

Moreover, Wang Ling not only entered the Martial Arts Peak faster than him, but when he entered the Martial Arts Peak, Wang Ling had already made quite a name for himself.

On the surface, he looked down on Wang Ling, but in reality, from the moment he entered the competition, he had already regarded Wang Ling as his number one opponent.

Of course, it was one thing to not look down on him, but he never once thought that he would be defeated by Wang Ling.

This wasn’t because he looked down on Wang Ling, but because he was born with confidence.


Sparks flew from the collision of the two swords.

Faced with Wang Ling’s sharp sword, Yang Mu’s lips curled into a cold smile.

The sword in his hand was as agile as a swallow.

Meanwhile, as his feet touched the ground, his body quickly moved to the side.

At the critical moment, Yang Mu used his skill to block Wang Ling’s sharp attack and instantly neutralized Wang Ling’s attack.

Below the stage.

All the audience could see were the two of them quickly swapping positions in the air.

If not for the swapping of positions, they would have thought what they saw just now was just an illusion.

“Hehe, looks like Senior Brother Yang Mu is still one step ahead. He deliberately showed Wang Ling a weakness, but he still didn’t gain any advantage.”

“You’re really ignorant. Look carefully at Yang Mu’s right hand that’s holding the sword.”

On the stage.

Yang Mu’s right hand that was holding the green steel sword was slightly trembling.

If one didn’t look carefully, they would really have overlooked this small detail.

“Senior Brother Wang Ling’s sword moves follow a fierce and overbearing path.”

“Although Yang Mu used a clever force to dissolve that sword’s impact just now, he still couldn’t withstand Senior Brother Wang Ling’s fierce and overbearing sword moves.”


On the stage, Yang Mu, who thought that everything was within his calculations, now had an ugly expression on his face.

Just as the disciple below the stage had said, when he defused Wang Ling’s sword attack earlier, he may have looked relaxed, but in fact, he had suffered slight damage.

Even now, his right hand was still tingling with pain and numbness.

On the other side, Wang Ling didn’t start feeling smug just because he had obtained a slight advantage in the beginning.

On the contrary, his expression became even more solemn.

The short exchange of blows just now had allowed him to completely understand the power of Yang Mu’s sword techniques.

Following that.

The two of them displayed their own abilities, exchanging blows on the stage.

The battle was exceptionally intense, and it was also a magnificent sight for the audience below the stage.

Yang Mu’s sword techniques were more light and graceful, and he was also more skilled. Compared to Wang Ling, his swordsmanship showed more creativity.

Although Wang Ling’s swordsmanship was not as good as Yang Mu’s, he seemed to be possessed by a battle maniac.

The more he fought, the more excited he became. In addition, his swordsmanship was of huge movements, and in a short period of time, he was actually on par with Yang Mu.

Time quickly passed by half an hour amidst the exclamations of the audience below the stage.

After fighting for half an hour, the two of them were sweating from their foreheads, feeling tired.

Now, when Yang Mu uses the Wind technique, he was not as agile as before.

On the other side, Wang Ling was panting heavily.

The sword technique he used was more towards producing heavy blows. Compared to Yang Mu, it consumed more internal energy and physical strength.

At this moment, the battle between the two of them had reached its climax.

Now, it was time to see who could last until the end.

Another quarter of an hour passed.

At this moment, Wang Ling was so exhausted that he was about to collapse on the ground.

As for Yang Mu, he was much better than Wang Ling.

Previously, when Yang Mu saw that the battle was not progressing, he used agile sword techniques to exhaust his opponent by increasing Wang Ling’s usage of internal and physical strength.

After a period of time, the effect was obvious.

“You’ve lost!”

Taking advantage of the fact that Wang Ling’s physical strength was at its limit, Yang Mu’s figure flashed and in the next moment, the green steel sword stopped firmly in front of Wang Ling’s chest.

The tip of the sword was only a fist’s distance away from Wang Ling’s heart.

“Refreshing! It’s been a long time since I’ve felt so refreshed!”

Even though he had lost, there was not the slightest hint of frustration on Wang Ling’s face. Instead, he laughed out loud.

Wang Ling let go of the sword in his hand and turned to leave the stage. He had only taken a few steps when he suddenly stopped moving.


Wang Ling suddenly fell onto the ground like a wooden stake.

“Senior Brother Wang Ling!”

The crowd below the stage cried out in surprise.

There were even many people who looked at Yang Mu coldly.

They wondered if Yang Mu had secretly harmed Wang Ling during the fight.

Hua Feng, who had been watching the fight between the two, heard the commotion from below the stage and hurried over to check on Wang Ling.

“My fellow disciples, please calm down. Wang Ling overdid himself due to the prolonged intense fight. Just carry him down and let him take a nap.”

As Hua Feng finished his words, the audience finally let out a sigh of relief.

Then, they looked at Wang Ling with respect.

“What a retard. I said at the beginning that you can’t beat me, but you still refused to admit defeat. You insisted on fighting to death.”

“As long as you don’t implicate me, you deserve to die from exhaustion!”

Right at this moment.

Yang Mu’s mocking voice rang out, greatly angering the people below the stage. How they wished that they could go up and fight him.

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