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Chapter 12: Fourth Elder’s Xuan-Grade Talent

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Victor followed his fellow disciples and slowly walked to the training field.

Along the way, he gained a lot of understanding about the sect competition.

This competition was not like before, there are some new changes.

In addition to selecting disciples, some elite disciples would have the chance to follow the elders down the mountain for training.

On the surface, they were talking about gaining experience, but in reality, they will be competing with the disciples of other sects.

Therefore, if someone incompetent was killed by others, it would be seen as something that was bound to happen.

Although his talent was good and could be considered a genius, however the outside world was different. People would not care about their statuses and take advantage and bully the weak. This was a very common thing.

Going down the mountain was indeed a good opportunity to download many cultivation techniques and talents.

However, downloading required time. No one would be dumb enough to remain stationary at one place.

For people of similar strength, there was no need for him to download their skills and techniques.

Therefore, going down the mountain was not worth it for Victor.

After many considerations, he chose to remain. It would not be too late to go down the mountain after he became stronger.

When Victor arrived at the training field, there was already a dense crowd in front of him.

Even people like Victor, who was devoted to cultivating, appeared in the training field.

After all, wasn’t the reason of their hard work to perform well at this competition.

Everyone was motivated and didn’t want to lose to other fellow disciples. They all strived to perform well during the competition and gain the favor of the elders.

After that, they would be accepted as true disciples, disciples that were one level higher than official disciples.

As long as they became true disciples, their cultivation techniques and treatment in life would be one level better than official disciples.

The most important thing was that if you encountered some questions about cultivation, the elders would be there to assist you.

This would make your cultivation path smoother.

In addition, as long as you were able to amaze everyone in the competition and obtain a good ranking, there would be many disciples willing to follow you in the Qingyun Sect.

Time slowly passed.

It was just past noon, under the martial arts stage.

Hua Feng and Gu Xu, who had long been prepared, walked to the center of the martial arts stage and began to announce the rules of the competition.

This was the tradition of the Qingyun Sect. Every competition was hosted by the true disciples who had been accepted into the sect the previous year. It was also a chance for the disciples to train.

The content of the rules was very simple.

The most important rule was: do not put the opponent’s life in danger.

Then, it was the specific process. From the registration of the competition, the elimination round, the advancement round, and the final competition.

There were a total of four processes.

After the announcement, the people in the training field were all excited.

Victor, who was in the crowd, was naturally not interested in this competition.

He looked at the crowd around him. Some of them were so nervous that they were trembling, while others were actively discussing it.

He felt that the competition was quite interesting, so he began to stroll around.

In the eyes of the other disciples, there was something wrong with Victor’s brain. He didn’t even queue up to register when he came. He just strolled around, not one knew what he was doing.

Level five talent!

Level six talent!

Level six talent!

Level eight talent!


Victor walked for several rounds and he was slightly disappointed. Besides a level eight talent disciple, which was the same as Hua Feng and Gu Xu, he did not see anyone else with an outstanding talent.

Victor rubbed his temples in displeasure.

It was no wonder that in the later stage of The World of Martial Arts, only the daughter of the Great Elder Song Xiuwen was slightly stronger and more famous. Her cultivation talent was at level nine, so it was unlikely that other disciples had better talent than Song Qianqian.

It seemed that he had to find the elder in charge of the competition, so that he could obtain a more powerful talent.

“But, where should I start looking?” Victor muttered to himself.

It was impossible for such an important competition to commence without the supervision of the elder.

Victor went around the training field again, scanning his surroundings, not letting any spot go unchecked.

In the end, he found nothing. Maybe the elders came and left, Victor thought. He walked to the exit of the training field ready to leave.

He looked back reluctantly.

Suddenly, at the left side of the training field, a figure was lying leisurely on the roof, as if he was sunbathing. He was holding a gourd in his hand and pouring it into his mouth, probably drinking alcohol.

Victor’s heart skipped a beat. Only an elder would be so bold to drink wine while sunbathing on the roof.

After taking a closer look, he found something that he thought was ridiculous.

No wonder he didn’t notice him even after searching for a long time.

This elder had already restrained his aura to the minimal. If he didn’t deliberately observe it, he wouldn’t have noticed him at all.

He could freely control his strength. If he were to become an assassin, he would be very good at it.

Victor hadn’t met many elders before and only knew a few names. Therefore, he wasn’t sure which of the seven elders he was.

It was impossible to get close to him. It wouldn’t be good for Victor to disturb him rashly. Moreover, with the elder’s strength and vision, he could not hide from him.

Victor came to the left side of the arena, under the roof. Within twenty meters, and was planning to inspect the elder.

However, he actually could not scan it.


Victor looked up and his face instantly darkened. The elder was not on the east side of the training field anymore. He had relocated to the south side of the roof to lie down.

Victor’s heart was shocked. What an insane speed. Furthermore, he did not sense any movements at all.

In other words, the elder had already noticed him. Since that was the case, it would be impossible for Victor remain hidden.

He had a new idea in his mind.

Maximum level Wind spell!

Victor activated the scanning system and immediately activated the Mystic Wood technique at full speed. With the support of the second-rate realm’s true energy, Victor rushed towards the south gate.

In a few breaths, he managed to arrive at the south gate.

“Ding! Target locked!”

“Open the attribute panel!” Victor ordered.

Name: Yu Haoming

Cultivation Method: Qingyun mantra, Qingyun Sword technique, Qingyun Mystic Wood technique, Seven Stars Sword technique, Wind technique, Gale Palms, Thunder Eagle (own creation),

Cultivation Talent: Beginner Xuan-grade talent

Cultivation level: Xiantian realm intermediate stage

Beginner Xuan-grade talent?

Yu Haoming, the real name of the fourth elder of the Qingyun Sect. i𝘯𝓷𝚛𝐞𝓪𝐝. 𝓬𝐨𝚖

As expected of Elder Yu, it was a Xuan-grade talent!

Seeing this, Victor felt a surge of emotions in his heart. A Xuan-grade cultivation talent, what kind of concept was this.

One had to know that after the ninth-grade talent was the yellow-grade talent. Moreover, there were three grades in the yellow grade talent: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. After the advanced yellow grade talent was the Xuan-grade talent.

Xuan-grade talent, a whole grade above the yellow grade.

Compared to his current level nine talent, it was two levels above.

If he downloaded and absorbed it, his cultivation speed would go from a sports car to a bullet train.

He had to get his hands on it.

In just a few breaths, Victor had already sorted out his thoughts and goals.

When he looked up, Victor was dumbfounded.

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