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Warrior's Promise

Chapter 8: Worse than Trash

Chapter 8: Worse than Trash

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The martial practice field of the Sus, Sunnywood City.

Dozens of inferior Su disciples were gathered on the large martial practice field.

A middle-aged man in a gray robe sat in the center of the field, describing his martial arts experience to the inferiors.

He was Su Tai, the Fourth Elder of the Sus.

The inferiors present had all recently awakened their Martial Souls.

They had just reached the Qi Cultivation Realm and lacked cultivation experiences, so the Sus arranged for elders to speak to them.

As one of the three major clans in the city, the Sus had many more inferior disciples than the ones present. Some of the older disciples had awakened their Martial Souls two years ago, even reaching Lv 7 or 8 Qi Cultivation Realm.

Those disciples with high cultivations would not attend these lectures.

After returning, Su Mo spotted the Fourth Elder in the field and walked over to him.

“Su Mo, all the other disciples who awakened their Martial Souls with you arrived a long time ago. Why are you only showing up now?”

The Fourth Elder paused his lesson and sullenly asked the unhurried Su Mo.

It was a great honor to attend a lecture given by him, and all the other disciples came early to wait for him, yet Su Mo’s late arrival showed that he had no respect for the elder.

Many of the disciples smirked to see Su Mo get into trouble.

Su Mo never expected the Fourth Elder to scold him for being late, since elders’ lectures were completely optional.

“Fourth Elder, I just returned from an expedition,” Su Mo respectfully replied.


The Fourth Elder smirked and said, “With your crappy Martial Soul? You won’t achieve anything great in your lifetime. You have nothing to experience!”

Su Mo’s expression instantly became cold, and he huffed, “Fourth Elder, I respect you because you’re an elder, but you should know that an elder without good qualities isn’t worthy of respect!”

“What? Are you saying I’m unworthy of respect?”

The Fourth Elder was fuming. How dare a useless fool, a piece of trash provoke him?

“Doesn’t calling me trash as an elder make you unworthy of respect?”

Su Mo was also infuriated. Ever since he awakened his Martial Soul, not only did inferior disciples despise him, now even elders treated him with contempt.

Did they all think he could be easily bullied?

It seemed that he should not keep a low profile in the future!

“How dare you!”

The Fourth Elder shouted in rage. “Am I wrong? Aren’t you trash and a useless fool with your Rank 1 Human Class Martial Soul? Is there anyone else in the city with such a crappy martial soul?”

“That’s right! You’re nothing but trash! You’re a disgrace to our clan!”

One of the disciples yelled.

Su Mo turned his head and saw that it was Su Heng who had spoken.

With Su Heng’s words, other disciples followed suit.

“Right! Rank 1 Human Class! You’re a good-for-nothing!”

“That’s right! Shame on you!”


Su Heng laughed as many disciples echoed him. He looked at Su Mo and said, “Su Mo, so many people are calling you trash and a good-for-nothing. Do you know your place?”

The Fourth Elder laughed and said with a sneer, “Su Mo, I told you so!”

Su Mo walked up to Su Heng and said, “Su Heng, you call me a piece of trash and a good-for-nothing, but let me ask you this: if you find out you’re not as good as me, what does that make you?”

“I’m not as good as you? Haha! This is the funniest joke I’ve ever heard.” Su Heng sneered.

Not as good as Su Mo?

He had to be joking.

Su Mo’s eyes glinted coldly, and he said with a smile, “Su Heng, I’m issuing you a challenge. Do you dare to accept it?”

His words silenced everyone.

They all looked at Su Mo in disbelief.

Su Mo actually challenged Su Heng?

Su Heng was also stunned. After he awakened a Martial Soul of the Rank 4 Human Class, his position in the clan rose greatly, and he was awarded many family resources, which allowed him to reach Lv 3 Qi Cultivation Realm.

Yet, this good-for-nothing Su Mo still dared to challenge him?

The Fourth Elder was the first to respond. He said to Su Heng in a hurry, “Since he wants to challenge you, you should teach him a lesson.”

Su Mo’s earlier provocation had angered him. As an elder, he could not directly punish his inferior, but luckily, Su Mo presented the opportunity himself.

“Haha! Don’t worry, Fourth Elder! I definitely won’t disappoint you!”

Su Heng smiled and walked towards Su Mo, his eyes flickering with malice.

Ever since Su Mo provoked him in the Book Collection Pavilion, he had been looking for an opportunity to teach him a lesson!

This unexpected challenge greatly excited him.

“Su Mo, how many moves of mine can you endure? Three? Or just one?”

Now that he was about to beat up Su Mo, he was in a very good mood.

Su Mo lifted his index finger and shook it.

“Haha! You’re quite self-aware! At least, you’re aware that you can only endure one move.” Su Heng chuckled.

“No! I mean I only need one move to deal with you,” Su Mo shook his head and said calmly.

Su Mo was not being cocky. Even without using genuine Qi, his physical strength was far more powerful than that of a martial artist of Level 3 Qi Cultivation Realm, rivaling the power of a martial artist of Level 4.

“One Move!”

Everyone was shocked by Su Mo’s words and thought he was a retard.

Even between martial artists of the same level, it was rare for one to defeat the other with one move. Never mind Su Mo, whose cultivation was much lower than Su Heng’s.

Defeating Su Heng with one move! They really had no idea if Su Mo was conceited or idiotic!

“Defeat me with one move?”

Su Heng became unpleasant. He did not think a piece of trash like Su Mo would dare look down on him like this.

“If I don’t cripple you today, my name won’t be Su Heng!”


With a roar, Su Heng immediately released his Martial Soul, and four yellow halos shined behind him.

Rank 4 Human Class Martial Soul!

Su Heng’s Martial Soul was a majestic goshawk with sharp eyes.

After he released his Martial Soul, Su Heng’s aura rose sharply.

His cultivation completely exploded.

“Die, Su Mo!”

Su Heng roared and was the first to strike, clawing at Su Mo’s chest.

Su Heng used his strongest skill so he could defeat Su Mo in one move and let Su Mo know the distance between them.

He also wanted Su Mo to know what a joke his earlier pride was!

Su Mo raised his hand and punched Su Heng’s claw.

This was a regular punch without using Martial Soul or Genuine Qi.

Su Heng sneered. This good-for-nothing was so arrogant that he wanted to stop him with a punch? Impossible!

“I’ll break you!”

Genuine Qi swiftly spewed from Su Heng’s hand, and his five fingers turned to silver spears. He wanted to break Su Mo’s fist.

What happened next was completely unexpected.

When his claw hit Su Mo’s fist, Su Heng felt a strong force that pushed his hand away and hit his chest.


The fist squarely landed on Su Heng’s chest. A raging force surged from Su Mo’s fist, fracturing his chest with the sound of cracking bones. Su Heng was thrown about six meters away and crashed on the ground, spewing blood.

The audience was completely silent. All eyes were frozen on him.

Su Mo defeated Su Heng with a single punch?

The Fourth Elder looked at Su Heng, who was lying on the ground in a daze.

“How could it be… How could it be?”

Su Heng was unable to accept the outcome and roared angrily with a twisted expression. However, just after he finished shouting, he was spitting blood again.

“You called me a piece trash and a good-for-nothing every time you opened your mouth, but this piece of trash just defeated you with a single punch. Doesn’t that make you worse than trash?”

Su Mo said mockingly, walking to Su Heng and looking down on him.

“You… ” Su Heng looked livid, ashamed, and resentful.

“And you, Fourth Elder. Do you still think I’m useless now? I’ve defeated your prodigy, Su Heng, whom you thought highly of. What is he now?”

Su Mo looked at the Fourth Elder.

“You only won through sheer luck. You have nothing to be smug about!”

The Fourth Elder’s expression was unpleasant. “The year-end clan meeting is in two months. When that time comes, you’ll realize the true abilities of the outstanding talents in our clan. You’re nothing compared to them!”

“Through sheer luck?” Su Mo said with a smile, “I am quite lucky. Perhaps “through sheer luck”, I can achieve a high ranking in the clan meeting.”

At that, he turned around and left.

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