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Warrior's Promise

Chapter 7: Storage Ring

Chapter 7: Storage Ring

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In the mountains, Su Mo passed through the jungle, guided by his map.

He was extremely careful the entire time.

He was more than 25 kilometers deep into the Breezewind Mountain, and there were many Class 4 Lv 1 Demonic Beasts nearby, and even some at Class 5.

He might not beat a Class 4 Lv 1 Demonic Beasts with his current strength, let alone one at Class 5.

Therefore, he was constantly on the lookout.

Finally, after another perilous half hour, Su Mo arrived in an overgrown valley.

The valley had only one entrance and was surrounded by cliffs that were hundreds of meters high.

Full of thistles, thorns and bushes, it looked extremely desolation.

Su Mo stayed alert of his surroundings and prepared to escape at the first sign of danger.

Although treasures were important, nothing was more important than his life.

Su Mo saw that this exact valley was the place marked on the map.

He carefully scoured the surrounding environment and soon found a large crack on a rock wall.

It was a horizontal crack that was hundreds of meters long and looked like a huge, unfathomable mouth.

It was overgrown with weeds and not easily noticeable.

Su Mo frowned as he peered inside.

Worse than the small cave before, the crevice was gloomy, cold and full of unknown danger.

After hesitating for a while, Su Mo gritted his teeth and entered.

Since he had already come, he must find something.


Su Mo had never been afraid of danger.

As he walked deeper into the crevice, his vision became dimmer and dimmer, until he was completely surrounded by darkness.

Su Mo used genuine Qi to improve his eyesight and continued walking.

After a moment, the pathway in the crevice began gradually sloping downward.

He estimated that he was about ten meters underground.

After walking further, Su Mo felt a cold breeze and heard the sound of running water.

Intrigued by this change, he quickened his pace.

Soon, Su Mo was suddenly met with a bright light. He saw a huge space, which was over five meters tall, over seven meters wide, and unfathomably long.

It was a secret underground world.

A river flowed through the space toward an unknown destination.

Fish swam in the river, and natural cobblestones on the bank gave off a fluorescent light, allowing Su Mo to see the whole underground world clearly.

A demolished stone room stood nearby.

Several dried bones lay outside the stone room. Their owner had obviously been dead for a long time.

“Has the treasure been taken by others?”

Su Mo walked over slowly and entered the stone room.

With a length and width of less than five meters, the room was quite small, and half of it had collapsed.

There was nothing inside except for two skeletons in the center.

Thinking that the treasure had already been taken, Su Mo was inevitably a little disappointed.


Then, he was suddenly astonished.

He found that one of the skeletons had not decayed and gave off a light gold hue.

“Why is the skeleton light gold?”

Su Mo was puzzled.

This was indeed the skeleton of a human martial artist, but he had never heard of a light gold skeleton.

“What? Is that…”

Su Mo noticed an antique and simple ring on the left hand of the golden skeleton.

“Is that a storage ring?”

Su Mo excitedly snatched up the ring.

A storage ring was a treasure capable of storing objects in its own space, so it was quite precious.

No one in all of Sunnywood City had a storage ring. Common martial artists stored objects in storage pouches, which were of a lower grade than rings.

After taking a deep breath, Su Mo applied genuine Qi to the ring.

In the next moment, his awareness entered a dusky space.

The space was not big. It had a length, width and height of about five meters.

Several scrolls, a long bright sword and a pile of milk white crystals were piled in the corner of the space.

With a single thought, the long sword appeared in Su Mo’s hand, instantly giving off a sword sound when injected with genuine Qi.

Swish! Swish!

The long sword emitted a sword ray to the wall one meter away and cut through the hard stone wall.


Su Mo was quite surprised. He had not expected the sword to be so strong and to be able to cut through the stone wall so easily.

“Spirit-slayer, Medium Lv 3!”

Su Mo saw several obvious small characters etched on the hilt of the sword.

“It’s a weapon of Medium Lv 3?”

Su Mo was immediately overjoyed.

There were no Upper Lv 2 weapons at all in Sunnywood City, so a Medium Lv 3 weapon was extremely precious.

“‘Spirit-slayer’ must be the name of the sword.”

After a while, Su Mo put the long sword back in the storage ring and took out several scrolls.

There were four scrolls in total, including Divine Wind Swordplay , Elephants Strength Skill , Shadow Steps , and Primordial Qi Manual.

Su Mo opened Elephants Strength Skill gently and read it.

Elephants Strength Skill , Upper Lv 5 Body Refining Skill, with a total of 15 levels. After grasping the manual, one’s body would become strong like an Archean Fierce Beast with the strength of 10,000 elephants.

It enhanced strength from the first level to the third level!

It tempered bones from the fourth level to the sixth level!

It fortified the body from the seventh level to the ninth level!

It intensified extraordinary power from the tenth level to the twelfth level!

It amplified Panorama from the thirteenth level to the fifteenth level!

As he read the contents of the book, Su Mo was shocked once again.

Upper Lv 5 Cultivation Skill?

Body Refining Skill?

Elephants Strength?

What was the force of Elephants Strength? The force of over ten thousand elephants?

The “elephant” here was not a normal Demonic Elephant but a Post-archean Elephant.

An adult Post-archean Elephant had a huge force of more than 10,000 kilograms even without cultivating.

How powerful was the force of over 10,000 Post-archean Elephants?

Fifty million kilograms?

Several billion kilograms?

Su Mo suddenly felt overwhelmed by all this information.

“It’s an Upper Lv 5 Cultivation Skill! Not to mention, it’s a Body Refining Skill!”

Su Mo was overjoyed. This treasure hunt was truly worth it!

He knew that Sunnywood City had no book about Lv 3 Cultivation Skill, let alone Lv 5 Cultivation Skill.

As one of the two big families in Sunnywood City, the Sus’ supreme grade cultivation skill was just Medium Lv 2, which was a Secret Clan Manual, so ordinary members could not cultivate it.

Now, he had an Upper Lv 5 Cultivation Skill, and it was even a Body Refining Skill.

Body Refining Skill was more precious than Qi Cultivation Skill because of its rarity.

It was the true skill of fortifying one’s body. The Body Tempering Realm before the Qi Cultivation Realm could only exercise the body.

The Sus had only two Body Refining Skills, but the young disciples seldom cultivated them because it was slow-cultivating and time-consuming.

Instead, their first target was to improve their cultivation and increase strength.

Elephants Strength Skill was even more precious than the Spirit-slayer Sword.


Taking a deep breath, Su Mo looked at the other three scrolls.

Compared to Spirit-slayer Sword and Elephants Strength Skill , the other three manuals were more ordinary.

The three scrolls were all Lower Lv 3, and they were respectively on swordsmanship, footwork, and cultivation.

Although not as good as Elephants Strength Skill, the three scrolls were still much better than those of the Sus.

These were exactly all that Su Mo needed.

He did not know what the remaining milk white crystals were, but judging from their strong Spiritual Qi, he knew they were precious.

After a while, Su Mo calmed down and put away the other manuals, leaving only Elephants Strength Skill.

He carefully read the formulas and key points and memorized them.

The underground world was safe and quiet, so he sat down cross-legged, released his Martial Soul, and started cultivating.

Elephants Strength Skill was a mysterious cultivation skill that quenched the body with the Spiritual Qi from heaven and earth or one’s own genuine Qi.

Su Mo’s genuine Qi became an elephant-shaped rune, entering and quenching his body.

After an hour, he suddenly opened his eyes in shock.

“This cultivation method requires so much genuine Qi!”

After cultivating for two hours, Su Mo’s genuine Qi was almost completely consumed.

Next, Su Mo could only use his Martial Soul to absorb Spiritual Qi from heaven and earth to quench his body.

All the absorbed Spiritual Qi became runes and entered his body.

Su Mo’s body absorbed Spiritual Qi runes crazily like a bottomless pit.

How time flew!

Su Mo kept cultivating for eight days, during which he caught fish to sate his hunger.

On the sixth day, Su Mo succeeded in cultivating the first realm of Elephants Strength Skill.

After this success, his body became much more powerful. The force of his fist alone was more than the force of three tigers, which was stronger than that of a martial artist at Lv 3 Qi Cultivation Realm.

A martial artist at the Qi Cultivation Realm could increase his force by that of one tiger by increasing a realm of cultivation.

The force of one tiger was about 250 kilograms, making the force of three about 750 kilograms.

Su Mo felt that his force was almost 1000 kilograms, the force of four tigers.

His strength advanced rapidly after cultivating for a few days, which encouraged him to try to complete the cultivation method.

If he could grasp more than 10 realms of the cultivation skill, he would be invincible in Skymoon Country, let alone Sunnywood City.

However, he obviously felt that cultivating the second realm would be ten times slower than cultivating the first realm.

It had only taken six days to cultivate the first realm, but it would take at least two months to completely cultivate the second realm.

Therefore, after two days of cultivating, Su Mo stopped.

After being here for ten days, it was time to go back.

After Su Mo’s genuine Qi completely recovered, he buried the golden skeleton, left the underground world, and ran like the wind back to Sunnywood City.

The golden skeleton gave Su Mo an opportunity through its storage ring, so Su Mo repaid it by laying it to rest.

On his way back, Su Mo suddenly thought of something.

Cultivating Elephants Strength Skill needed a great deal of Spiritual Qi, and more Spiritual Qi would be required in future cultivating.

If he kept cultivating with this skill, all the Spiritual Qi absorbed by his Martial Soul would be used up.

His genuine Qi would not increase, and his cultivation would not improve.

If Qi Refining and Body Cultivation were conducted at the same time, the cultivation of both aspects would be greatly slowed down.

“Should I give up Qi Refining and focus on Body Cultivation?”

Su Mo immediately rejected this idea.

Carrying out Qi Refining and Body Cultivation at the same time was probably difficult for others, but it would be no problem for him, because he could upgrade his Martial Soul.

As long as the level of his Martial Soul improved, so would the speed of absorbing Spiritual Qi, so that cultivation could be enhanced quickly as well.

His Martial Soul was now of Rank 3 Human Class, and its speed of absorbing Spiritual Qi was ten times faster than that of Rank 1 Human Class.

If his Martial Soul upgraded a few ranks, his cultivating would certainly accelerate greatly.

Therefore, Qi Refining and Body Cultivation could only enhance his strength, and they would have little effect on his cultivating speed.

“Haha! It seems like I’ll have to kill more in the future!”

Su Mo smiled bitterly, thinking that only killing could help him devour both Beast and Martial Souls!

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