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Warrior's Promise

Chapter 6: Killed in a Second

Chapter 6: Killed in a Second

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The Qi given off by these two young men was not that strong.

The handsome young man in the front was at the Peak Lv 2 Qi Cultivation Realm, while the long-faced youth was just at the Early Lv 2 Qi Cultivation Realm.

When they saw Su Mo, their expressions changed.

They glared at the empty stalk without the Purple Spirit Fruit.

“Hey! Did you steal our Purple Spirit Fruit?” Wei Long, the handsome one, barked at Su Mo.

“Your Purple Spirit Fruit?”

“Spiritual Herbs grow naturally in the mountains, so they’re fair game. Why is it yours?” Su Mo sneered.

“Go to hell! How dare you steal our Spiritual Fruit!” shouted Wei Shan, the long-faced youth.

“We found the Purple Spirit Fruit 10 days ago and were just waiting for it to ripen! How dare you take it from us!”

“Why do you look so familiar?”

Wei Long suddenly said with a glint in his eye, “I remember. You are Su Mo, a piece of trash with a Martial Soul of the Rank 1 Human Class.”

“Oh, it’s you!” Wei Shan said scornfully.

“Are you two from the Weis?”

Su Mo saw on their clothes the symbol of the Weis, one of the two main clans in Sunnywood City.

The Weis and the Sus were equally matched as the two most powerful families in Sunnywood City, and they constantly contested and clashed.

“Exactly! Come on, give me the fruit!” Wei Shan arrogantly yelled.

“Forget it. I have already swallowed it,” said Su Mo indifferently.

“What?” Both men were instantly enraged.

Since they had waited for the Purple Spirit Fruit for over half a month, how could they not be angry that they got nothing in the end?

“Damn it! How dare you eat my fruit? Kneel to me and destroy your cultivation, or die!” Wei Long yelled in a rage.

“Kneel? Destroy my own cultivation?”

Su Mo was speechless. “Are they playing God? Maybe I was so nice after coming to this world that they think I can be easily bullied?”

“Crap! Brother Wei Long, let me kill this piece of trash.”

With an angry shout, Wei Shan punched toward Su Mo’s face, thinking that one punch would be enough to defeat him.

“Die for your arrogance!” Su Mo coldly said, and he slightly lifted up his palm and punched back.

Wei Shan sneered, “Do you want to play rough? How stupid! Go to hell!”

However, his smile froze in the very next second.

As they collided, Wei Shan felt a horrible power from Su Mo’s fist, like that of a monstrous wave.


With a scream, Wei Shan was blasted against the wall of the cave and passed out.

“What? How can it be?”

Wei Long was shocked. He looked at Su Mo and said, “The Lv 3 Qi Cultivation Realm? Damn it! Aren’t you just a piece of trash with a Rank 1 Human Class Martial Soul?”

“A piece of trash?”

With a cold laugh, Su Mo blocked their exit and strode toward Wei Long, saying, “How dare you to call me a piece of trash? Dumb-ass!”

Seeing Su Mo moving toward him, Wei Long frowned and yelled, “What do you want?”

“To kill you!” Su Mo laughed coldly.

“Kill me? How dare you! My father is one of the elders in the Weis. If you kill me, he will find you and kill you, wherever you go.”

Wei Long was quite confident and fearless.

“Idiot! No one will know that I killed you in this remote mountain.”

Ignoring Wei Long’s threat, Su Mo was preparing to kill him as he gathered genuine Qi in his fist.

Fear instantly appeared on Wei Long’s face. His cultivation was at the Peak Lv 2 Qi Cultivation Realm, only a little bit stronger than Wei Shan’s, so it was impossible for him to defeat Su Mo.

“Su Mo, don’t kill me… don’t kill me!”

“Give me a reason not to.”

“A reason… A reason…” Wei Long was anxious like a cat on hot bricks. Suddenly, his eyes brightened up and he said, “Look, I have a treasure map which can lead you to find treasure.”

“Treasure map? What treasure map? Show me first,” Su Mo said.

“I can give it to you if you promise you won’t kill me!” Wei Long was not stupid, so he wanted Su Mo to promise him first.

Su Mo scoffed at Wei Long’s words. He knew what he was thinking.

“Don’t want to give it to me? OK! I’ll kill you first and then find it on your body.”

“Here it is… Here it is!”

Wei Long was scared. He immediately took out a small piece of animal skin and gave it to Su Mo.

Su Mo checked it out. Indeed, it was an antique and simple map, obviously from long ages ago.

According to the map, there was treasure right in Breezewind Mountain.

“Su… Su Mo, I already gave you the treasure map. Can I leave now?” Wei Long asked nervously.

Hearing no response from Su Mo, Wei Long carefully walked toward the exit.

As soon as he was close to the cave entrance, Wei Long looked back with a trace of a viciousness at Su Mo. He was planning to bring some people back from outside the mountain to kill Su Mo.


At that moment, Su Mo jumped up and punched him.

Wei Long was killed on the spot.

“I will never be merciful to my enemies!” Su Mo said flatly.

He had killed countless people in his previous life, but that was his first kill in this world.

Returning to the unconscious Wei Shan, Su Mo gave him another punch.

Wei Shan was completely killed.

After that, Su Mo took the map and decided to look for the treasure.


Su Mo stopped suddenly with a glint in his eyes. “If my Martial Soul can devour Beast Souls, can it also devour human Martial Souls?”

He walked back to the two bodies and released his Devouring Martial Spirit.

His Devouring Martial Spirit with three halos looked like a bottomless black hole. It spun two times faster than it had at Rank 1 Human Class and had extremely strong suction.

Wei Long and Wei Shan had just died. Their Blood Qi and Martial Souls, which had not yet disappeared, were immediately sucked up.

The Martial Soul of Wei Shan was a small green tree with two yellow halos. It was Rank 2 Human Class Martial Soul.

The Martial Soul of Wei Long was a bird with three halos. Obviously, it was Rank 3 Human Class Martial Soul.

As the two Martial Souls were instantly swallowed, Su Mo felt his own Martial Soul shake, and its three halos shone brighter.

However, his Devouring Martial Spirit did not progress out of Rank 3 Human Class.

“Haha! I was right! I can devour both Beast Souls and Martial Souls!”

Su Mo was overjoyed and surprised by his Devouring Martial Spirit once again.

The ability of his Devouring Martial Spirit was beyond imagination.

Not only did it have the ability to progress, but it also could devour others’ Martial Souls.

If Su Mo released his Martial Soul in a fight, his enemy’s Martial Soul would be out of their control and devoured by his.

“Well, time to find the treasure!”

Having enjoyed the surprise, Su Mo left the cave.

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