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Warrior's Promise

Chapter 4: Pros and Cons

Chapter 4: Pros and Cons

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Su Mo could not wait to begin cultivating as soon as he returned to his room.

Clouds Skill had five realms, and the higher the realm, the purer the genuine Qi it cultivated.

Also, a higher realm of cultivation skill meant stronger attack and faster cultivating.

Su Mo continued to cultivate over the next couple of days.

His dark vortex of a Martial Soul was rotating in the room, and plumes of Spiritual Qi twined around Su Mo. His cultivation was slowly increasing.

While Su Mo was cultivating, the news that he awakened a Rank 1 Human Class Martial Soul spread all throughout Sunnywood City.

The young master and the first genius of the Sus unexpectedly had a crappy Martial Soul!

This caused a stir in Sunnywood City, and many people treated him like a joke.

Five days later, Su Mo stopped cultivating.

“The level of my Martial Soul is so low that it’s slowing down my cultivating!” Su Mo sighed.

After five days of hard work, his cultivation had only increased marginally.

At this rate, it would take at least six months to enter Lv 2 Qi Cultivation Realm .

Luckily, he had cultivated Clouds Skill to the second level and purified and condensed a good amount of genuine Qi in five days.

“Time to cultivate my martial skill!”

Su Mo took out Ninefold Ocean Wave Fist and carefully read it.

After he fully understood all of the details, he closed the scroll and walked into the yard.

“The purpose of Ninefold Ocean Wave Fist is to regard the body as a raging sea and the fists as waves, each one stronger than the one before…”

With the key to this fistplay in mind, he practiced every gesture and motion according to the manual.

“Ho! Ho! Ho!”

He punched very slowly at first, but gradually moved faster and faster. In the end, his fists exploded like bombs and stirred up endless gusts of wind.

Another five days passed by.

The wind from his fist power was screaming, and the air was endlessly stirred.

“Ho!” Su Mo lifted up a shout and landed a punch on the stone bench ahead.


The stone bench exploded with a rumbling sound, and its fragments flew everywhere.


Su Mo took a deep breath and stood with his fists clenched.

“Not bad! I’ve achieved Minor Completion!” Su Mo could not stop smiling.

He was now able to punch with a fivefold fist force, but after reaching Completion Realm, his fist force would be ninefold.

Almost no one in Sunnywood City could reach the Minor Completion Realm of a Medium Lv 1 Martial Skill in only five days. Su Mo was able to do so because living two lives had given him very strong comprehension.

“Now, it’s time to enter Breezewind Mountain to try my luck.”

Su Mo whispered. Then, he packed up and set out.

Breezewind Mountain lay in a mountain range that covered about 49,000 square kilometers,?and it was 15 kilometers away from Sunnywood City. It was lofty and densely covered in forests.

Since there were a lot of Spiritual Herbs there, many martial artists in Sunnywood City always went into the mountains to collect them.

However, opportunity always came with danger. Lots of martial artists were killed and eaten by the large number of demonic beasts that lived in the mountains.

In spite of the dangers, Su Mo had to take a chance. It was too hard for him to cultivate with his low-grade Martial Soul.

Su Mo was walking down a tree-lined path when he suddenly heard a burst of a giggles.

He turned around and was stunned by what he saw.

A boy and a girl were cuddling happily with each other under a pavilion beside a pond.

The girl was a true beauty. Tall and slim, she wore a purple dress over her fair skin, and her loose black hair was draped over her shoulders.

She was Liu Yushan, Su Mo’s childhood sweetheart and cousin.

Liu Yushan was the eldest daughter of the Liu clan, which was a small clan in Sunnywood City that depended upon the Sus.

Su Mo and Liu Yushan grew up together, so they were very close.

Their parents had wanted them to get engaged at the beginning of next year.

The young man with Liu Yushan was no other than Su Yu, the martial artist who replaced Su Mo as first genius of the Sus.

Su Mo made eye contact with them.

“Yushan, why are you two together?” Su Mo asked with a frown, walking toward them.

Liu Yushan turned her head away with an inexplicable glint in her eyes and said nothing.

Su Yu glanced at Su Mo and coldly smiled. “Su Mo, from now on, Yushan is mine. Leave her alone, or you will have to answer to me.”

“Yushan!” Su Mo ignored Su Yu and stared at Liu Yushan.

“Su Mo, did you hear what I said?” Su Yu’s eyes were cold, and he said, “A piece of trash like you doesn’t deserve her. Only I, a genius, am the best fit for Yushan.”

Liu Yushan nodded and said, “He’s right.”

“Why? Because of my Martial Soul?”

Although Su Mo was upset, he did not let himself get enraged and remained calm. He was a mercenary king during his past life and had gotten his fair share of women. If a girl did not like him, it did not bother him.

“Cousin, we don’t belong to the same kind of people anymore,” Liu Yushan nodded and said.

“Don’t belong to the same type of people anymore?” Su Mo muttered and smiled bitterly, thinking,

“Three days ago, I awakened a Rank 4 Human Class Martial Soul. We will only grow further apart as time goes on.” Liu Yushan said pridefully, “Su Yu, the genius of the Sus, is my ideal spouse. As for you, my cousin, you’re a good-for-nothing. The difference between you and him is extremely apparent.”

“Rank 4 Human Class Martial Soul?”

Su Mo was not surprised by her Martial Soul, because Liu Yushan was very talented.

“I see!” Su Mo nodded and said calmly. Everyone was entitled to a choice. Since she had chosen to abandon him, he would not try to change her mind.

Liu Yushan frowned at Su Mo’s placid face.

She had thought that he would be devastated and would beg desperately for her,

So his cool demeanor bothered her.

“Yushan, remember what you said today. I hope that you won’t regret it in the future!”

Su Mo took a deep breath as he said those words and left.

“Regret? How is that possible?” Liu Yushan laughed and shook her head.

After leaving the Sus, Su Mo sprinted straight toward Breezewind Mountain.

An hour later, he arrived at the foot of Breezewind Mountain.

Breezewind Mountain looked like a huge monster creeping on the ground, giving off a cold and ruthless aura.

Without hesitation, Su Mo sprang into the mountains.

Before long, Su Mo had run five kilometers into the forest, where the trees towered over him with thick trunks and completely blocked out all the sunlight.


Then, a giant black wolf sprang out into Su Mo’s path.

“Evilwind Wolf, Class 1 Lv 1 Demonic Beast!”

Su Mo recognized it. A demonic beast at this level was as powerful as martial artists at Lv 1 Qi Cultivation Realm.

“Well, I’ll practice with you!”

Su Mo flew forward like a flying arrow and hit the Evilwind Wolf with his fist, which was covered with strong genuine Qi.

“Ninefold Ocean Wave Fist!”


The Evilwind Wolf was enraged by Su Mo’s attack, roared, and pounced on him. Its sharp wolf claws split toward his head.


The claws and fist clashed with a muffled sound.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Su Mo was stumbled back three steps, but the Evilwind Wolf was blown 10 meters away.

The Evilwind Wolf was quite powerful, but its rough force was no match for Su Mo’s martial arts.

“Haha! Let’s go again.”

As Su Mo moved forward and continually punched, the Evilwind Wolf retreated one step after another.

Soon, the flesh of the wolf was split into shreds, and several of its bones were broken.

The Evilwind Wolf would have been dead if it were not so tough.


The seriously injured Evilwind Wolf roared and slunk away instead of attacking again.

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