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Warrior's Promise

Chapter 29: I Will Protect You Forever

Chapter 29: I Will Protect You Forever

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Su Mo quickly passed through the thick mountain forest with Xi’er on his back.

Those men in black kept following him at more than 100 meters behind.

Su Mo fully applied his body move to widen the distance between them.

Shadow Steps were for close combat, so they did not have a great effect on long-distance running.

Of course, the key reason was that his skills could not be comprehensively applied in the high mountains and the thick forest full of thistles and thorns.

Besides, Su Mo also had Xi’er on his back.

“Su Mo, you can’t get away!” the middle-aged man in black yelled behind him.

Su Mo smiled disdainfully, thinking, “If it weren’t for Xi’er’s safety, you’d be running away from me!”

“Brother Su Mo, I beg you. Just put me down!” Xi’er said on his back.

“Xi’er, stop! I won’t leave you for as long as I’m alive!” Su Mo said firmly.

Xi’er felt deeply touched by Su Mo’s words.

With Xi’er on his back, Su Mo ran like the wind, which caused him to bleed unstoppably.

“I can’t keep doing this!”

Su Mo frowned. Bleeding would only make his body weaker.

“I have an idea!”

Suddenly, Su Mo had an idea and began running in another direction.

A moment later, he saw a small cave.

This was the same place where he had found the Purple Spirit Fruit.

Su Mo entered the cave quickly with Xi’er on his back.

He glanced around the cave. The corpse of Wei Long, whom he had killed, had been eaten by demonic beasts and reduced to pieces of cloth.

“Xi’er, wait for me here. I’ll go out to kill these dogs,” Su Mo said, putting Xi’er down.

“Brother Su Mo!” Xi’er firmly grasped Su Mo’s hands, looking worried.

“Don’t worry! I’ll protect you forever! I can’t be killed easily!”

Su Mo patted Xi’er’s soft hands and kissed her forehead gently. After that, he turned to leave.

Xi’er stood there in a daze, like she had been shocked by electricity.

“I will protect you forever!” Feeling the residual warmth on her forehead, Xi’er recalled Su Mo’s words.

She cried! Her tears flowed down her cheeks!

However, a joyful smile appeared on her face.

Su Mo went out of the cave, seeing that it had been surrounded by several men in black.

At that moment, Su Mo blocked the entrance of the cave, so Xi’er was quite safe.

Without her on his back, he could easily slaughter these enemies.

“Su Mo, you have nowhere to run!” the leader said with a cold laugh. He had not expected that Su Mo would be so foolish to hide in a cave.

Now, Su Mo was trapped like a rat in a hole.

“Who said I need to escape? It’s time for you to escape!” Su Mo sneered, thinking, “These pieces of trash want to kill me. What a joke!”

“How dare you still be so rude on your deathbed!” The middle-aged leader scorned him and shouted, “Attack him!”

He led the way, chopping his revolving saber toward Su Mo.


Su Mo’s refined sword disappeared and was replaced by a silvery long sword.

It was Spirit-slayer.

“You’re courting death!” Su Mo shouted loudly and bore down on the incoming saber without dodging.

“Final Hit of Heavenly Wind!”

Su Mo applied his strongest movement.

The middle-aged man in black was the leader of the enemies, so if he was killed, the others would not stand a chance.

His unmatched sword radiance was like dazzling starlight, rising into the sky and tearing through the air.

The saber and sword then crashed into each other violently.


A fierce burst of force erupted in all directions.


The leader’s long saber was broken. The sword radiance halted for a second before shooting toward the leader with full strength.


The leader was frightened, but it was too late for him to dodge, so he could only turn his body to protect his vital organs.


With a flash of sword radiance, a long arm flew into the air and sprayed red blood everywhere like rain.


The leader screamed, and his face twisted in severe pain.

He retreated quickly away from Su Mo.

Su Mo did not attack him again, but instead, he turned and aimed his long sword toward the other men in black.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Su Mo’s eyes glinted coldly, and his body flitted around, leaving a series of residual shadows as his long sword kept attacking.

“Gale Blade!”

“Swirling Winds and Clouds!”

“Wind Roaring in the Sky!”

These men in black only had an Lv 7 Qi cultivation Realm, so they were even weaker than Wei Liang. There was no way they could defeat Su Mo.

With the Spirit-slayer Sword, Su Mo became so powerful that he could kill a man with each step.

In no time, the rest of them were all killed.


The injured leader was greatly frightened and stared at Su Mo in horror.

Realizing that it was impossible to kill Su Mo, he turned to escape quickly without hesitation.


Su Mo suddenly sprang forward to block the leader’s path.

“Do you think you can escape today?” Su Mo asked indifferently.

“Su Mo, I beg you… let me go.”

The leader’s arm was cut off, and he lost a great deal of blood. His complexion turned as white as paper.

“Well, if you tell me who you are and why you’re trying to kill me, I might consider letting you go,” Su Mo said with a sneer.

“We’re guards of the Mansion of the City Governor. His son wants to kill you and capture Xi’er.” The leader concealed nothing from Su Mo.

He was the same guard who had reported Su Mo’s whereabouts to Lin Xiao.

He knew that it was impossible for him to go back to the Mansion of the City Governor, for he had failed his task and missed an arm. If he went back, he would be killed.

Therefore, he did not intend to hide any information.


As Su Mo was lost in thought, the middle-aged man turned around and escaped.

Having seen Su Mo kill the others in a short time, he knew Su Mo would not let him go.


After he ran only a few steps, a sharp sword radiance instantly shot toward him and penetrated his heart.

Su Mo’s eyes glinted coldly. He was never soft-hearted to his enemies.

“So it’s Lin Xiao? He will pay the price for your actions,” Su Mo murmured.

After all the men in black were killed, Su Mo hurried to enter the cave.

He saw that Xi’er had come out of the cave and was standing at the entrance, staring at Su Mo.

“Xi’er!” he called toward her.

“Brother Su Mo!”

She suddenly ran like the wind to Su Mo and entered his arms, holding his waist tightly.

Su Mo smelled her elegant fragrance, and he was calmed by the touch of her soft body.

“Xi’er, don’t be afraid! I’ve killed them.” Su Mo patted her back to comfort her.

After a while, she left Su Mo’s arms, slightly blushing.

“Xi’er, weren’t you curious about how I mummified the demonic beasts?” Su Mo said suddenly, “In fact, human beings are the same. In a second, I’ll swallow their essence and blood.”

Su Mo went to the corpses and sat cross-legged, releasing his Martial Soul.

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