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Warrior's Promise

Chapter 2710 - Action Against Su Mo

Chapter 2710 Action Against Su Mo

The Torture Hall was a small, stone hall, which resembled more of a stone house. It was located at the lower side of the Suspended Holy Mountain, its name sculpted above its gate.

Lin Peng brought Su Mo to the front gate of the Torture Hall.

“Enter. I’ll set the timer for the array ban. You won’t be able to come out for a hundred years!” Lin Peng told him.

“Senior Lin, then how do I contact the outside world?” Su Mo asked. During these hundred years, he needed to know whatever was going on outside.

“Why do you want to?” Lin Peng asked, dumbfounded. You’re serving your sentence, and you still want to contact the outside world?

“Yes, I need to know how my friends are doing!” Su Mo replied.

“Then they can visit you!” Lin Peng said. “That’s good!” Su Mo was relieved to hear that. As long as he could keep in contact with Ling Chang, he would be fine with that.

After that, Lin Peng opened the gate to the Torture Hall. It was dark inside, like the mouth of a giant beast ready for its next meal.

“Get in. When a hundred years is up, the Torture Hall will reopen!” Lin Peng instructed Su Mo.

“Alright!” Su Mo nodded and strode into the Torture Hall. The gate closed upon his entry. Boom!

As soon as he had entered the hall, an invisible force directly bombarded his mind like thunder from above!


Even with Su Mo’s toughness, he could not help releasing a yelp!


The severe pain pierced straight into the bone marrow, penetrating the soul.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the endless darkness, thousands of unseen thunderbolts seemed to be coming at him continuously.

The undiscernible power would not hurt the body, the Primordial Spirit, or the Spiritual Soul, but it brought along endless pain. The intense pain made Su Mo shake all over. It was almost unbearable.

“The Torture! It’s dreadfully painful!” Su Mo sighed. This suffering was unavoidable punishment. He could only endure it.

The terrible pain made him unable to calm down. His body constantly trembled as fine sweat dripped from his face.

He tried entering the spatial device, but the pain never left him. However, Fu Qian, who remained in there, did not feel anything.

Frustrated, Su Mo allowed himself to sit cross-legged in the darkness, doing his best to endure the pain.

Fortunately, after a while, he managed to adapt to it. The feeling of pain was slightly relieved and no longer as strong as it first started.


On the Suspended Holy Mountain, after the new disciples who got the tokens had settled, they left the place and returned to their original branches.

And they had returned with honor!

According to common practice, after they returned to the branch, the Elders would hold a banquet for them to celebrate the event.

At the same time, those disciples interested in recruiting servants could take in up to five servants from their branch.

Despite being positions of servitude, the five placements were extremely sought after. Even as a servant, that status would be equivalent to being half a disciple in the headquarters.

The servants of some powerful disciples at the headquarters were able to make waves in the outside world.

Furthermore, the title of ‘servant’ might not have sounded nice, but they were not actually servants.

Those new disciples of the headquarters who were recruiting servants from their branch usually took in their friends or those they were close with.

Murong Qi, Ning Piaoying, Lin Ya, Quan Ruhai, among others, left the Suspended Holy Mountain too. Their Branch Elders were all waiting for them at the foot of the mountain!

On the Suspended Holy Mountain.

In a silver palace, Di Yihun sat cross-legged on a futon. This palace belonged to him, for he was now an official disciple of the Ancient Cloud Star Alliance headquarters.

He was waiting for Zi Xiao, who was accepting lessons from Tai Ying Sovereign in the lord’s residence.

Zi Xiao walked in a while later and approached Di Yihun.

Zi Xiao looked terribly pale and his injuries still seemed terribly serious, but he was in high spirits and his temperament had risen to the next level.

This was a change brought about by a boost in confidence.

“Di Yihun, when shall we prepare to move out?” Zi Xiao asked.

“The earlier the better! It is imperative we leave!” Si Yihun said. He had successfully become an Advanced Supreme Being and the alliance headquarters’ disciple as well. He could go back now.

“After we get back, you deal with Tuoba Qingyun. Leave Su Mo’s relatives to me. How’s that?” Zi Xiao asked.

Right after Su Mo was given his sentence, they quickly planned their return to the Cosmic World.

At that moment, Di Yihun’s powers were unparalleled. He was basically invincible in the Cosmic Realm. They could go back now and suppress everything.

Zi Xiao planned to capture Su Mo’s relatives, or anyone who were closely related to him.

Once that was done, he would have Su Mo at his fingertips.

“Sure!” Di Yihun nodded. Su Mo was their common enemy. It did not matter to Di Yihun if he allowed Zi Xiao to handle Su Mo’s relatives.

“Then we will leave now!”

“What about your injuries?” Di Yihun glanced at him.

“I can manage. Besides, Tai Ying Sovereign has given me lots of Celestial Divine Pills. I can recover within a year and shall use them as we go,” said Zi Xiao. The journey would not affect his treatment, and since it would take a long time to get back to the Cosmic World, he even planned to break through to Advanced Supreme Being along the way.

“Alright, let’s go inform Young Master Liu Yun!” Di Yihun got up.

“Inform Young Master Liu Yun?” Zi Xiao repeated, brows furrowed. “We don’t have to bother him again now, do we?”

They had become official disciples of the headquarters, and he was Tai Ying Sovereign’s student. Surely they had no reason to meet Young Master Liu Yun.

“We have to! It’s better to gain another friend than to have another enemy. We can’t be on Young Master Liu Yun’s bad side!” Di Yihun shook his head and explained. “Besides, without his guidance, we can’t get back!”

Di Yihun attached great importance to Young Master Liu Yun, whose background and strength were quite terrifying.

Back at the Cosmic World, if Young Master Liu Yun had not been poisoned by the Ancient Demon Elder, he would not have fled.

The Ancient Demon Elder’s team could not compete against Young Master Liu Yun.

“Alright, let’s look for him!” Zi Xiao sighed. He understood that much. It was just that he really disliked the young master, so he genuinely did not wish to make contact with him, even though he owed the man gratitude. After all, he had once been the young master’s servant. This stain on his record made him feel somewhat sensitive

But, in order to get back to the Cosmic World smoothly, they would have to meet him.

And so, they left together and found the young master at his palace.

“Young Master Liu Yun!”

They two clenched their fists and greeted Young Master Liu Yun, who was sitting on the main seat.

“Not bad, you didn’t disappoint me!” He grinned at them from his position. He had expected the results.

“It’s all thanks to your guidance, otherwise we wouldn’t have stood a chance!” Di Yihun said. He owed Young Master Liu Yun more favors than Zi Xiao did.

“Right, if it weren’t for you, Young Master, we wouldn’t have succeeded!” Zi Xiao added.

“Good that you know!” Young Master Liu Yun nodded. “You’ve become the headquarters’ disciples now, train well from now on!” “Yes!” Di Yihun and Zi Xiao nodded.

“Young master, we have a favor to ask!” Di Yihun said.

“What is it?”

“Zi Xiao and I plan to make a trip to the Cosmic World!” Di Yihun added.

“To the Cosmic World?”

Young Master Liu Yun sounded astonished. But he recalled the two were originally from the Cosmic World. They must have people or things they worried about there. He felt relieved at the thought.

“Do you have what it takes to return to the Cosmic World?” Young Master Liu Yun asked. The last time he had taken them to the Cloud Ridge World, they had travelled in his spatial device.

“Not really!” Di Yihun and Zi Xiao nodded simultaneously.

Young Master Liu Yun remained silent as he pondered the matter. In truth, even he was not sure if he could find the Cosmic World again should he decide to go.

It was just too far away. It was too easy to get lost in the endless Void Sea.

It was a coincidence he had gone there in the first place, and he had successfully came back to the Cloud Ridge World through special means. He could detect the latter world’s presence.

“Do you have anything special waiting for you in the Cosmic World? Such as spiritual imprints or loved ones?” Young Master Liu Yun asked.

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