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Warrior's Promise

Chapter 2709 - Torture Of The Soul

Chapter 2709 Torture Of The Soul

Other than the 36 Sovereigns who were residing in the Golden Palaces and more than 3,000 disciples residing in the Silver Palaces, there were only a few other buildings in Suspended Holy Mountain.

Tai Ying Sovereign brought Su Mo and the rest of the disciples to a Silver Palace.

The gate opened automatically, and a thin middle-aged man in a long robe walked out.

“Greetings, Tai Ying Sovereign!” The middle-aged man bowed respectfully at Tai Ying Sovereign.

“Lin Peng, these are the disciples from the Selection. Make the necessary arrangements for them!” Tai Ying Sovereign instructed.

“Yes!” The middle-aged man nodded.

“He has killed a disciple from the branch. See that he is punished!” Tai Ying Sovereign told the middle-aged man as he glanced at Su Mo.

“Yes!” The middle-aged man nodded.

“Head over to that palace later!” Tai Ying Sovereign looked at Zi Xiao and pointed to a Golden Palace on the mountain peak. That was his residence.

The Golden Palaces that were meant for the Sovereigns were situated at the top of Suspended Holy Mountain, and the Silver Palaces that were meant for the disciples were located at the midpoint.

“Yes!” Zi Xiao immediately nodded.

Having said that, Tai Ying Sovereign flew off and entered his Golden Palace.

He was only in charge of the Selection. The rest of the arrangements would be carried out by the disciples.

Lin Peng had been a disciple for a long period of time and he was in charge of the daily chores, including punishment.

“Junior Brothers, I am your Senior Brother Lin Peng. Come with me as I make the arrangements for you!” The middle-aged man said as he looked at the disciples.

He led them to a building that looked simple and old.

The building was about the size of a palace and it had a low ceiling. It was made of black metal.

When they entered the building, they saw that the hall was brightly lit and there were several white-jaded stone tables around. Red steles were placed on each stone table.

The steles were about half the height of a man, and there were more than 3,000 of them. There were more than 30 steles that were placed at the highest level, and the rest were placed on the same level.

The steles were shining brightly and they were vibrant.

Lin Peng took out 30 steles from the storage space and placed them on a white-jade stone platform.

“You may choose a Spirit Impression Stele and leave your Mental Stigma behind by dripping a drop of Blood Essence on it,” Lin Peng said.

When the disciples heard it, they followed the instructions. They selected a stele each and left their Blood Essence and Mental Stigma behind.

Following that, Lin Peng asked the disciples for their names and labeled the stele.

“These Spirit Impression Steles represent you. They will reflect your cultivation levels and life force. Even if you are killed, they will be able to reveal the culprit,” Lin Peng said.

The disciples were surprised when they heard it. The Headquarters truly valued their disciples.

However, Su Mo, Di Yihun, and Zi Xiao frowned upon hearing what Lin Peng had said.

Apparently, that would hinder them from attacking each other.

Su Mo had been thinking of killing Di Yihun and Zi Xiao but he would not be able to escape if he were to do so.

“There are four rules in the Alliance Headquarters. The first rule is, never to betray the Ancient Cloud Star Alliance. Those who do so will be killed and their souls will be taken out and refined. The second rule is, you must not do anything that will cause damage to the interest of the Ancient Cloud Star Alliance. Those who defy this rule will lose their cultivation levels and be driven out of the Alliance. The third rule is, do not kill your fellow disciples, or the punishment will be similar to the second rule. The fourth rule is, do not oppress the disciples from the other branches. The punishment will depend on the severity of the matter.”

Lin Peng said solemnly as he looked at the disciples.

Many of them turned around to look at Su Mo as he had broken the fourth rule and not the first.

If it was the first rule, Tai Ying Sovereign would have killed Su Mo instantly and he would not have brought Su Mo to Suspended Holy Mountain.

“Su Mo, you have killed the disciple of a branch. I shall let you suffer 100 years in the Torture Hall!” Lin Peng said as he looked at Su Mo.

Su Mo knitted his brows when he heard the punishment. He could not accept it.

He was not afraid of the harsh punishment but he did not want to waste 100 years. He did not mind going for harsher punishment if the time could be shortened.

100 years!

For the ordinary Supreme Beings, 100 years was nothing. However, to Su Mo, it was a waste of time.

Zi Xiao smiled when he heard it. He had already seen it coming. He had been serving Young Master Liu Yun and he knew about the rules and punishments of the Headquarters. Zi Xiao and Di Yihun looked at each other and they read each other’s minds. Their opportunity had come.

Lin Ya, Ling Chang, Quan Ruhai, and the rest of them who were indebted to Su Mo started to look grave.

Su Mo had helped them and they did not want to see him punished.

They had heard that the Torture Hall was terrifying and one would be inflicted with great


“Senior Brother, can you change to another punishment?” Su Mo asked Lin Peng as he cupped his fist at him.

“No!” Lin Peng shook his head. There was no room for negotiation for a disciple who was to be punished.

“Alright!” Su Mo nodded helplessly.

Lin Peng waved his arm and rays of silver light appeared in front of the disciples.

Silver stone tablets appeared with numbers carved on them and they were about the size of a pebble.

“These are the Control Stone Seals for your Silver Palaces and the numbers are carved on them. You can use them to look for your palaces!” Lin Peng said.

“Yes!” The disciples nodded.

“You cultivate on your own in the Alliance Headquarters. Every 10 years, the Sovereigns will conduct a talk. As for the cultivation resources, someone will send them to you every 10 years. For the rare resources, you will have to obtain them with your own abilities…!”

Lin Peng continued and told the disciples about the situation in the Headquarters. After Lin Peng was done, he said, “Su Mo, come with me to the Torture Hall. The rest of you may leave.”

The disciples nodded and many of them left to look for their Silver Palaces.

“Brother Su, take care!”

“Su Mo, it’s only 100 years and it will be over in no time. After you are out, we will call for a celebration!”

“Junior Brother Su, don’t worry. Although you will suffer in the Torture Hall, it will not hurt your Primordial Spirit and Spiritual Soul!” The disciples from Palmy Branch did not leave immediately. They stayed around and comforted Su Mo. Ge Li, Murong Qi, and Ning Piaoying stayed behind as well but they did not say a word. “Don’t worry. It is only 100 years. I am not the least bit worried!” Su Mo said with a smile.

“We will wait for you to be out!”

The disciples from Palmy Branch said before they left.

Only Ling Chang and Murong Qi were left.

“My grandfather has told me that he will send the set of Superior Artifacts to you in three years. I will keep the set for you when he sends over!” Murong Qi said. Su Mo had to stay in the Torture Hall for 100 years and he would not be able to get out to receive the Artifacts.

“Sure!” Su Mo nodded. Having said that, Murong Qi left.

“Su Mo, I will take note of their movements!” Ling Chang said softly. She seemed to have read Su Mo’s mind.

“You must keep a close watch on them. They may go back.” Su Mo sighed and looked worried.

He was not afraid of suffering in the Torture Hall, but he was afraid that Di Yihun and Zi Xiao would make use of the opportunity to return to the Cosmic World.

He had many family members and friends in the Cosmic World and if Di Yihun and Zi Xiao were to return to the Cosmic World, his family and friends would be in trouble.

“I know!” Ling Chang nodded. Since Di Yihun had become an Advanced Supreme Being, he had to be mighty. She could not imagine what would happen if he were to return to the Cosmic World.

Ling Chang sighed and left. Her task would be to keep a close watch on Di Yihun and Zi Xiao, with special attention given to Di Yihun.

“Come with me to the Torture Hall!”

Lin Peng told Su Mo after everybody had left.

Su Mo nodded and followed Lin Peng to the Torture Hall.

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