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Warrior's Promise

Chapter 24: A Crushing Victory

Chapter 24: A Crushing Victory

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Su Mo’s sword hurtled towards Wei Liang’s neck like a traceless bolt of lightning.


Wei Liang was so startled that all his hairs stood on end, and an acute fear arose in his heart.

He had never seen such strange swordsmanship before.


“So fast that it moved without a trace!”

Wei Liang had no time to duck, so he let out a shout and used his spear to block his body.


As the long sword hit the spear, Wei Liang felt a strong jolt travel through his body. His arms went numb, and he was forced to stumble back.

Su Mo’s blood was boiling, and Qi blood was pouring profusely from him. His first strike did not hit its target, so he swung his force again with powerful genuine Qi and physical force.

“Gale Blade!”

The sword ray glinted and pierced the air, and its shadow swept toward Wei Liang’s head.


Wei Liang shouted and waved his spear, forming a shield against Su Mo’s sword.


The long sword swung down violently, and its immense force sent Wei Liang flying back a dozen meters.

“How could it be? How could you be this powerful?” Wei Liang roared in shock.

His hands were fractured, and his entire arm was completely numb. He could barely hold the spear in his hand.

His blood was also boiling with Qi blood rising up his throat, but he forced it back down.

“Nothing is impossible! Those were two of my moves, and here’s another one.” Su Mo said coldly and immediately attacked again, leaving Wei Liang no time for recovery.

Blast through Stray Clouds!


The sword radiance glinted, and all the surrounding airflow immediately began to rumble. Suddenly, a cyclone appeared, tearing up all its surroundings and heading straight towards Wei Liang.

“Howl!” Wei Liang roared as a fear of imminent death arose in him, and a seven-foot-long spear appeared on his back surrounded by yellow light.

Wei Liang’s Martial Soul with four yellow halos was also a long spear, and it meshed well with the weapons he used.

Rank 4 Human Class Martial Soul!

“Starlight Illuminating the Earth!”

This time, Wei Liang did not simply defend himself. Instead, he used his Martial Soul and all the genuine Qi in his body to enact his strongest move to counter Su Mo’s attack.

After he released his Martial Soul, Wei Liang’s power increased at least by half.

The spear rattled and tore through the air to meet the approaching attack.


The fierce attacks violently crashed into each other.


A stream of blood shot into the air. Wei Liang’s body flew back like a limp sack and fell to the ground.


Everything surrounding them was dead silent.

All the spectators were completely dumbfounded and could not believe their eyes. The result was way beyond their expectation.

Su Mo had gained a crushing victory over Wei Liang!

Wei Liang was defenseless against Su Mo!

After a moment of silence, the entire square erupted with deafening noise.

“My God, Wei Liang actually lost!”

“Is this Su Mo’s actual power?”

“What kind of Rank 1 Human Class Martial Soul could do that? The Sus have been lying to us!”

“Tsk tsk, it’s so impressive that he’s that powerful with only an Lv 5 cultivation!”


The chaotic chatter went on for a long time.

On the spectators stand even Su Hong seemed stunned. Even though he believed in his son, he was still surprised by Su Mo’s strength.

Unlike the shocked Su Hong, Xi’er was smiling joyfully.

Su Mo had a special place in her heart, and her impression of him was merging with the dashing hero she met two weeks ago.

Back then, when Xi’er was kidnapped by bandits, she had already given up her will to live. If those bandits had tried to tarnish her chastity, she would have immediately killed herself.

However, at that moment, a handsome young man had come out of nowhere, rescued her, and avenged her.

She vowed to follow Su Mo not only because she wanted to become stronger, but also out of her thankfulness and idolization toward him.

In the Weis’ camp, every member of the Weis was stone-faced, especially Wei Wankong, who was sulking and secretly cursing Wei Liang for being a failure.

In a 30 meter-high tower with 300 meters from the square, a well-dressed handsome young man watched the square from afar with a sour look on his face.

He huffed coldly and turned away.

This young man was Lin Xiao.

On the square, Wei Liang stood up pathetically and could not help but spit out another mouthful of blood.

“This can’t be possible!”

His eyes were filled with shock, and he could not accept his loss.

“Ha! Wei Liang, didn’t you want to kill me?” Su Mo asked with a mocking smile.


Wei Liang’s face contorted, and he roared with a crazed look in his eyes. “I haven’t lost, and you’ll still die today!”

He suddenly took out a black medicinal pill from his pocket and swallowed it.


After swallowing the pill, Wei Liang’s body noticeably shriveled.

At the same time, the breath in his body dramatically increased. In a matter of seconds, he reached an equivalent of Lv 7 Qi Cultivation Realm.

“It’s a Seething Blood Pill!”

“My God, Wei Liang ate a Seething Blood Pill!” The crowd immediately exclaimed.

The Seething Blood Pill was an extremely potent elixir that caused a martial artist’s blood to erupt and their body to dry up in 15 minutes.

The benefit was that during this time span, this person’s strength would greatly increase.

Of course, the cost was that the person would die of blood loss as the time passed.

However, if the martial artist stopped the effects of the pill earlier, he could survive, but this would prevent him from pursuing martial arts in the future.

“Stop it!” Su Hong stood up in the spectators stand and yelled angrily at the Weis. “Wei Wankong, how dare your disciple to use the Seething Blood Pill in an official match! This battle is canceled.”

Wei Wankong was stunned, but then his sulking expression turned into a smile.

He had not expected Wei Liang to take a Seething Blood Pill, either.

However, since he had already taken it, this battle could turn in his favor.

“Su Hong! You’ve never said that medicinal pills couldn’t be used before the battle began.” Wei Wankong chuckled and continued, “We’ve agreed before that the results of this battle and their lives would be decided by fate. Are you going back on your word?”

“You…” Su Hong shouted angrily, “This battle is no longer fair. I object to it.”

He then yelled into the arena, “Mo’er, this battle is over! You can come back!”

After he took the Seething Blood Pill, Wei Liang’s cultivation was equivalent to Lv 7 Qi Cultivation Realm. Su Hong was not willing to watch his son be killed.

In the arena, Su Mo heard his father’s call but did not move.

He coldly glanced at Wei Liang and said to Su Hong, “Father, I don’t see any issue in testing his current abilities!”

Su Mo’s eyes surged with fighting desire, and his blood boiled.

“Seething Blood Pill?”

“Lv 7 Qi Cultivation Realm?”

“Who knows who’s going to win or lose!”

“Mo’er…” Su Hong was extremely worried.

“Father, don’t worry! I know what I’m doing.”

Su Hong sighed and nodded in defeat while secretly preparing to save Su Mo if his life was in danger.

“Great, he’s indeed quite brave. Su Hong, since your son wants to keep fighting, let’s continue!” Wei Wankong laughed.

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