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Warrior's Promise

Chapter 23: The Meteor Spearplay

Chapter 23: The Meteor Spearplay

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Su Mo and Wei Liang stood in the middle of the square, facing each other.

Su Mo’s aura was surging, and his fighting desire was burning. His Lv 5 cultivation was fully exposed for everyone to see.

That was right. He had successfully broken the Lv 4 bottleneck and entered the Lv 5 two days ago.

With his cultivation breakthrough, his strength had naturally increased as well. He now possessed complete confidence in his victory today.

He would show everyone how he, the so-called piece of trash, would turn this battle around.

“Damn! Su Mo actually has the Lv 5 cultivation!”

“Didn’t they say his Martial Soul is only at the Rank 1 Human Class? How does he have such a high cultivation?”

“It looks like all the rumors are fake! The Sus must have lied to us!”

When everyone realized what Su Mo’s true cultivation was, they?started raising a commotion and chatted among themselves furiously.

Unless there was a large disparity in the cultivation, a martial artist couldn’t hide his cultivation by obscuring his aura.

Moreover, martial artists who cultivated low-level cultivation skills would find it hard to determine the cultivation of those who practiced high-level ones.

Su Mo cultivated Lv 3 cultivation skills, and he had never shown off his level, so no one knew his true cultivation.

On the spectator stand, the Weis was also surprised to see Su Mo’s cultivation, but not by much.

The Lv 5 Qi Cultivation Realm?

It still was not good enough!

Unlike the composed Weis, the Sus were all gripped with shock.

They knew that Su Mo’s Martial Soul was indeed at Rank 1 Human Class. They had seen it with their own eyes, so it could not be a mistake.

Logically, it was not possible for a person with a Rank 1 Human Class Martial Soul to achieve an Lv 5 Qi Cultivation Realm even within five to six years.

How long had it been since Su Mo awakened his Martial Soul?

It was less than two months!

Su Yue, the first elder, grew sullen, but a sneer soon appeared on his face. He thought that Su Hong must have bought a bunch of elixirs to forcibly increase Su Mo’s cultivation.

Otherwise, Su Mo?would not have had such a cultivation at all.

A couple weeks ago, Su Hong had even taken 500kg of gold from their treasury.

Since then, the First Elder began controlling the Sus’ finances with an iron fist. He ruled that even the Master could not withdraw so much money at will without the elders’ approval.

If Su Hong wanted to train Su Mo, he had to use his own money.

The Sus would not waste their money and resources on training a piece of trash with a Rank 1 Human Class Martial Soul.

Su Hong glanced at the elders beside him and took in their expressions. A cold smile appeared on his face.

He naturally knew what they were thinking, but he did not want to say anything.

In the middle of the square, Wei Liang raised his eyebrow at the raging Su Mo and laughed. “You have an Lv 5 cultivation. No wonder you’re so arrogant. However, do you really think that’s enough to beat me?”

“Are you spouting all this nonsense to flaunt your superiority?” Su Mo asked impatiently.

“Humph! Since you want to die, I’ll help you!” Wei Liang snorted and brandished his spear, hurling it at Su Mo’s chest.

Like a dragon emerging from the sea, his silver spear moved with a harsh screech as it pierced toward Su Mo.

“It’s pretty powerful, but sadly, it’s too slow!”

Su Mo shook his head and dodged the spear, leaving only a residual shadow where he had just stood.

Wei Liang’s pupils shrunk in surprise, thinking, “How fast!”

“Su Mo, you can’t defeat me just by relying on your speed.”

Operating the genuine Qi inside him, Wei Liang suddenly stomped on the ground. He flew out like a sharp arrow and pounced on Su Mo like a rain of 1,000 spears.

His spear suddenly transformed into countless shadows, completely enveloping Su Mo.

“Let’s see how you’ll dodge this time,” Wei Liang said with a sneer.

Rip! Rip! Rip!

The white shadow of the spear pierced the air and stacked on each other tier upon tier, completely trapping Su Mo in.

“Not bad, but I’ll still break them!”

Instead of drawing his sword, Su Mo launched punch after punch, and his powerful fist force eventually broke through the shadow that covered the sky.

Boom! Boom!

The bursting sound of the air continued to ring loud and clear, sending sand and pebbles everywhere.

“Impossible! I’ve only used 70 or 80 percent of my strength, but it still shouldn’t be easily broken by an Lv 5 martial artist!”

Wei Liang’s expression changed, and he began to get serious.

What he did not know was that Su Mo’s Ninefold Ocean Wave Fist had reached the Great Completion Realm, and his physical strength was also very strong.

“Once again! Meteor Spearplay!”

This time, Wei Liang put all his strength into his attack.

The dazzling spear radiance grazed the sky, as if meteors were falling.

“That’s the Meteor Spearplay of the Weis! Su Mo’s going to lose!”

“I’ve heard that Meteor Spearplay is an Upper Lv 1 martial art technique and has incredible power. I didn’t expect Wei Liang to practice this technique!”

“I think Su Mo will be killed with a single strike.”

Everyone started exclaiming as they watched the radiance speeding past them. It was so fast that there was no way to dodge it, so it had to be met head-on.

On the spectators stand, Su Hong and Xi’er nervously kept their eyes trained on the arena.

Meanwhile, the Weis all smiled.

It was over for Su Mo!

Just then, an indifferent voice rang from the middle of the square.

“Not bad. You’re worthy enough for me to draw my sword!”

Su Mo’s expression was calm as he unsheathed his long sword. The white radiance shone as he wielded the sword at a greater speed than Wei Liang’s spear.

In all honesty, Su Mo could avoid that attack if he dodged with all his effort, but Wei Liang had roused his fighting spirit.

Therefore, he decided to draw his sword.


The point of sword hit the point of spear. Boom! The sword Qi was everywhere and the spear light flashed.

Both men were forced backward.

“What? Su Mo actually fought off this move!”

“Unbelievable! Su Mo’s realm is one rank lower than Wei Liang’s, but he can compete with him!”


The crowd outside the square instantly erupted with endless chatter.

“Interesting! There’s actually someone with the strength to fight beyond his rank in this remote town!”

Outside the square, a charming figure stood behind the crowd and watched the fight from a distance.

She wore a veil covering her face, but judged from her enchanting figure, she must be a stunning beauty.

She was the leader of Purple Gold Pavilion, Luo Huan.

She had been here the whole time, watching the fight silently.

She was rather curious about Su Mo.

In the middle of the square, Wei Liang’s expression was very ugly. He felt embarrassed after failing to defeat Su Mo after so many moves.

Wei Liang felt very embarrassed, because he did not defeat Su Mo after a series of strikes.

“Su Mo, I’ll admit you’re pretty good, but it’s impossible for you to win today!” Wei Liang shouted.

“Really? I’ve already taken three of your moves. Why don’t you take three of mine?” Su Mo smiled without responding to Wei Liang’s statement.

“Humph! Never mind three strikes. I can take hundreds of strikes from you. Bring them on!”

Wei Liang’s tone was disdainful, but his expression was grim.

Su Mo’s strength was far beyond his expectations. He had completely stopped underestimating Su Mo.

Su Mo smiled gently and suddenly charged at Wei Liang at an incredible speed.


The long sword in his hand seemed to be dancing, flashing with a liquid sword radiance before suddenly disappearing.

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