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Warrior's Promise

Chapter 21: Rank 6 Human Class

Chapter 21: Rank 6 Human Class

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“I really don’t get it. Who gave a piece of trash like you, with a Rank 1 Human Class Martial Soul, the guts to strike me? Do you know what the consequences are?”

Lin Xiao narrowed his eyes, but he did not immediately explode in anger.

“I also don’t understand why you keep calling me a piece of trash. Where does your confidence come from? Is it simply because you’re the city governor’s son?” Su Mo smiled mockingly and continued. “In my eyes, your status is completely worthless!”

“Go to hell!”

Lin Xiao could not control his anger any longer. He swung his fist at Su Mo without hesitation.

His fist hurtled towards Su Mo’s face with a great gust of aura.

Many of the spectators even closed their?eyes and resisted to watch what was about to happen.

They knew that Su Mo’s face would be bloodied beyond recognition if Lin Xiao’s fist met its target.

Su Heng was the only one who was grinning from ear to ear. He wanted nothing more than for this punch to kill Su Mo!

However, Lin Xiao’s fist was unexpectedly stopped halfway.

A palm was wrapped around Lin Xiao’s fist, directly blocking his punch.

This palm firmly clenched Lin Xiao’s fist like an iron claw. He could not move an inch despite his best efforts.

“How… How could this be?”

Lin Xiao’s expression changed drastically.


The spectators widened their eyes in shock. “How can it be? How can Su Mo block Lin Xiao’s punch so easily? Moreover, he is composed while Lin Xiao is bright red in the face.”

“Is this the full extent of your power? You’re just a good-for-nothing, yet you’re still so arrogant! How ridiculous!” Su Mo scoffed.

He applied slight pressure with his hand, producing a cracking sound.


Lin Xiao screamed as the stinging pain in his fist caused him to twist his face in agony. Heavy drops of sweat dripped from his cheek.

“How dare you?” Lin Xiao roared.

“Why wouldn’t I dare? People who respect others are also respected, and people who insult others are also insulted. Beat it, you piece of trash!”

Su Mo calmly flung his arm, sending Lin Xiao flying out of the window.

The spectators were stood with their mouths agape, thinking “Su Mo is too insolent!”

“Is he really a piece of trash with a Rank 1 Human Class Martial Soul?”

“It seems like the rumors are false!”

“Su Mo, you wait! I’ll make you pay for my humiliation 100 times over!” Lin Xiao screamed furiously from outside the restaurant.

He knew that he was no match for Su Mo and did not want to stay any longer. Thus, he slunk away with his tail between his legs.

After taking care of Lin Xiao, Su Mo directed his gaze at Su Heng.

Su Heng shivered in fear of the chill emanating from Su Mo. He asked in a shaky voice, “Su Mo, what… what do you want?”

“Scram!” Su Mo spat coldly.

Su Heng froze, feeling his face pale with disgrace.

However, he was too afraid to say anything else and hastily scurried out of the restaurant.

After getting rid of the two men, Su Mo had also lost his interest in eating there.

“Xi’er, let’s order a couple of dishes and have the restaurant deliver them home.”


Su Mo called the waiter and ordered several dishes to be delivered to the Sus. He then left the restaurant with Xi’er.

Su Hong entered the yard just after Su Mo and Xi’er finished eating


“Father, you’re finally out of seclusion!” Su Mo exclaimed.

Su Hong said with a smile, “Yes, I am!”

He then was instantly stunned when he saw a beautiful girl in the yard.

“Xi’er, this is my father.” Su Mo introduced his father to Xi’er.

“Greetings, Master.”

She immediately got up and bowed to Su Hong.

“Father, this is Xi’er.”

After Su Mo made the introductions, he told his father about everything that had happened to her village.

“Since Xi’er is willing to follow you, you must take good care of her in the future.”

Su Hong gave Xi’er a careful once-over and secretly gave his approval. The hint of joy in his eyes spoke volumes.

Noticing the mirth in his father’s eyes, Su Mo rubbed his nose speechlessly. It seemed that his father had gotten the wrong idea.

“Father, have you made a breakthrough in your cultivation?” asked Su Mo, trying to change the subject.

Though he could not sense his father’s cultivation, it was easy to guess the answer from his father’s happy demeanor.

“That’s right! I have!”

Su Hong nodded with a pleased smile. His cultivation had remained stagnant for many years, and a breakthrough made him feel satisfied.

Su Mo was also happy for his father. Su Hong had already been an expert in Sunnywood City, but now with his improved cultivation, he had few opponents besides a couple of old men in long-term seclusion.

The father and son chatted for a while. Su Hong then asked seriously, “Mo’er, you’ll be fighting Wei Liang in a few days. How confident are you in winning?”

He was still worried. After all, Wei Liang was a genius of the Weis, and his strength should not be underestimated.

“Don’t worry, Father! I won’t say I have complete confidence in winning, but 80 to 90% odds is fair,” said Su Mo with a smile.

He was not bragging. Though he had only reached the Peak Lv 4 Qi cultivation Realm, his genuine Qi was equivalent to that of Lv 5. Paired with his human body that was equal to Lv 5, he was not much weaker than a master at the Lv 6.

Moreover, after cultivating three types of Lv 3 techniques, he now had the ability to contend with a Lv 6 martial artist.

Su Mo was also confident that he would be able to break through into the Lv 5 in the next few days.

“Good. Though I don’t know where your assurance comes from, I’m relieved as long as you’re confident!”

Su Hong nodded and said, “I still have things to attend to, so I’ll take my leave.”

After his father left, Su Mo also prepared to continue his cultivation.

“Xi’er, take these Body Tempering Elixirs. Try your best to reach the peak of the Body Tempering Realm by the end of this year, so you can awaken your Martial Soul next year.”

Su Mo handed Xi’er all the Body Tempering Elixirs he had bought.

“Don’t worry, Brother Su Mo. I definitely won’t let you down.”

A hint of confidence appeared in Xi’er’s eyes. “When I become powerful, I’ll be able to protect you!”

“Haha! Silly girl, I’ll still have to protect you!”

Su Mo laughed heartily, gently pinched her delicate cheeks, and said flirtatiously, “How soft!”


Xi’er’s face instantly became bright red, and she ran away with a squeal.


Su Mo burst out laughing and then entered his room to begin his cultivating.

He sat cross-legged on the bed and first took out 30 Soul Crystals.

“30 Class 9 Lv 1 Beast Souls should be enough for my Martial Soul to advance to Rank 6 Human Class, right?”

With a smile on his face, Su Mo crushed a Soul Crystal, and an Ox-like Beast Soul immediately floated out of it.

He hurriedly released his Martial Soul to devour the Beast Soul.

The Devouring Martial Soul trembled lightly before becoming calm again.

“A Class 9 Lv 1 Beast Soul is just as powerful as I expected!”

After devouring the Beast Soul, he felt a massive power being absorbed into his Devouring Martial Soul.

It felt much stronger than that of a Class 5 Lv 1 Beast Soul.

Su Mo continued devouring the Beast Souls.





When he devoured the 28th Beast Soul, his Devouring Martial Soul suddenly shook and emitted a piercing yellow light.

A sixth yellow halo appeared over it.

Rank 6 Human Class Martial Soul!

Su Mo smiled brightly and devoured the two remaining Soul Crystals.

“A Rank 6 Human Class Martial Soul should be the most highly-ranked one in Sunnywood City! I wonder how powerful it’ll be.”

He channeled all his power into his Devouring Martial Soul, and its dark vortex began spinning rapidly.

Its rotating speed was now twice as fast as before, collecting all the Spiritual Qi around Su Mo.

The majestic Spiritual Qi almost enveloped Su Mo’s entire body. The whole room seemed to have transformed into a sea of Spiritual Qi.

Su Mo became overjoyed and called on his Martial Soul with all his strength.

Massive amounts of Spiritual Qi entered Su Mo’s meridians, where he converted them into genuine Qi.

The genuine Qi inside his body became incredibly dense. When it came to a breaking point, that was the time when he would break into the Lv 5 Qi cultivation realm.

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