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Warrior's Promise

Chapter 20: The Son of the City Governor

Chapter 20: The Son of the City Governor

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“Xi’er, are you hungry?” asked Su Mo as they walked along the streets of Sunnywood City. “Let’s go enjoy the delicacies at Rongxuan Pavilion. Many of their specialties contain demonic beasts’ meat, which will greatly help your cultivation!”

“Okay! It’s all up to you, Brother Su Mo!”

Xi’er nodded and felt greatly moved by Su Mo’s kindness. Over the past few days, she had gotten to know his character.

He was gentle, easygoing, generous, and sincere.

She was overjoyed that she had made the right decision to follow him.

Rongxuan Restaurant was the best one in Sunnywood City.

The interior decoration of the five-story building was extremely luxurious. This bustling restaurant was where many wealthy martial artists ate and entertained guests.

Su Mo walked up to the door, holding Gu Lanxi’s hand.

“Brother Su Mo, it must be expensive to eat here!”

Xi’er could not help but comment at the sight of this luxurious restaurant. Born into a poor family, she naturally felt a little timid about such an upscale place.

“Haha! Xi’er, we’re tycoons now. Money isn’t a thing!” said Su Mo with a smile.

The girl grew silent as she remembered witnessing Su Mo spend more than 500kg of gold in the blink of an eye.

They immediately caught many people’s attention as soon as they entered, but most of the attention was focused on the girl.

Their eyes were full of infatuation.

They were jealous of Su Mo and thought, “How did the loser young master of the Sus manage to win such a beauty?”

“Su Mo, over here!”

Suddenly, a voice called to him from the lobby of the restaurant.


Su Mo turned around and found that Su Heng had actually called to him.

Su Heng and another teenager were sitting near the window.

The handsome young man was donned in fine clothes and was gazing at them intently.

To be exact, he was gazing at Xi’er.

Su Mo frowned at them. He knew that the young man in fine clothes was the son of the Sunnywood City Governor—Lin Xiao.

“Why are they eating together?”

However, since Su Heng buried the hatchet and invited him, Su Mo would not put on airs, either.

Su Mo walked over while holding her hand.

Seeing them hold hands, Lin Xiao’s eyes glinted with an undetectable trace of bleakness.

“Should we sit here?” asked Su Mo when standing in front of them.

However, Su Heng did not respond to Su Mo, and Lin Xiao did not even glance at him.

Lin Xiao stood up, smiled gently at Xi’er, and said, “Hi, my name’s Lin Xiao, son of the city governor. Please have a seat!”

Having glanced at him, Xi’er turned to look at Su Mo.

If Su Mo did not answer, she would not accept anyone else’s invitation.

Su Mo sneered at Lin Xiao’s hidden intention, but he still said, “Xi’er, let’s sit here!”

He then pulled a chair over to sit down.

“You don’t deserve to sit here, you loser.”

Lin Xiao suddenly barked at Su Mo with a darkened expression.

“What do you mean?” Su Mo squinted and asked coldly.

“Didn’t I make myself clear? You, a piece of trash with a Rank 1 Human Class Martial Soul, don’t deserve to sit with me!”

Lin Xiao glared at Su Mo, thinking, “This guy really has no self-awareness!”

Subsequently, he smiled gently at Xi’er and said, “Please do me the honor of sitting with me and drinking the most delicious wine in Rongxuan Pavilion.”

With a sincere expression, Lin Xiao invited Xi’er once again.

Her’s eyes revealed a hint of disgust, and she refused to sit down. She became annoyed by their humiliation of Su Mo.

“You two are jerking me around?” Su Mo asked indifferently without becoming enraged.

“Yes, we are! So what?”

With his face full of disdain, Su Heng proudly said, “Su Mo, if you know what’s good for you, you’d better give this beauty to the son of the city governor, or you’ll be in deep water.”

“Su Heng, as a disciple of the Sus, how dare you to kiss up to him?”

Su Mo smiled mockingly and said, “Was my last lesson to you not enough? Are you itching for another beating?”


Su Heng was furious. It took him two entire weeks to fully recover from the injuries Su Mo inflicted.

Su Mo’s words had uncovered this bad memory. If he were not wary of Su Mo’s strength, he would have struck him at once.

“Su Mo, right? I won’t say it again. She stays, but you get out!” Lin Xiao stopped smiling and ruthlessly snapped.

“Get out?”

Su Mo raised his eyebrows, coldly smiled, and gently flicked his extended hand.


A crisp and loud slap echoed in the restaurant.

Suddenly, a clear palm print appeared on Lin Xiao’s face.

The scene silenced the crowd around and shocked them. They obviously had not expected that the useless young master of the Sus would actually slap the son of the city governor on his cheek!

“This guy is done for. Even if he isn’t killed, he’ll at least lose a layer of skin!”

Everyone was watching the incident with great interest and taking guesses at what would happen.

No one was happier than Su Heng who could now watch Su Mo be taught a lesson by the son of the city governor.

“Haha! Su Mo , you’re exceptionally stupid!”

“The son of the city governor is at Lv 5 Qi cultivation Realm, and you should never provoke him. You’ll meet a miserable end today!”

Su Heng wildly laughed in his mind.

The slap was even more unexpected for Lin Xiao, who was now frozen in shock.

He soon snapped out of it. Feeling the stinging mark on his cheek, he scanned the eyes of all the people watching him.

The raging and boiling anger in his mind was all-consuming.

As the son of the city governor, he had been widely adored for all his life.

No one in Sunnywood City dared to hit him. Even his father, the city governor, did not beat him at all.

However, he had been slapped by a loser in public.

“You… slapped me?”

His deep voice sounded like a beast’s roar in the back of his throat, and his eyes flashed like those of poisonous snakes.

“Are you a retard or a stupid fu*ker? Don’t you know whether you’ve been slapped?”

Su Mo acted in a nonchalant fashion as if he had done nothing.

Everyone fell silent and looked at Su Mo with sympathy.

“Is he a fool?”

“His Martial Soul is trash, and so is his mind!”

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