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Warrior's Promise

Chapter 19: Visiting Luo Huan Again

Chapter 19: Visiting Luo Huan Again

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In the breezy yard.

Su Mo was practicing his swordplay.

His sword was very nimble and moved like the wind. Its sword momentum was sometimes like a light breeze, and sometimes a wild gale.

At that moment, Su Mo’s heart was completely calm, and he had a clear grasp on Divine Wind Swordplay . His entire body was one with the air, and in his mind appeared the paths, the speed, and the changes of the wind.

He continually thrust his sword, practicing the moves of Divine Wind Swordplayagain and again, faster and faster.

“Gale Blade!”

His long sword danced with its radiance that broke through the air, giving off a piercing sound.

“Swirling Winds and Clouds!”

The wind was integrated with the sword so that as the sword moved, the wind followed.

“Wind Roaring in the Sky!”

A strong gale arose, and the sword momentum then combined with the wind, sending the sword shadow everywhere.

“Final Hit of Heavenly Wind!”

The wind stopped, and the sword shadows disappeared, and a loud whistling sound arose. A beam of sword radiance shot out swiftly from the sky at a lightning speed.

The beam shot through the hard stone wall with a crack, sending rock fragments everywhere and leaving behind a half-meter-long mark.


Su Mo sheathed his sword and stood up.

“If I keep cultivating the four moves of Divine Wind Swordplay at this speed, I’ll reach its Minor Completion in no time!” Su Mo thought happily.

Although he had not yet reached the Minor Completion of Divine Wind Swordplay , he was very close. His attack was more than twice as strong as when he first started.

“This is how powerful Lv 3 martial arts techniques really are!” Su Mo exclaimed inwardly.

Su Mo had not left the city for five to six days and spent most of his time cultivating martial arts techniques.

Besides making great progress in Divine Wind Swordplay, he was also steadily improving his Shadow Steps, which was also close to the Minor Completion.

As for his cultivation, Su Mo was still at Peak Lv 4 Qi Cultivation Realm. His realm still needed some time to stabilize after increasingly so rapidly last time, so it would be hard for him to make another breakthrough for a while unless he devoured a large amount of Qi blood again.

Although his cultivation had not increased, his physical strength had greatly improved. He now had a Rank 5 Human Class Martial Soul, which could devour aura from heaven and earth for his physical cultivation 10 times faster than before.

He was almost done with Stage 2 Elephants Strength Skill. His physical strength was equivalent to 1250 kilograms, or the strength of five tigers, and he could contend with an Lv 5 Qi Cultivation Realm martial artist.

“Brother Su Mo, you should rest for a while!”

A girl in white walked out of her room, holding a cup of steaming tea, and handed it to Su Mo.

“Haha! Xi’er, are you comfortable here?” Su Mo asked with a smile.

Gu Lanxi’s white robe elegantly floated around her body, making her look like an angel.

As the saying goes, clothes make the man. Su Mo had only bought her two pieces of regular clothes, but they made Gu Lanxi even more stunning.

Even Su Mo could not help but feel tempted by such a timeless beauty.

“Yes, Brother Su Mo. I’m very happy here.” The young girl smiled charismatically.

“Haha! Xi’er, you’ve been here for so long, but I haven’t shown you around yet. I’ll take you on a walk outside,” said Su Mo with a smile, “and we’ll buy some cultivating resources on the way.”

“Yes!” The girl lightly nodded.

Su Mo and Gu Lanxi walked out of the Sus.

Su Mo originally wanted to find his father, but since Su Mo had given him the 100 Spiritual Stones, Su Hong had been in seclusion. It seemed that he was breaking through the cultivation bottleneck, so Su Mo did not want to disturb him.

Su Mo went to Purple Gold Pavilion again with Xi’er.

When they walked into the lobby, a young maid walked over and said, “Hello, how can I help you?”

“I want to see your pavilion leader, Luo Huan!” said Su Mo bluntly with a smile.

“What?” The young maid looked at him in shock and thought, “What kind of person do you think you are to directly ask for our leader?”

“Master, our leader is very busy. If you need to buy elixirs, weapons, or other goods, I can help you with that.” The young maid refused politely.

She had encountered many men who had demanded to see the leader.

Her beauty had charmed countless people, so many men came by only to see her for themselves.

She glanced at Xi and thought, “This young man is such a player! Isn’t he satisfied with his beautiful companion?”

“Oh, really? Can you handle exchanges involving over 500kg of gold?” asked Su Mo with a smile.

“Ah! 5… 500kg of gold?”

The young maid was instantly shocked and hastily said, “Please wait a minute, Master. I’ll go get the leader immediately.” She then hurried off.

The young maid did not suspect Su Mo. Purple Gold Pavilion was very reputable in Sunnywood City, and no one would dare to cause trouble there.

Soon, she swiftly returned and said to Su Mo, “Master, our leader is waiting for you!”

Once again in the side hall, Su Mo saw Luo Huan, the leader of Purple Gold Pavilion.

Luo Huan sat in the main seat of the side hall, wearing the same tight leather dress. Her body was voluptuous, and her eyes were full of charm and temptation.

From afar, Su Mo could smell a faint and seductive fragrance.

No man she seduced would be able to resist her.

“After such a long time, Leader Luo is still beautiful as always,” said Su Mo with a calm face, not revealing a hint of his infatuation.

“Haha! Young Master Su is joking. How can I compare to the beauty next to you!” said Luo Huan.

She looked at Xi’er and could not help but feel amazed.

She had a powerful background and had traveled far beyond Sunnywood City. However, she had never seen such a pure beauty.

Hearing Luo Huan’s praise, Xi’er instantly became bright red and lowered her head shyly.

“Leader Luo, what price does this pavilion offer for Spiritual Stones?” asked Su Mo, cutting to the chase.

“Does Young Master Su have Spiritual Stones?” Luo Huan arched her brows and asked with surprise, “How many do you have, and of what quality are they?”

Su Mo opened his hand to reveal a milk-white crystal and said, “It’s this type of Spiritual Stone, but I only have few.”

Su Mo planned on only selling a couple of such stones. Even though Purple Gold Pavilion had an impeccable reputation, it was too risky to reveal all the expensive stones at once.

Besides, five Spiritual Stones were already worth an enormous amount of wealth.

“This is a Spiritual Stone of Lower Grade. I can offer you 130kg of gold for one stone,” said Luo Huan, who looked at it and quietly gasped.

“Alright, I have five Spiritual Stones, so that equals 650kg of gold.”

Su Mo took out four more stones and gave them to her.

“Young Master Su, do you need to purchase anything else?” asked Luo Huan, accepting the Spiritual Stones with a smile.

Su Mo saw her smile and felt as if he had been ripped off.

“I want Beast Souls. How much is a Class 9 Lv 1 Beast Soul?” asked Su Mo.

Now, low-level Beast Souls did very little to increase his Martial Soul, so he wanted to buy Class 9 Lv 1 Beast Souls.

“20 kg of gold.”

“Please give me 30!”

Su Mo currently had so much money that he did not care about 500kg of gold.

“Also, I want 20 Body Tempering Elixirs.”

Those were for Xi’er so that she could quickly complete her Body Tempering.

Body Tempering Elixirs could fortify her body constitutions and increase her physical strength.

However, these elixirs could only be taken once every two weeks, and taking more had no additional effect.

Luo Huan gave the order, and soon Su Mo had 30 Class 9 Lv 1 Beast Souls and 20 Body Tempering Elixirs.

“By the way, Leader Luo, I also have some Demonic Cores that I can sell to you!”

Su Mo took out from his storage ring some Demonic Cores that he had captured in Breezewind Mountains.

“Alright, 30 Beast Souls is 600kg of gold, and 20 Body Tempering Elixirs is 50kg. That’s 650kg in total, so you still have 100 kg left.”

“These Demonic Cores are worth 25kg, so I’ll give you 125kg of gold.”

Su Mo took the gold ticket for 125kg and said, “Leader Luo, since I’ve bought everything that I needed, farewell!”

“Haha! Goodbye, Young Master Su!” said Luo Huan with a charming smile.

After he left, Luo Huan fell into deep contemplation.

“So many Beast Souls. What is he hiding?”

“If it weren’t for his low-level Martial Soul, I would recommend him to the island.”

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