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Warrior's Promise

Chapter 17: Kill Them All

Chapter 17: Kill Them All

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The bandit leader was incredibly shocked by Su Mo’s abilities.

He was fully aware of his own strength, and common Lv 5 Qi Cultivation Realm martial artists were no match for him.

How could he not be shocked that he was forced back by a Lv 3 martial artist?


While the bandit leader was lost in confusion, two more screams tore through the air.

Su Mo’s sword was as fast as lightning and as nimble as wind, so his sword Qi was unstoppable.

Three more bandits were instantly killed.

This small group of bandits used to have 20 men. However, Su Mo killed nine men before, and he just killed three more, so now there were only eight left.

“Die!” Su Mo?yelled, his body as swift as a flash. With a glint of his sword, two more bandits were slashed in the waist and collapsed to the ground, spilling their guts everywhere.

“Hurry! Surround and kill him! Hurry!” screamed the bandit leader.

He raised his giant war saber and charged toward Su Mo.

This time, Su Mo did not directly block his attack. He used his swiftness to weave between the men, and with every flash of his sword, he struck down a bandit.

“Screw you!” roared the bandit leader angrily. No matter how hard he swung his war saber, he had never touched a hair on Su Mo’s body.

After Su Mo practiced the Lower Lv 3 body move, Shadow Steps , his dexterity had been greatly increased. Although he had only begun to cultivate Shadow Steps , his movement was way beyond the bandit leader’s capabilities.

Besides their leader, the other bandits were all at Lv 3 or Lv 4 Qi Cultivation Realm, so very few stood a chance against Su Mo’s sword.

Even if they blocked one strike, they could not block another.

With Sword Qi spreading everywhere and sword radiance shining, Su Mo killed one man with every step he took.

Soon, the bandit leader had become a commander without soldiers.

Even the men who tried to run were killed by a single strike before they could get away.

“You’ve killed so many men of my Bloody Blade Stockade! I won’t let you get away with it!”

The bandit leader issued this threat but turned around to run away. He could tell that he was at a disadvantage.

There was no way that he could kill his opponent!

“You’re going nowhere!”

Su Mo blocked the bandit leader’s path.

“Don’t push me! Even though I can’t kill you, you also can’t kill me!” The bandit leader yelled.

“Really? I’ve told you that you will all die today!”

Su Mo sneered condescendingly, which immediately enraged the bandit leader.

“You must be looking for death! I’ll show you just how powerful I am.”

The bandit leader roared, and his Martial Soul rose up behind him, bathed in yellow light.

His Martial Soul was a three-meter-tall Fierce Bear.

After activating his Martial Soul, the bandit leader’s abilities at least multiplied. He drew out his shining war saber and swung it forcefully towards Su Mo.

Su Mo did not dodge it and stood silently in place.

The bandit leader was overjoyed to see this, and he channeled all his force into his swing to incapacitate Su Mo with one strike.

Su Mo smiled coldly. When the bandit leader’s war saber was about to come down, he sheathed his sword.

This action instantly shocked the bandit leader.

“Is this boy dumb?”

However, he was even more excited. Now that his enemy had sheathed his weapon, this was his chance to kill him.

Just as the bandit leader’s war saber was about to reach Su Mo, a shining long sword appeared in Su Mo’s hand with a flash.

This was the Spirit-slayer Sword, a Medium Lv 4 weapon.

Su Mo grasped the Spirit-slayer Sword and swung it up to meet the war saber.

Clang! Splash!

When the weapons met, the bandit leader’s war saber was shattered. The Spirit-slayer Sword did not lose any momentum and cut through the bandit leader’s neck like lightning, causing his head to fly up and spew blood everywhere.


Su Mo let out a sigh after killing all of the bandits.

“Spirit-slayer Sword, you didn’t let me down!”

Su Mo looked at the longsword in his hands and smiled. His Medium Lv 4 weapon was really exceptional.

Weapons of different levels and grades varied greatly in quality, not to mention that the bandit leader’s weapon was a common Lv 1.

Since the two weapons were not even at the same level, it was not surprising that his sword could slice through the war saber.

When faced with these degenerates, Su Mo was not stupid enough to fight fairly.

After killing all the bandits, Su Mo looked towards the kidnapped women, who were all shell-shocked and unresponsive.

“Alright, all of the bandits have been killed! You’re all free!”

Su Mo said, waking the women.

“Thank you, kind sir!”

All the women kneeled on the ground and bowed their heads to Su Mo in thanks.

“You can all get up! It isn’t safe here. Go back to your village first!”

Su Mo waved his hand and asked them to stand. Although their village had been destroyed, he could only ask them to go back.

Luckily, most of the bandits had war horses that the women could ride back to the village.

“Sir, I’ll never forget your kind deed today. Could you tell me your name? I’ll bear it in mind forever.”

A young girl in green quietly said as she nervously walked up to Su Mo.

She was the girl whom the scar-faced bandit had lusted after, and the one who was being taken as a gift to chief brigands.

Her skin was as white as snow, her beauty unparalleled, and her eyes as clear as a spring. Although she was wearing rags, she exuded an undeniable elegance.

The girl had the appearance of a fallen angel, making her desirable but incorruptable.

Su Mo had only just realized this outstanding beauty among the women.

“How could such a small village produce such a gem?”

Judging purely by appearance, this girl surpassed even Luo Huan, the leader of Purple Gold Pavilion. However, she seemed shyer than the charismatic Luo Huan.

“My name is Su Mo! Go back first, and I’ll come later and help you bury your relatives.”

Su Mo smiled and led a war horse over to her.

“Yes, sir.” The girl lightly nodded.

After everyone had left, Su Mo stared at the pile of corpses with excitement glinting in his eyes.

“With all these blood essence , breaking through my cultivation shouldn’t be a problem!”

Su Mo immediately walked over, sat down cross-legged, and released his Devouring Martial Spirit.

The longer he waited, the more essence these bodies would lose. Moreover, their Martial Souls would disappear after a while, which would be a great loss!

Su Mo used all his force to activate his Devouring Martial Spirit, which quickly sucked in all the bandits’ Martial Souls and Blood Qi.

Most of these bandits’ Martial Souls were Rank 2 or 3 Human Class, so Su Mo’s Martial Soul was not affected after devouring them.

However, the great amount of Blood Qi became a surge of pure energy after it was devoured and absorbed into Su Mo’s body.

Su Mo suddenly experienced a spike in genuine Qi!


In the blink of an eye, Su Mo’s cultivation broke through the bottleneck of Lv 3 and entered into Lv 4 Qi Cultivation Realm.

The Blood Qi was so strong that Su Mo’s cultivation continued to rise after reaching Level Four.

Early Lv 4 Qi Cultivation Realm!

Middle Lv 4 Qi Cultivation Realm!

Late Lv 4 Qi Cultivation Realm!

Peak Lv 4 Qi Cultivation Realm!

Finally, after Su Mo finished devouring everyone’s Blood Qi, his cultivation stopped at Peak Lv 4 Qi Cultivation Realm, which was only a step away from Lv 5.

He was not disappointed and was instead satisfied that he had increased his cultivation by one level.

“If I keep killing and taking other people’s Blood Qi and Martial Souls like this, won’t my cultivation skyrocket?” Su Mo thought excitedly.

However, he shook his head. “If I continue this, even though my strength will improve quickly, I will also lose my humanity and become a bloodthirsty monster.”

Su Mo had always been a moral person who had no sympathy for enemies and villains, but slaughtering the innocent was no different from those bandits.

Then, he took a deep breath, stood up, took all of the mummies’ belongings and left.

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