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Warrior's Promise

Chapter 14: Laughable Scoundrel

Chapter 14: Laughable Scoundrel

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After Su Hong left, Su Mo was about to begin cultivating.

A beautiful young girl with thin brows and bright eyes came into his yard. It was Su Qingqing.

“Brother Su Mo, I’m so sorry for causing you all these troubles. If it wasn’t for me, the Weis wouldn’t have been after you!”

Su Qingqing felt incredibly guilty and repeatedly apologized to him.

When she heard that the Weis were demanding revenge and that he and Wei Liang would have a battle to the death in two weeks, she was incredibly anxious.

“Haha! Qingqing, don’t blame yourself. I’ll be fine!”

Su Mo consoled her with a smile. “Wei Liang is no match for me at all. Do you think I’ll lose to him?”

“Of course not. You’ll definitely be the winner!” said Su Qingqing confidently, shaking her head.

“Haha! Then stop worrying!”


Although Su Qingqing was quite confident that Su Mo would defeat Wei Liang, she was still anxious.

After all, Wei Liang was a powerful genius among the Weis.

“Qingqing, you will awaken your Martial Soul next year, right? If you cultivate well and become powerful, nobody will dare to bully you ever again!”

He had a good feeling about this innocent girl, mostly because she was very pretty.

“Yes, I’ll become powerful in the future, and then I can protect you!”

Her determination was very adorable.

After chatting with Su Qingqing for a while, Su Mo sent her off and started to cultivate.

He sat down cross-legged, concentrated hard, and released his Martial Soul to absorb aura from heaven and earth.

Although he currently stood at Lv 3 Qi Cultivation Realm, he also cultivated Primordial Qi. This made his genuine Qi very dense and powerful, so he was no worse than a Lv 4 Qi Cultivation opponent.

Additionally, his physical strength had the force of four tigers, so he could also physically rival a Lv 4 martial artist without using Qi.

Even so, for now, he was no match for Wei Liang, who stood at two realms higher at Lv 6.

He had already cultivated Divine Wind Swordplay and Shadow Steps , but he was only in the beginner’s realm after three days and had limited combat forces.

After two hours, he opened his eyes and stopped cultivating.

Having packed some food and water into his storage ring, he set out with his longsword.

He was heading to Breezewind Mountain again.

While his Martial Soul had reached Rank 5 Human Class and cultivated much faster, it would still be difficult for him to defeat Wei Liang in two weeks if he cultivated the normal way.

The fastest way to improve his power was through farming and killing.

His Devouring Martial Spirit was insanely strong because it could not only level up his martial soul by devouring Beast Souls and the others’ Martial Souls, but also his cultivation by devouring Blood Qi and energy.

Therefore, fighting and killing would be the quickest method to increase his strength.

He also wanted to buy Beast Souls, since he possessed many Spiritual Stones. Even a few stones would sell for the price of tens of thousands taels of gold.

However, he dismissed this idea because precious Spiritual Stones should be saved for the future when he was at a higher level.

When passing through the clan’s noisy martial practice field, he noticed several disciples gathering together with noise and excitement.

In the center of the martial practice field, two young men were stirring up wind and Qi in an intense training battle.

“Hmm? It’s Su Yu!”

Su Mo recognized one of them as Su Yu, whom he had not seen for some days.

The young man Su Yu was fighting was a stocky young man.

Su Peng, a strengthful young disciple among the Sus. It was rumored that he had reached the Peak Lv 5 Qi Cultivation Realm at only the age of 18.

Their fight was even-matched, and it was hard to tell who was winning.

“Brother Su Yu is really amazing. I can’t believe he becomes powerful as Su Peng in such short time!”

“Brother Su Yu has a Rank 5 Human Class Martial Soul and is the first genius of our clan, so I’m not surprised.”

“Since Brother Su Yu was prioritized by the clan and in seclusion for a long time, it makes sense that his strength has boomed.”

“Haha! I think that Brother Su Yu will soon be as powerful as Su Tianhao, the top master among the Sus’ inferiors.”

The disciples burst into a heated discussion as the fight intensified.

Su Yu finally figured out Su Peng’s weakness and fiercely attacked him, forcing him to stumble back again and again.

Su Yu took the opportunity to launch his final attack. He punched Su Peng’s chest, making his opponent spit blood and stumble back.

“Wow, Brother Su Yu won!”

“Long live Brother Su Yu!”


Following Su Yu’s victory, the field went into a big uproar.

Su Yu stood proudly in the middle of the field in high spirits and look around in a haughty manner.


Then, he caught a glimpse of Su Mo nearby and laughed disdainfully.

“Wow, ‘the number one genius’ of our clan is here!”

He lifted his chin, looked down on Su Mo and emphasized “the number one genius” to express his sarcasm.

“Haha, the loser is here!”

“The loser will be dead in a few days!”


Many disciples looked at Su Mo scornfully.

Although he had recently made his name for defeating Su Heng and destroying Wei Lin, the second son of the Wei clan, everyone thought that his glory would end soon.

He was doomed to be a loser for the rest of his life due to his Rank 1 Human Class Martial Soul.

Su Mo glanced at them coldly and kept walking with no regard for them.


Su Yu’s eyes grew cold, and he stepped out of the crowd and stood in Su Mo’s face.

“How dare a loser ignore me!”

This enraged him greatly.

“Su Mo, let’s have a training battle. I won’t fight back until after 100 moves.”

Su Yu sneered.

“No fighting back until after 100 moves?”

“That is a blatant insult to Su Mo!”

“I’m not interested!” Su Mo indifferently replied.

“Not interested? Hmph! In two weeks, you won’t get to fight me even if you want to!”

Su Yu scoffed, “You must be really ignorant or cocky to fight Wei Liang to the death, so you’d better enjoy your last few days.”

Su Yu sneered in his heart and thought, “You’re asking to die by choosing to fight against Wei Liang.”

“My fights are none of your business.”

“Haha, of course your survival has nothing to do with me.”

Su Yu slightly smiled and said, “Actually, since we awakened our Martial Souls, you don’t deserve my attention at all.”

“You’re no match for me in terms of honors, status, or women!”

Su Yu was very happy with his present situation. He had a Rank 5 Human Class Martial Soul and was the first genius of his clan. Furthermore, both his cultivation and clan status had rapidly improved.

Su Mo was nothing to him.

He felt refreshed upon mocking Su Mo, as if he were floating in heaven.

“Is that so?”

Su Mo arched his brow and sneered back, “Honestly, I’ve never wanted to compete with you because you’re just a laughable scoundrel who doesn’t deserve my attention.”


Su Yu was furious, and his face turned livid.

“Hmph! You only have a few more days to gloat! In two weeks, I’ll be there and witness your death.”

Su Yu held back his anger upon thinking that Su Mo would die soon.

Su Mo gave him a disdainful smirk and left without saying anything.

“Am I going to die?”

“We’ll see who dies!”

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