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Warrior's Promise

Chapter 13: A Fight to the Death

Chapter 13: A Fight to the Death

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No one had expected Wei Wankong to suddenly lose his temper.

At a very high speed, Wei Wankong rushed in front of Su Mo and swung his palm toward him.

If this Spiritual Martial Realm martial artist hit Su Mo, Su Mo would definitely die.

Su Mo was frozen by Wei Wankong’s powerful aura and could not dodge his move at all.

There was simply too vast of a difference between their strength.

“How dare you!”

Su Hong suddenly shouted and rushed toward Wei Wankong with a burst of genuine Qi, swinging at his head.

If Wei Wankong did not stop, he could kill Su Mo, but he would also need to endure Su Hong’s attack.

Su Hong’s strike could break even blocks of steel, not to mention Wei Wankong’s head.

Therefore, Wei Wankong had to give up on killing Su Mo and turned around to block Su Hong.


Their palms crashed together and released a strong sweeping force.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Both men were struck back a few steps. They were equal in this confrontation!

The pale-faced Su Mo, who was standing nearby, was pushed back a dozen steps by the air blast, narrowly escaping injury.

“Wei Wankong!”

Su Hong yelled thunderously with killing desire in his eyes. “How dare you attack my son in my own house? Are you questioning my authority?”

“Humph! Your son got lucky today!”

Wei Wankong was not rattled by the furious Su Hong at all and wore a calm expression.

“Mo’er, are you okay?” asked Su Hong hastily as he went over to Su Mo, glancing over Wei Wankong.

“I’m fine. Thank you, father!”

Su Mo nodded and looked at Wei Wankong with cold eyes full of killing desire.

“You old dog, I’ll keep this in mind and kill you some day!”

Su Mo’s bleak voice was filled with terrifying killing desire.

“A loser like you? Kill me?”

With a disdainful expression, Wei Wankong then signaled to someone behind him with a wink.

A haughty young man from the Weis walked out holding a spear and said, “Trash, you maimed the second young Master of our clan, which is unforgivable. I, Wei Liang, challenge you to a fight to the death. Do you dare to accept?”

Wei Wankong could not kill Su Mo in one strike and obviously could not do it again, so he ordered Wei Liang to challenge Su Mo and kill him.

“Fight to the death?”

The Sus were all shocked.

As a genius disciples, Wei Liang had reached Lv 6 Qi Cultivation Realm at a very young age. He actually challenged Su Mo!

“Wei Wankong, Wei Liang is 17 years old and three years older than my son, right? Besides, hasn’t his cultivation has reached Lv 6?”

Su Hong frowned and asked flatly, “You let an older disciple with a higher cultivation challenge my son. Do you have no shame?”

He knew exactly what Wei Liang was thinking.

He just wanted to kill Su Mo in battle!

Wei Liang smiled faintly. “Master Su, I’m indeed three years older than Su Mo, but this isn’t an excuse. I’ll always be three years older than him, so does that mean I can never fight him?”

He smirked at Su Mo contemptuously and said, “Su Mo, if you admit that you’re a piece of trash, destroy your own cultivation, and break your arms and legs, I won’t challenge you.”

Su Mo coldly glanced at him. “Lv 6 Qi Cultivation Realm?”

“Alright, I accept your challenge. But our fight will take place two weeks later.”

Su Mo agreed to his challenge without hesitation.

“Mo’er…” Su Hong was surprised.

“Father, I have a plan. Please don’t worry!” Su Mo said with a wave of his hand.

Su Hong frowned with worry, but he knew that his son was a calm person and never reckless, so he did not say anything else.

“Well, Su Mo, remember what you said. In two weeks, at the Central Square of Sunnywood City, you and I are going to fight to the death.”

Wei Liang was overjoyed and had a trace of contempt in his eyes.

At that moment, the Weis laughed with disdain.

“Su Mo would definitely die in two weeks.”

The elders of the Sus were also secretly sneering at him. Su Mo was too stupid to bear Wei Liang’s provocation, and sealed his own fate.

Su Mo’s death was insignificant to them. He was merely a piece of trash with a Rank 1 Human Class Martial Soul.

“Master Su, see you in two weeks. Farewell!”

The Weis left in high spirits.

News of Su Mo and Wei Liang’s fight to the death quickly spread throughout Sunnywood City.

Suddenly, that was all everyone was talking about!

In the courtyard—

Su Mo and his father sat face to face.

“Mo’er, was it too reckless to accept Wei Liang’s challenge?”

Su Hong was still worried.

“Father, don’t worry. I’m sure I can defeat Wei Liang in two weeks,” Su Mo said confidently.

Looking at Su Mo’s confident face, Su Hong could do nothing but nod. Su Mo’s strength had greatly increased recently, and Su Hong thought it might have been something miracle happened to him, so he did not say anything more.

With a sigh, Su Mo took out a milk-white crystal from his storage pouch and asked, “Father, do you recognize this crystal?”


As soon as he saw it, Su Hong immediately became alert and asked, “Mo’er, this is a Spiritual Stone. Where did you get it?”

“Spiritual Stone? I got it by accident. Father, what can it do?” Su Mo asked.

“Spiritual Stones contain a great amount of Spiritual Qi that can be absorbed into the body to increase cultivation. However, only the Spiritual Martial Realm martial artists can use them. A Spiritual Stone has so much Spiritual Qi that it could blast a Qi Cultivation Realm martial artist to death.”

“They are very expensive. Yours looks like the cheapest Lower Spiritual Stone, but it still worth thousands of taels of gold.”

“They are extremely rare, and even our entire clan can’t get many in a year!”

“It’s that valuable?” Su Mo was suddenly shocked.

“Father, I have a lot of Spiritual Stones. You can take them!”

Su Mo waved his hand, and a small pile of at least 100 glittering Spiritual Stones suddenly appeared on the stone table.


Su Hong widened his eyes in disbelief.

“100 Spiritual Stones?”

“Each worth thousands of taels of gold?”

That would be hundreds of thousands of taels of gold, which was many times the yearly income of the Sus.

“Father, I happened to come upon an ancestor’s cave, and these Spiritual Stones were all from there,” Su Mo said honestly to his puzzled father.

Su Hong supressed his shock, thought for a while, and said, “Mo’er, since they’re yours, you should keep them. They’re enough for you to buy a lot of cultivating resources to quickly improve your strength.”

Su Hong did not accept the Spiritual Stones.

“Haha! Father, just take them! I have a lot!”

Su Mo smiled. He had about 200 Spiritual Stones. He took out half of them, and there were about 100 left in the storage ring.

“There are still some more left?”

Su Hong was stunned but immediately nodded happily and said, “I didn’t think you’d get so lucky. Well! In that case, I’ll take them. With these Spiritual Stones, the breakthrough of my cultivation is just around the corner.”

He had a beaming face.

Su Hong’s cultivation had been stagnant at the Peak Lv 4 Spiritual Martial Realm for many years, but with so many Spiritual Stones, before long, he could progress to Lv 5 Spiritual Martial Realm.

Once he succeeded, he would have few opponents in Sunnywood City.

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