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Warrior's Promise

Chapter 12: The Punitive Visit

Chapter 12: The Punitive Visit

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Su Mo opened the door.

A middle-aged man in his 40s stood behind the door with a face of indifference.

He was Su Tai, the Fourth Elder of the Sus.

“What do you want, Fourth Elder?” Su Mo asked coldly.

“Humph! Su Mo, you’d better go to the meeting hall at once.”

Su Tai smirked with a hint of gloating in his eyes.

“The meeting hall? What for?”

Su Mo felt confused.

Su Tai impatiently scolded, “Stop with all the questions! You’ll know when you get there.”

“Humph!” Su Mo grunted and walked toward the meeting hall.

“Loser, you shouldn’t be so arrogant. I can’t wait to see you be punished today.”

Su Tai sneered and followed closely behind.

In the meeting hall—

Su Hong sat in dignity in the seat of honor.

Beneath him, several elders and junior disciples of the Sus were sitting to his left.

On the right were two middle-aged men and three young men of the Weis, all of them fuming with an accusatory look.

“Why hasn’t Su Mo arrived yet?”

A middle-aged man of the Weis wearing a brocade robe asked sullenly.

“Haha! Our Fourth Elder has already informed him. He’ll be here any minute,” said an elder of the Sus with a conciliatory smile.

“Su Mo hurt my son. How will you punish him?” Another middle-aged man asked.

He was Wei Wankong, the Master of the Weis.


The present elders of the Sus remained speechless. They all wanted to say that the Weis could punish Su Mo however they liked, but they did not dare to speak before Su Hong.

Nobody wanted to talk first and infuriate Su Hong.

“Su Hong, your son hurt my son and destroyed my son’s cultivation. If you don’t do something about it, the Weis will never forget this,” said Wei Wankong, who coldly scanned the room and fixed his eyes on Su Hong.

“Since Su Mo had evil intentions and hurt your son, we should let you punish him at will.”

The First Elder replied before Su Hong could.

His eyes were full of gloating.

“How dare you?”

Su Hong abruptly shouted and looked at him. “First Elder, are you the Master? Can you make decisions for the Sus?”


The First Elder was furious but could not refute him, and his expression suddenly became stony.

“Master Wei, we don’t clearly know about the incident and can’t make a decision until my son is here,” Su Hong said to Wei Wankong.

“Humph! I’m looking forward to a satisfactory result.” Wei Wankong sneered.

“It will definitely meet your demands!” The Sus’ elders showed fake beaming faces.

While some of them cursed Su Mo inwardly.

“Why did that piece of trash choose to hurt Wei Lin, out of all people?”

“That loser just got us into deep water! “

None of the elders were willing to offend the Weis. While the Sus and Weis were regarded as the two largest clans, the latter was more powerful than the former.

The Weis had ruled over Sunnywood City for over 200 years, so they had a profound background.

However, the Sus only rose into prominence in the past few decades, so their background was less profound than the Weis’.

The Weis sneered at the desperate Su elders, their faces full of contempt.

Everyone waited in silence.

The atmosphere in the hall was very grim.

After a while, footsteps sounded outside of the door.

Su Mo and the Fourth Elder entered the hall.

“Su Mo, do you confess your crime?”

The First Elder suddenly yelled as soon as Su Mo entered the hall.

“Confess my crime?” With a glint in his eyes, Su Mo asked, “First Elder, what have I done wrong? Why should I confess?”

“You maliciously mutilated the second son of Master Wei. You’re the scum of our clan and have embarrassed us greatly. What do you have to say for yourself?”

The First Elder, with his determined gaze and unstoppable aura, wanted to fix the crime on Su Mo.

“Su Mo, describe to us how you hurt Master Wei’s second son.” Su Tai, the Fourth Elder, also ordered.

The other elders also echoed him. Now that the First Elder had taken the lead, they did not hold back.

Now, all the elders of the Sus were on the First Elder’s side.

The first elder not only was as powerful as Su Hong, but also, more importantly, he had a genius son.

Su Yu had a Rank 5 Human Class Martial Soul, and as the first genius of the Sus, he would rule the clan someday.

All of the Weis only watched silently.

“Maliciously? Scum?”

Su Mo laughed and indifferently asked, “Elders, as soon as I entered the hall, you said I’m malicious, called me a scum, and want my confession. How are you so sure that I’m guilty since you know nothing?”

Glancing at the Wei clan, Su Mo realized that the Weis came here!

“How dare you to quibble?” The First Elder yelled, and his looked extremely gloomy.

Su Mo’s eyes grew cold. He sneered and said, “First Elder, you asked me to confess before hearing my explanation. Am I guilty just because you say I am? Is everything I said quibbling? Are you an elder of the Sus or the Weis?”


The First Elder was incensed. He did not expect Su Mo to be so sharp-witted.

“It’s enough, Mo’er. Tell us about it in detail.”

Su Hong said as he glared at the First Elder with narrowed and piercing eyes.


Su Mo immediately gave them a specific description of what had happened.

However, he did not mention Su Qingqing by name and only explained that Wei Lin wanted to abduct a girl.

Su Qingqing was just a common inferior in the Sus, and he did not want to get her in trouble.


As soon as Su Mo finished speaking, Wei Wankong burst out shouting, “Douchebag, you hurt my son, and you deserve to die, period.”

“That’s right. You’re so mean! Death sentence!”

“You should have known that you would die for provoking the Weis.”

The Weis all started to yell one by one.

“Wei Lin attempted to break my limbs and destroy my elixir field, so I was forced to maim him.”

Su Mo ignored the Weis and instead asked indifferently, “Elders, in your opinion, was it criminal of me to defend myself against someone who wanted to destroy me?”

“Outside of the mansion, all disciples of our clan can only be bullied by others, and if we fight back, we’ll be criminals. Am I right?”

His brilliant words made all the elders sullen and silent.

“Master Wei, it’s pretty clear that your son wanted to break my son’s limbs and destroy his elixir field, so he had to defend himself. Your son brought the trouble to himself.”

“It’s impossible!”

Wei Wankong shouted loudly with a cold expression. “My son’s misfortune is all your son’s fault. If you don’t let me handle this little piece of sh*t, you’ll face the wrath of the Weis!”

“Humph! Destroying scumbag like your son is doing everyone a favor!” Su Mo disdainfully responded.

“Fu*ker, go to hell!”

Wei Wankong screamed angrily, suddenly stood up and flew toward Su Mo.

A bleak aura of killing desire radiated from his body and enveloped the entire hall

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