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Chapter 9: Marquis Fernand

It took us a night to return to our settler’s village from the main village.

I blew a war declaration to Jorg. It’s something I couldn’t pull back. ...Or rather, there’s a side of me which declared the war exactly for that reason.

I prepared and adjusted my outfit. Usually, I’d wear something plain that’s perfectly fine to get stains during the reclamation. But today, Marquis Fernand will come inspecting this village. I have to wear the proper clothes.

Marquis Fernand will be looking around the settler’s village that I built. Jorg’s village.

My father and Jorg will accompany the marquis. I was only told to tag along to answer all kinds of questions from him. There’ll be many questions that can’t be answered by someone other than me who built this village.

“Tina, today I’m relying on you to take care of the house.”

“I understand, Kurt-sama.”

I’ve explained the situation to Tina. She can’t tag along today, as expected.

“Here, your lunch box.”

Tina passes on a picnic basket to me. Inside, there are sandwiches that Tina made and the cookies that I baked. The sandwich fillings today aren’t just cheese, there’s also goat meet in between. This is a rare luxury. This is surely her way of cheering.

“Kurt-sama, you can do it!”

“Yes, I’ll work hard. Though I do feel a little complicated.”

I exited the house while smiling bitterly.

After that my dispute with Jorg, I received a summon from my father’s envoy. At that time, we went through a briefing regarding Father’s and the marquis’ inspection. There were some matters acknowledged in the briefing repeatedly.

First, Jorg takes the credit of managing the village. However, they’ll say that I’m his advisor. This way, if I’m the one who inherits the title, I’ll be able to proudly say that everything is done by me as a practice.

Father and Jorg had no choice but to acknowledge that, because Jorg knew next to nothing about the village. If he only mentions stuffs from my report document, there’ll be flaws.

Second, I won’t let Jorg say useless things. Father will take care of the fundamental matters, but I’ll be the one to reply more detailed questions. Since Jorg is most likely bad at saying complicated things, Father has no choice but to agree to it.

Marquis Fernand will arrive in the main village last night, so Father and Jorg is showing our hospitality. He should arrive soon.

I see the silhouette of a horse carriage. With that splendor and family crest, there’s no mistake that it belongs to Marquis Fernand. Somehow, there’s a horse running alongside it. The one riding that horse is Marquis Fernand himself in person. Right, I think Father has mentioned something about this. As a hobby and stress reducing activity, sometimes he would handle the horses personally like that.

Both the horses and the carriage halt right in front of me.

“Hello, Kurt-kun, it’s really been a while, yes? I’ve been looking forward to see you, more than Jorg-kun actually.”

Before Father and the others even managed to climb down the carriage, Marquis Fernand greet me in a volume that only I could hear as he took off from the horse. He’s in his late thirties. Even though he’s slender, there’s an apparent unmistakable bearing of a noble from him.

“I’m extremely grateful, Marquis Fernand. I’ve also been looking forward to the day where I’ll be able to be graced with your presence. First of all, my gratitude. Because of your assistance, I was able to obtain my manuscript job. That I’m able to gain more knowledge as well as a funding source, you have my utmost gratitude.”

My manuscript job that I’ve been doing was introduced by Marquis Fernand. No matter how my I thank him, it won’t be enough.

“Well that is all swell. I am your fan. Actually, I bought about half of your manuscript works. Your translation sense is great, and you are highly accurate in deciphering the codes of magic skill books. Against my better judgment, I ended up buying even the original books, where I can stumble upon new findings. I expect a lot from you next time as well.”

I’m grateful. Commission for translating and deciphering brings incomparably great profits.

“I will continue diligently.”

“Your modesty is also great. Also, I bring someone who really wants to see you more than I do. A more avid reader than I am, also an avid learner. While learning by comparing your translation to the original works, it can’t be helped that you have piqued this person’s interest. Thus I bring this person along.”

“I’m looking forward to meeting them. In this kind of village, I have too few opportunities to talk with a knowledgeable person.”

In a remote village, no matter what, there’s nobody I could discuss science and literature with. I’d like to have that once in a while.

“Then I’m glad. That person will show up soon.”

The carriage is open. Firstly, my father and brother climb down the carriage, then Father aids a lady to climb down as well. The one who exits the carriage is a beautiful young lady. Most likely, she’s slightly younger than me, isn’t she? She’s a girl with pale pink hair and nice style. For some reason, she gives off the impression of a gentle person.

Jorg looks at the girl, bearing this goofy perverted face. I understand. I couldn’t say anything but agreeing that she’s that beautiful. My eyes meet with Jorg’s. Since he looks frightened, I look away.

“Dearest Father, might this personage be Kurt Arnold-sama?”

Like a flower blooming, the girl rushes over with a smile.

“He is Kurt Arnold-kun. Falnor, please be a little more ladylike.”

“I apologize, Father. However, when I think about that Kurt-sama, I couldn’t curb down my enthusiasm. There are things in his translation that I want to ask for explanation.”

“Kurt-kun, please excuse this kind of daughter of mine.”

“Not at all, you should not mind about it.”

“Falnor, why don’t you give your greetings.”

“Yes, Father.”

The girl who’s called Falnor stands up before me, then lifts the hem of her skirt, lightly bow her head down. A graceful conduct of behavior, befitting her nobility.

“I am Falnor Fernand, the third daughter of Fernand family. Please do take care of me hereafter.”

“I am Kurt Arnold, the eldest son of the Baron house of Arnold. Please take care of me as well.”

We bow our heads to each other. Falnor gently offers her hand, which I hold in return. What a soft and warm hand.

“Yesterday, we’ve been welcomed with a great hospitality. However, I was really disappointed because there was no Kurt-sama. Please do exchange some words with me today for yesterday’s worth as well.”

“I also wish for a long discussion, but my obligation today is to take Marquis Fernand around.”

“Is that so... even though I’ve finally earned the opportunity to meet you...”

Saying so, Falnor shows a regretful expression. I open my mouth after showing a wry smile.

“How about this. In the break of the inspection, if Marquis Fernand allows it, we might have our discussion.”

“I have no qualms about it. Rather, please do so on my behalf as well. Would you give my daughter a company?”

Falnor’s eyes light up the moment Marquis Fernand says so.

“Then let’s get to it right away. About the explanation over here, Kurt-sama...”

It’s a thick book. Falnor just takes out the manuscript that I wrote from her bag. There are labels everywhere, and opening the pages reveal that they are filled with notes.

“Falnor, I permit you to have your discussion on the inspection’s break, but I won’t allow more than that.”

“I apologize, Father.”

Grinning, Falnor sticks out her tongue. What a splendid girl. In that instant, I can feel the stares. Jorg has been looking at me with a crooked, envious expression. Really, why is it so difficult to handle this brat?

“First, I’ll show you the reclaimed land that has turned into farming field. Last year, we have safely managed to sprinkle the wheat seeds. With the effort of my son Jorg, it has reached this point in merely three years.”

Father begins to explain to the marquis. He first showed the place where the reclamation is finished. Because it’s the autumn sowing type of wheat, it will get harvested soon. One side has been entirely covered with abundant wheat.

“Hou, what a splendid wheat field. It looks even healthier than the wheat in my territory. Is there some kind of secret?”

The Marquis appears to be keenly interested. Father stares at me, signaling to answer that question.

“Please allow me to answer that. If I have to choose an opinion, it would be caused by a peculiar fertilizer and the benefit of soybean.”

“What is this peculiar fertilizer?”

“In the corner of this field, there are piles of black soil.”

“Dark soil... and how are they produced?”

“They’re made from scattering dungs of the livestocks. I believe that Milord also uses them.”

“That sounds about right. I do so.”

In this era, the concept of making manure doesn’t exist yet. Spreading the dungs of livestock is the limit of this level.

“However, there are various problems about that. Directly using the manure sometimes result in sick plants, so this method doesn’t always have a good effect. Not only there aren’t enough nutrition in the soil, it becomes the breeding ground of the bugs and sickness.”

“Then would you say that you have found a method to solve this?”

“That is correct. I dig a deep hole to throw away the manures. I call it koudame. We’ll create naturally high temperature condition like this, killing the bacteria and bugs, as well as releasing the hot gas that could kill the plants. We can add the nutrients that dungs lack afterwards, mixing maples momiji) that are abundant in autumn, wheat’s threshed husks, and crushed shells, then let it go through a fermentation process. After around a month, it will become that kind of black soil. It is a fertilizer that will provide the nutrients necessary for the crops without actually harming them.”

The marquis makes the “hou” admiring sound.

“That is superb. Do you mind if I implement it in my territory?”

“Not at all. I will write down the detailed instructions. Additionally, please bring back a jute bag filled with about 10 kgs of the black soil. There’s an issue of soil compatibility. You may continue using it after testing with half of your field and receives a good result from the black soil. I also did the same.”

I suddenly bombard out everything new about the field, please pardon this rudeness. Agricultural failure is closely tied to the people’s starvation. We need to be cautious.

“I accept your kind advice. However, is it truly alright, not to make this the trade secret of Arnold family?”

“For that matter, I think it’s more wonderful if the whole country can become rich.”

That is important for my dream. How could people who’re still troubled over their meal of the day eat some sweets? If the food production increases, there are some margin for people to afford sweets. I want to turn this world into that kind of world. That’s why, I write down this fertilizer in the report to my father and share them with everyone in this fief. However, this is put down as a childish joke and hasn’t been implemented widely yet...

“You have nothing but benevolence. Now, you also mentioned the soybean?”

“Yes, by growing soybeans, the field soil’s condition will be restored. By growing wheat and soybean in turns, not only the soil is enriched, the soybean also becomes a staple food for the people.”

“I see. Let’s do that as well. Now let’s talk about the waterway that I’ve never seen before right there.”

“About that...”

I made a thorough explanation about the device I set up in this field. Before I was reincarnated, I took care of beekeeping and orchard in may parent’s home back in Yamanashi, as well as doing part time job in the neighbor’s farm, hence my knowledge about these things, the techniques passed down and advanced through thousands of years of agriculture in Japan. I make the best use of the parts I could use in the fief.

“Amazing, how amazing. I never thought that this kind of device existed. Honestly, Baron Arnold. Your son is amazing.”

“Ah no, he never shows it. However, he really has been doing his part well as Jorg’s assistant.”

“Now that you mentioned it, the head of this territory is Jorg-kun, while Kurt-kun is helping to assist, isn’t it?”

“Yes. That is so.”

“Then I shall ask Jorg-kun, what is that farming tool? I’ve never seen that shape before.”

The tool that he points at is senbakoki, the grain thresher. Our threshing performance entirely depends on whether we have that tool or not.

“Eh, uh, that. That’s just something my brother created on his own, so, I. Uh, don’t know.”

“Is that so? Well then, why don’t you let me know the name of ten villagers working in this fief?”

“Well, that’s. Actually. I just guide them, so to the extent of knowing every single name, is kind of..”

“....It seems that I’ve asked a dull question. Baron Arnold, Kurt-kun, this has been an extremely valuable time. Thank you. Kurt-kun, I’m sorry to impose on you, but let me know once you’re done with the instructional transcription. However, it is unsightly that I’m the only one profiting from this. Let me reward you as well.”

Marquis Fernand turns at me and smiles.

“Baron Arnold. All that we’ve seen today is devised by him. He’s also the one doing the documentation. I believe you do not mind that I reward him personally?”


“Well then, Kurt-kun. What do you wish for?”

“Well, if possible, female domestic chicken that will lay eggs, with some of their male counterparts.”

My mouth moves in an instant. After telling that, my face blushes. Since it’s a reward, I blurted out the wish from the bottom of my heart without thinking twice. When making sweets, eggs are essential. However, chicken are so expensive that I can’t buy them. I’ve been thinking to buy a few number I can afford the next time I go out to the town, though.

“Hahahahahaha, honestly, you’re far from being greedy. Isn’t that fine? I’ll present chicken to this village.”

The marquis laughs until he’s holding his stomach.

“Let’s end today’s inspection here. Baron Arnold, I’ll have to impose on you in your mansion in the main village for tonight. Tomorrow, I shall return to my fief. Before that, would you allow me to go hunting in your territory? Hunting is my hobby. My blood boils when I see a lush forest like this.”

“I have no qualms. However, there are beasts in this forest and it’s easy to get lost here. It’s important to bring someone well-acquainted.”

“You’re not wrong. Then, Kurt-kun. May I rely on you to guide me around for hunting?”

When the marquis said that, Jorg opened his mouth, “Oh, no, please let this servant become your guide.”

“No, you’re fine to stay.”

“Why is that? I am the next baron. I should be more suitable.”

Jorg’s voice held impatience. He believed that he was overwhelmingly close to be the next feudal lord.

“I said you were fine to stay. I could not entrust my life to you. I could tell with a glance that you don’t know the next thing about the forest. That skin that never sees sunlight, that lanky figure. I’m not that reckless to have such an amateur as my guide.”

Jorg’s voice disappears; he couldn’t make any rebuttal. Jorg has taken a leisure stroll in the main village before, but he never enters the forest. Jorg flaps his mouth open and close, but eventually, he just keeps being silent.

Sparing him a glance, I open my mouth.

“Then if Milord is fine with me, please do allow me to be your guide.”

“I’ll entrust it to you. You seem like you know some good spots.”

Me, the marquis, Falnor, and two guards for the marquis enter the forest. The marquis has prepared a stack of bows in advance inside the horse carriage.

“What can we find in the forest around this time?”

“It’s the season for ducks and pheasants, I suppose.”

“I see. I’m looking forward for today, then.” The marquis laughs joyfully.

“Oh, also, Kurt-kun, there’s something I actually want to confirm... The village introduced to us today was said to be Jorg’s work but isn’t it actually your doing?” the marquis said with a smile on his face.

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