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Chapter 5: Once Upon a Night’s Talk

“Kurt-sama, I bring you some candles!”

As the reclamation plan from next month onwards and its budget calculation were completed at last, Tina who already changed into pajamas appeared with some beeswax.

The beeswax is collected from beehive. Inside the ten hive boxes, the bees are merrily making their nest. However, the bees make their nest bigger than they need. In those times, I shave off the hive with a knife, then the shaved nest becomes materials for beeswax. If not for that, someone poor like me won’t be able to use candles. Candles are expensive.

“I’m saved. The candle is almost gone just now.”

I opened a thick book and copied the contents on a paper. I’m working on manuscripts.

The client who produces the manuscripts from Ringrade, the best commercial city in the south of Federal empire. It’s a request from a book store there.

Once a month, a peddler makes round to each village and fetch the progress report for Baron Arnold. By conveying to the peddler, I could pass on the books I want to write the manuscripts for. If I finish the manuscript by the next month, I entrust them as well as the original book through the peddler. This has been going on for two years.

Since the commercial city of Ringrade gets books delivered from various countries and cities, the languages used are all over the place. When they turn out to be magic books, they’re also written in codes.

It is my job to translate them and write them down in the language according to the client’s wishes. Making manuscript becomes a good source of income. My manuscripts have a good reputation, and despite how it takes time to send from and to a remote place, I’m happy that my job is uninterrupted.

Getting this job is a tremendous luck on my part. I once exchanged greetings along with my father to Marquis Fernand whose headquarter is located in commercial city of Ringrade. At that time, I was curiously blessed with the opportunity to speak alone with him. From there, I was introduced to a book store he frequented, where I hit it off with the book store’s manager, and reached this point.

...At that time, my father still expected things from me. That’s why I could introduce myself to the marquis.

“Kurt-sama is working too hard. You’re doing spear-training in the morning, reclamation at noon, and when it’s finished, you’re doing the beekeeping works, and once you return home, you’re still doing the reclamation documenting jobs. On top of that, you’re also doing the manuscripts. You’ll collapse one day.”

“I do this because I like it. Also, I haven’t collapsed yet until now. That’s why, I’m all right. I want to be able to freely use the money.”

The moment I said that, Tina’s cheeks puff out. Her anger is always visible from the way her silver kitsune ears stand rigid in a poof.

“They’re all lies! For the sake of the people in the fief, you lay out lunch meals every day, you buy the wheat yourself when there’s not enough, you bandage people when they’re sick or hurt. Doesn’t everything come from Kurt-sama’s money that you make from manuscripts?!”

“Well, yes, there’s that too.”

Arnold family is poor. There’s not enough budget to supply everyone or to buy medicines. Even the tools for beekeeping need money. There’s some budget for reclamation project, but they are really insignificant. That’s why, I’m using the money from manuscripts.

“It’s strange how Kurt-sama has to make huge effort by yourself!”

“That’s not true. I don’t necessarily make any extra effort. They’re all my hobbies first and foremost. They’re documents so expensive that I can’t buy them even if I want to, and I even get money from them. Those expensive, commissioned manuscripts usually match the books I want to read. Management studies, medical books, sorcery books, history books. Each and every one of them makes me happy just from reading them. When I make the manuscripts, I also end up memorizing the contents. Isn’t it wonderful that everyone can be happy from the money I get from that opportunity?”

Wuuuuuu, there’s that, but... But if Kurt-sama only think about other’s happiness, when will you get your own?! Even though you’ve worked this hard, even though you have this amazing potential! But no one ever notices that, why, why?!”

Tina cried for me. For my sake.

“Tina, come over here.”

I beckon Tina. As I did so, she sat between my legs on the same chair I was sitting on.

Just until recently, she was still childish, acting her age. Since she got lonely easily, I spoiled her often. At that time, as I worked on the manuscripts, I embraced her and lent her my ears as we talked. This way, I can still continue on my work while letting her get spoiled. Tina leans on me.

“It’s been a while since I received this treatment. Kurt-sama, you’ve grown.”

“That’s because I’m still on my growth period. Still, I know it hasn’t reached Tina’s growth rate.”

I’m still 15. I want to have more build and height.

“I don’t mean it that way. You’re becoming more and more wonderful.”

“In front of a cute girl, any boy will act cool.”

“That’s not true. A person as wonderful as this, there’s no one else other than Kurt-sama.”

I become embarrassed, unable to say anything. The only sound around us comes from the running quill pen. It’s not the unpleasant silence from having nothing to talk about. It’s a mysteriously warm feeling.

The night goes on this way. Let’s finish today’s work soon.

When I realized, Tina was already asleep leaning on my arm. I hold her and go to the bed, sleeping while hugging her like a body pillow. When I hug her, I’m filled with a gentle feeling. Ever since we arrived at this village, we’ve been sleeping while holding each other like this.

After enough playing around with Tina’s puffy tail, I fell asleep, ending that day.

I open my eyes. Today, I won’t be doing my daily spear training. The training is done at night instead. If I don’t wake up early, I won’t be able to return to the main village.

Today is the one day of the month when my father, the Baron Arnold, returns to the main village, the day when I must report the progress level, then report how much wheat we’re able to harvest, and decide on the tax amount. Other than that, the issue of who’ll inherit the feudal lord position between me and my younger brother should get clearer.

Arnold family is conventional. When two sons born in the family have grown into adulthood, who is more suitable to become the feudal lord will be decided on a selection ceremony. In that decision, neither personality, competence, popularity, nor achievements will matter. It will be decided by one single thing.

I come out of the bed carefully so I won’t wake Tina up. I’ve decided to leave her behind. Even if she goes with me, she’ll only be greeted with displeased eyes.

“What, do you intend to leave by yourself?”

However, I was too naive. A small hand grips the hem of my shirt tight, looking at me with bitter eyes.

“Good morning, Tina.”

“I’m going as well.”

“...It won’t feel good, though?”

“I don’t want to let Kurt-sama go to that kind of place alone.”

Sheesh, this girl. I hit Tina’s head softly a couple of times.

“You’re spoiling me, but I accept that. Now hurry and get prepared.”

“Yes, Kurt-sama!”

Making a spirited reply, Tina jumped out of the bed and went to the water well to wash her face. However, she got me. If I were to go with Tina, there’s no way I’ll show the uncool side of me.

Translator’s Notes:

I’m best at ignoring responsibilities. (coughs)

Another sneaky translation, and I mean it this time because even this page is scheduled! Mwaha.

It gets more exciting from here on. I know they’re still 15 and 13, but the interaction is so pure and will probably stay that way for a while, I guess. Especially since Tina’s name only appears at the fourth novel haha. So for you shippers, be patient.

Since Kurt talked about books, I was thinking about Maine from “Ascendance of Bookworm” hahaha. I just downloaded the LN today and the illustrations are treats for my eyes, even though I haven’t read it yet in fear of getting side tracked from my job today. Okay, even more sidetracked. (sobs) (And kanji without being able to copy-paste it terrifies me. Vertical reading does that too.)

For you who like this kind of development/conflicts in isekai, I suggest you read Ascendance of Bookworm if you haven’t! (And blastron’s translation skillz is simply superb I have no words for it. I mean it.) Still, I can’t wait to see Kurt going to said town, since it’s the second time it’s mentioned. I’m reading as I translate, so I’m not further from you guys actually.

Phew, long T/N, sorry. Feedbacks are always appreciated!

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