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Unsealing Emptiness

Chapter 29


The next morning Ozul woke up and saw Raven at a distance from him. In her hand, though, were two weird black blades. The blades seemed to exude black smoke from it—They felt like a part of it.

Realizing what it meant, Ozul stood up and went towards her. Raven noticed his presence and turned around with a bright smile on her face. She excitedly spoke;

“See!? I succeeded! The blades can both steal Mana and stamina from my opponents!”

Raven showed the two daggers in her hand. Of course, no one except her could wield them, and it was just a Spell. So, whenever she wanted, they would disappear in thin air and reappear whenever she recast the Spell.

Ozul nodded his head; he was satisfied with her progress.

‘She may not be a genius, but her comprehension can put her above most of them,’ Ozul thought. Some people take months just to create a simple Original Spell. Yet Raven had created a complex Spell within a matter of a week.

Raven beamed with happiness when she noticed that Ozul recognized her efforts. It was not only because of Ozuls’ teachings but also because of her hard work.

When she could’ve spent her time cuddling with the sleeping Ozul, she instead chose to better herself.


Now she needed to test the blades on some real targets. Ozul wanted to see if he could wield the daggers. So, he asked,

“Let me try.” While extending his palm.

Now Raven had no problem in doing so, but she had created the daggers with an intent that no one beside her could use them. She was about to explain it to Ozul when,

Ozul did not wait for her and took the daggers out of her hand! It surprised Raven! Not because Ozul took them from her hand, but because they were supposed to dissipate and hurt everyone who touches it except for her!

Just as Raven was about to apologize to the now ‘hurt’ Ozul, she noticed something... Those daggers seemed even more vivid and lively in the hands of Ozul!

‘What the heck? How? Did my Spell not function properly?! But how can that be?’ Raven was breaking down internally. She thought that her Spell did not work the way she wanted.

“Hm. They are suitable. Good job,” Ozul patted Raven’s head after analyzing the daggers. But contrary to what he thought, Raven did not look one bit happy when he stroked her head.

Noticing Ozul’s confusion, Raven spoke up,

“They are supposed to hurt everyone who touches it besides me and dissipate into thin air afterwards...”- Raven explained why she seemed so downcast all of a sudden.

“Oh? That, don’t worry, it might be because of me. I think your Spell works fine.”- How could Ozul not know; that the darkness itself is like a beloved to him? It would never hurt Ozul.

Raven was confused as to what Ozul meant, but decided to place her trust in him. Ozul had never disappointed her expectations!

They would go in the woods to test her Spell later, but now they have to visit Count Oliver’s Manor.

Walking down the streets, Ozul had the jet black pointed hat on top, but he could still hear the murmurs of people around him.

“Did you hear?”- Unknown 1.

“What now? Stop bothering me!”- Unknown 2.

“Dude! The Merchant Tibor was assassinated in his sleep!”- Unknown 1.

“Yeah, that again, I’ve heard it like ten times today.”- Unknown 2.

Ozul and Raven did not mind the talks and kept their pace steady. Sometime later, they reached Count Oliver’s Manor. The guards again did not bother with them.

This time, no one was needed to show them the way. So, they kept walking until they were outside the Count Oliver’s office.

Raven knew the manners and gently knocked at the door. A few seconds later, they heard a voice;

“Come in.”

Ozul entered with Raven following behind him. They could see the content smile cemented on Count Oliver’s face.

“As you know, it’s done,” Ozul would not waste his time chit-chatting.

“Haha, I know! You did excellently. Even though the target was not some Mage, you left no traces.”- Count Oliver was happy because he found the right person. The assassination itself was easy, but he wanted to test Ozul, and he passed!

If Ozul could not kill a single person, then he was not up to the standards. Count Oliver wanted someone competent enough so that even his seniors in the faction would have to acknowledge him.

“Yeah, I know. Now pay up,” Ozul couldn’t care less about how he did things. He wanted to receive the payment and just leave.

“Very well.”- Count Oliver motioned towards the butler. He was starting to understand that Ozul had a straightforward personality and did not like long talks.

The butler waved his hand, and a pile of things appeared on the table in front of Ozul and Raven. Similarly, Raven waved her hand, and the resources were stored in her Spatial Ring.

“Inform me if you have a real task,” Ozul said while leaving through the door with Raven. He had guessed that the task yesterday night was only to probe him.

Inside the room, you could hear Count Oliver’s amused chuckle as he said,

“Sharp as ever, eh?”

“Takes one to know...” Ozul’s voice came out as he started walking out the hallway. Ozul considered Count Oliver sharp because he did not treat him as any other Noble would’ve done.

Count Oliver knew when to take the friendly approach and when to use force. If Oliver used any other method to get Ozul to work for him, he’d be dead already. Ozul wouldn’t think about the consequences at that time.

Ozul was walking back with Raven, who was excited, counting all the things inside her Spatial Ring.

She would feel butterflies in her stomach whenever she thought that Ozul worked only to support her progression.

“Thank you!” Raven said while giving a beautiful eye smile.

Ozul though remained apathetic as he said,

“As I said before, repay me in the future.”

No one talked after that, and sometime later, they arrived at their house.

Ozul wanted Raven to test her Spell in a real battle. Before she lost to Rank-2 Beast because of stamina, but now her Spell counters that part. She will only realize her flaws when she fights someone else.

And she can’t fight with Ozul. He had no blood, no Mana; Raven wouldn’t be able to test her limits while fighting him.

Ozul informed Raven that they will leave for the woods in half an hour and went to take a nap. Raven was excited to test the prowess of her Original Spell.

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