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Chapter 8


Sounds of a sword cutting through the air could be heard as Matt flew through the air, at first he had to go down to his knees and hold on for his dear life as he was wooshing through the air a bit too fast, but after a while he started getting used to it now looking like a bro surfing around in the sky with his hands on the sides as he balanced it out. He didn’t have to do that though but he just liked how it looked, the flying sword technique kind of made his feet stick to the sword blade so he wouldn’t fall down it also generated a little spiritual forcefield around his body, covering it in a thin membrane so that the winds wouldn’t get to him, though his long silver locks flopped around all over the place which was a bit annoying if he tried doing anything besides flying in one direction while facing it.

He was getting close and close to his destination, his speed was picking up as he hovered above the large forest of the beasties and there were many of them there, he could see the monsters duking it out as he was above them, he was lucky that most of the flying beasts left him alone as he discovered that he could release his aura that was of the core formation level and if he did that the non frenzied beasts would quickly turn around and flee from him. He also learned that he could more or less judge the power of the beasts around him even without his appraisal skill, but he could probably use it for other things later on and he felt that 9000 points weren’t all that much as he almost got over 6000 points for slaying a monster that wasn’t all that strong.

He started whistling to himself as he flew around, trying out various cool poses. He crossed his arms in front of himself and struck a haughty pose, then he moved his arms behind his back and straightened out his back to look like a seasoned master, the fluttering of his hair and robe made him give off a refined aura. He thought that the last one was probably the proper one to use if he meets other people, as the other ones made him look either a bit goofy or eccentric, this was a good middle ground of a mysterious expert.

As he flew longer and longer he noticed that the magical beasts were kind of getting weaker and weaker, that was probably the indication that he was getting closer to some human settlements as the weaker the mobs the safer it would be in the vicinity of any village. The thought of some rest and relaxation made him release more of his spiritual power which he had loads to spare the flying technique wasn’t that hard on his cultivation, maybe because he had it cultivated to a high level. Though as the village on the map starting getting closer and closer he started to worry a bit.

*Will they be friendly? don’t think they’ll attack me like these monsters right?*

He wasn’t sure about the people around this world, he hoped they weren’t that bloodthirsty but this was a world ruled by the laws of the jungle it was a lot less organized as his old one plus he wasn’t part of it that much. His introverted character trait made him a bit reclusive around other people, but if he found someone he hit it off he was able to keep up a conversation. Though he probably wouldn’t need to interact that much with others, he would probably just find himself some food and a place to stay for the night his spatial ring didn’t have any magical hotels in it, though the cash shop did but the pricing on those was horrendous.

Matt gave off a sight and continued with his trajectory, now even being able to detect some humans on the way, they weren’t that far from him and he stopped and looked at the map of his and as he calculated with his big brain that he was just a couple of kilometers away from them, he might have just read it from the map, but no one would ever know that. The small habitat which he presumed would be a village wasn’t far from those people, he hoped there wouldn’t be any problem when he arrived but he slowed down a bit to see if his clothes were in order as he didn’t want to look scuffed when he arrived or make a fool out of himself, he also hoped that his choice of clothes wouldn’t be considered strange he did look like a martial artist and all.

As he got closer and closer to the blue dots and noticed that there were 5 of them and they were moving in the direction of a red dot. They were probably a hunting party going for some beast meat. He slowed down and increased his altitude a bit as he didn’t really want to alert anyone to his position, he hoped that they wouldn’t see him from so high up while he himself with his enhanced vision could see what was going on.

After getting to a good spot he stopped and focused his eyes below him, his vision zooming up to the desired spot as he could see 5 men encircling what seemed to look like a deer, or maybe it was a moose? He couldn’t really tell though it was quite big for a deer more of the size of a large horse with huge antlers that looked like they could do a lot of damage, the tail that it had looked also a bit strange it had a strange pattern to it and looked like crocodile skin which didn’t match the rest of the big deer which had brown fur on it. It wasn’t very strong he could feel it even without his appraisal skill as it was even weaker than the monster rabbits that he previously met.

*Interesting… I’ll just wait and see how these people hunt I guess…*

Matt wasn’t all that in a hurry as he was close to his destination and with the help of his flying sword he wouldn’t take long, plus he could follow these people back there if there were problems with the map. He could see some arrows poking out of the beasts hide as it ran and tried to evade the attackers, the men were getting closer and closer though slowly tiring the deer out while plunging more sharp arrows into it and it didn’t take long before it fell to the side and the people had some meat to transport, it was quite uneventful as he watched the people tend to the dead creature, slicing of its tail and horns and putting those away, probably to sell it or use it for something else.

*Hm, well I guess it would look strange if I popped out now and asked them for directions… I’ll just keep it low key and follow them for now, maybe I’ll learn something while at it.*

He rubbed his chin while the men dug into the deer’s flesh, taking out a round object that was probably a beast core, but it was really small compared to the one that he got. Then he heard a howl and could see the men become alert as they got in a defensive stance. He glanced at his minimap and could see a lot of red dots moving closer and closer to where the men where and soon enough he could see a big pack of what seemed to look like wolves but they were red in color and quite scary looking.

*Gulp… they can take those out, right?*

He wasn’t very keen on interfering and if the people survived in this environment the probably were capable fighters, right? He apprised the wolves and they had the obvious ‘Crimson Wolf’ Name to them, but there was another thing, the just like the ones that attacked him had the ‘Frenzied’ and some had the ‘Enraged’ prefix as well. Judging by that fact they would probably throw themselves on the people, plus the natives didn’t look that confident as Matt could see them shouting to each other while backing away. They even abandoned their hunted deer while backing away, probably hoping that the wolfs would go for it instead of them but the beasts ignored the fresh dead meat and threw themselves at the hunters that weren’t too keen on a fight.

*Hey watch out!*

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