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Unfathomable Senior

Chapter 70

Chapter 70

Matt thought that he had taken enough precautions in sneaking behind the unsuspecting demonic cultivator, he did manage to chop his head off but didn’t foresee that he would be able to regenerate from that. He glanced around a bit, he didn’t want to give the enemy time to recover but he also couldn’t really lunch a devastating attack while there were so many innocent people around.

He needed to take the fight somewhere else, best would be outside. The enemy was on guard but momentarily out of commission while regenerating as he wasn’t attacking. Matt thought to himself that it was a bit of a drag to have to think about collateral damage, he then placed his force field around Ravager and then started yanking him into the corridor that he came through. The two soon vanished from the main room, the demonic man was thrashing around in his barrier bubble.

The females found themselves alone in the main chamber, naked and bare. Most of them were a crying mess by now as they wiggled around shackled to the crosses. Lan Fei tried removing her chain but it was just too sturdy, she saw that Ravager had dropped his robe on the edge of the bed. She managed to reach it with her foot, yanking it towards herself rummaging through it in the hopes of finding a key. She couldn’t find anything in there as the man probably kept all his belongings in a storage ring, it wasn’t in here.

Luckily there was a huge boom outside in the mountain range, this made the entire room shake with so much force that the bed in the middle broke apart. The chain was still around her neck but it wasn’t attached to the bed as it broke into several pieces. Fei run-up to one of the girls and tried to pry one of the shackles open, she still was a cultivator at the pinnacle of qi condensation so she wasn’t weak by any means necessary.

The shackles started rattling a bit as she tried prying them open, but to no avail, this type of metal would be able to hold foundation establishment cultivators in place. She wanted to help the woman out but couldn’t, she looked around hoping to find something else otherwise she would need to abandon these people. She spotted something on the side, it was round and metallic. It was the medallion the cultivator used to bring them here, maybe she could use it on the girls the same way he did.

She fiddled with the thing but couldn’t make it work, sweat was running down her forehead as she noticed that the booming sounds stopped outside which might have indicated that the two cultivators stopped fighting. She clearly couldn’t activate the pocket dimension with her spiritual power level, you at lest needed a core formation cultivation to do that.

She bolted to the side running around the room as she tried to find another exit beside the one that the two men had gone in. Then she heard it, there were footsteps. They echoed through the hallway that the two cultivators disappeared too. The sounds started getting closer and closer, the person took his sweet time as he was just walking towards the place where the women were still struggling in. Fei couldn’t really do much besides pulling the chain to her body in the hopes of using it as a weapon, maybe if it was an enemy he would be injured enough for her to make a break for it.

Slowly a silhouette appeared, the steps were a bit heavy with indicated that the person coming had quite the weight to him. Fei peeked out seeing that it wasn’t the demonic cultivator but the man that sliced his head off. The man looked kind of annoyed as he was rubbing his cheek that looked kind of red.

Matt had managed to defeat the pervy strange talking cultivator, he found him to be a lot weaker than the Dragon or Cthulhu look-alike, just annoying to fight. He wasn’t as sturdy as the two and his regenerative capabilities were a lot more limited than of the squid monster. He was rubbing his cheek furiously only due to the fact that the man’s trouser snake had managed to graze him there. It didn’t do any damage, but he felt dejected by the fact that he got attacked by a demon donger.

He had promptly turned the evil man into minced meat before blowing him up with half of the mountain. He still had his spatial ring with him, there were quite a bit of spirit stones and demonic cultivation manuscripts in here. He jumped down into the circular room with a thud, the scared women looked at him with fright in their eyes which made Matt drop his head in shame as he had scared them even more.

“No need to fear that man is dead, don’t worry I’ll get you out in a second.”

The man walked over to one of the women and grasped one of the shackles just tearing it apart while making sure to not hurt the ankle that it was around. After a couple of cracking sounds, the first girl was free and down on her knees looking at the scary-looking cultivator in front. Matt thought that maybe this wasn’t the best face to use when rescuing fair maidens as he looked like a bandit himself.

“Hey, you stop hiding behind that column and come help me…”

Matt coughed into his hand while he beckoned the hiding Lan Fei over. He was a little mad about the last time they met, but all things considered, he couldn’t stay that mad as the woman was really down on her luck. He waved his hand as he took out all the female clothes that the man had in his ring hoping that the females could use those.

Time passed and the females started dressing back up while the cultivator that introduced himself as Lei Yinglo went around the lair. The females gathered together, crying and hugging but also discussing if they could trust this new man. Zhang Dong toured the surroundings, opening some closed doors while looking at his system map that actually helped him find some hidden parts. He started looting the place, grabbing everything he could find he could just identify it later.

The girls looked on curiously as the man started forcing his way into some closed-off rooms that were behind some sturdy walls, giving them a scare, they found it a bit funny that afterward he came back and apologized while rubbing his neck. They were all beautiful women, so they noticed how he was acting quite bashful around them, even blushing slightly while mumbling something about tranquility.

“Senior Yinglo, everyone is dressed h-how will we be going back.”

Fei asked with a concerned voice, she didn’t know if the cultivator could carry them all on a flying sword. Matt was also finished with his looting spree, this was quite a big haul as the evil cultivator had amassed quite the treasure hoard, there were many spirit stones and crafting materials, though they were mostly of the demon beast kind.

“Hm… I don’t think I can carry you all on my flying sword… leaving some of you behind would be a bit…”

The man was pondering while the girls fidgeted as he mentioned leaving some of them behind, they surely didn’t want to remain in this godforsaken place anymore. Lan Fei, on the other hand, brought out the medallion and placed it in Lei Yinglo’s hand.

“Sir, the demonic cultivator used this to transport us here maybe you could also use it.”

Matt looked at the medallion and used his apprisal skill to examine it.

His eyes bulged as he saw the grade of the item in front of him. It was the highest-graded item he ever came across. He quickly sent his spiritual sense into the item due to its previous owner’s death it didn’t offer any resistance whatsoever. He could see the small island floating in the void and the building in the middle. He did a little test and the girls saw the man get sucked into the medallion that promptly dropped onto the ground.

They all looked at each other wondering if the man would be stuck in it but soon he returned, appearing right out of the medallion.

“Okay, think I figured it out. Oh and I left you something to eat, it’s on a blanket on the grassy field you can’t miss it.”

Soon the females found themselves back in the small pocket dimension munching on some strange looking things. It looked like two bread slices stuck together with some filling, it were, of course, some system bought hamburgers and cheeseburgers. Lan Fei was the last one that was in the room, the cultivator gave her a more meaningful look as he contemplated something.

“Is something wrong, Senior?”

The woman became a bit uncomfortable, not knowing what this man was thinking about but he probably wouldn’t try doing anything weird at this point. She didn’t know that the man in question was wondering if he should reveal his true face, but did he really want to continue this relationship. The woman showed a lot of character, as he overheard the women speaking. He heard that she didn’t just try to flee on her own, but actually tried to help the other girls while he and Ravager were duking it out.

She did drop him like a sack of potatoes back in moonlight city the second she heard of his situation, this was kind of understandable all things considered. He wasn’t that mad but his pride was still a bit hurt. But would she just do the same thing if she heard that he had to go to that secret ground, where death was very likely? There was probably no future left for the two of them, but at least he wanted to end the whole thing.

He shrugged and leaned over towards the woman, he held out his finger in front of her forehead flicking it.


Fei backed away rubbing her forehead from the finger poke, not really knowing what it was for but then she saw the man’s robes changing white, his hair growing out and his facial features switching around.

“Take that, that was for running away back in Moonlight city.”

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