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Chapter 7

He started wondering if he should move from this open spot as he was in the same damn area for the past couple of hours, no wonder some bloodthirsty creatures were just emerging one after another if he just hung around the same spot all the time for no reason whatsoever.

But using the help of his ‘radar’ he picked up some rocks and decided to use the same tactic, hey why fix it if it’s not broken? He took aim and fired off his rock bullets hitting some of the rabbit mobs right on the head, his aim getting better and better with each of his throws. Though after he managed to take care of a couple of the raging monsters he could hear some trees fall down in the direction that the monsters were coming from. He could hear the trunks snapping and the birds flying away as something got closer and closer and then he saw it. It was a giant rabbit monster, about as big as a polar bear, it had black fur that was kind of shiny, it’s build was a bit lankier and lean then the what the smaller rabbits had and instead of a horn sticking out of its forehead, it looked like it had a bladed weapon stuck there instead.

Matt threw the rocks at it, but they shattered against the monster’s fur that seemed to be metallic in nature so his tactic of kiting around the mobs went out of the window. He focused his eyes on the large monster that was roaring at him in a much lower-pitched voice then the rest of its kin.

*Guess throwing rocks at that thing won’t work… should I try with a boulder?*

The creature didn’t give our hero much time to think as it charged at him while its eyes glowed a deep crimson, it didn’t really care about its kin either as it just plowed through them as it was much faster than the low-level rabbit monsters. It tried skewering the man dressed in white, though it missed the mark by a hair as Matt managed to dodge to the side now without losing it’s cool, the creature was a lot faster then the other ones but not as fast as he was, though he barely managed the maneuver still not being used to this combat thing but he was slowly getting used to it, adrenaline was pumping through his veins as he also managed to dodge a swipe from the thing’s large paw that had huge claws on it, though he lost some of his long locks to it as he backed away, even more, trying to formulate a plan in his mind while the Hare kept swiping and trying to headbutt him.

*D-damn… this thing isn’t stopping… what the hell can I do, the rocks aren’t doing anything… should I try hitting it without of those strange skills that I have…*

He didn’t think about just running away as probably running into the forest where more of these things could get him wouldn’t be such a good idea, either way, so he used the skill that he previously played around the most and summoned the sparkling light sword that he had. Matt was still a bit scared to get too close to that thing, what if this lightsaber of his doesn’t do anything and he ends up getting mauled by the thing, so he waited for the thing to do another large swipe at him with its paw which he dodged to the side and after finally maning up he delivered a sideswipe, the aim was the large arm of the creature. As the flashing sword came in contact with the black metal like fur of the monster it discharged electricity directly into its body, who would have thought that the metal in the creature’s fur would be good at conducting, right?

The sword of light dug into the flesh of the monster but it didn’t sever it in one clean swipe as out Zhang Dong didn’t have that much practice in swinging a sword of light just yet, but it did some damage as he stepped back even using his movement technique that made thunderous sounds.

“…Huff… Gasp… I-i can do this…”

He could see that the creature wasn’t looking so great as the loss of its front paw made it limp quite a bit, making it lose a lot of speed and quickness in the process. While holding his sword he managed to cleave one of the grunts of the larger monsters in half as it tried to attack him from the side. He didn’t charge at the injured thing as it was still going at him for some reason, it was clearly mad with rage not really caring for it’s well being as a normal animal would have probably fled by now. He danced around it some more, poking and cutting it here and there mostly aiming at the limbs and after a while, the Hare couldn’t really move as all of its limbs had huge gashes in them. Before going for the last hit he made sure to back away from it so that the smaller mobs would follow and so that he could clear them out as well and after that he delivered the finishing blow, separating the creatures head from its body in one clean swipe. Of course, after he did that, he collapsed on the ground onto his knees and continued panting.

*I did it…*

It wasn’t the cleanest fight and he was fighting something much below his level, but being a normal person on the inside it was tough to get used to slaying huge monsters on his first day. He stood up and examined the body of the thing in front of him, Matt started to think that he should probably get out of this place as soon as possible because these berserked mobs would probably be appearing more often and what will he do if the big boss decides to great him and he ends up in its belly.

As he looked at the cleaved head he noticed something shiny and round sticking out from the neck, he moved in close and picked up the orb that was dark in color and about the size of a golf ball.

“Oh? guess I can use this… think this thing can also be used for crafting things… I think I’ll save it for later.”

He pocketed the monster core and looked at it, using his light sword to cut of the blade looking horn of the creature, thinking that he might be able to sell it somewhere later, this giving him the vibe of looting a monster mob after you killed it in a video game. He also wondered if he could find any cores on the lesser rabbits, but he gave up on that after looking at the gory bunny bits all over the place, he didn’t really want to go through all those animal entrails, though he did take the horns, maybe he could use those as throwing knives or something. And just as he did that he noticed more red dots coming this way.

“Okay, screw this…”

He tossed out his flying sword and jumped on it, making it slowly move upwards and into the air and would you know it as he was in the air he could see more of the same creatures down below walking out of the bushes, he could probably grind quite a bit of points on those things but he wanted to get to some town and just lie down and take a warm shower.

*Wait, do they even have showers in this world?*

Guess a hot bath would do too, so he moved the sword forward, it wasn’t moving fast for now as it wobbled around in the air in the direction of the first settlement which looked like a small village, it was still quite far but as he picked up the speed and got used to flying he would probably reach it before the sun went down, he didn’t even want to think about the weird creatures that came out at night in this world.

“Next stop, a warm bath!”

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