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Unfathomable Senior

Chapter 66

Chapter 66

The creature started blasting him with various ranged attacks, besides the breath attack it also could shoot out its huge pointy claws at him. He managed to parry them thanks to his new gained swordsmanship while counterattacking with some timely placed Thunder God slashes and thrusts. Matt didn’t think he would have so much trouble with this thing, but his inexperience in battle showed. He couldn’t just rely on his stats anymore, these enemies were close to his level and he had to start taking things seriously which he was trying.

He wasn’t keeping his distance anymore, he was like an annoying fly buzzing around the creature’s head as he used his small size to his advantage. The demon couldn’t really use that huge ranged attack on him if he constantly moved, so he did. He sliced and diced the large body, managing to chop one of those webbed wings clean off. He evaded the large claws that were swung at him, the creature then promptly fell to the ground with a resounding boom.

He examined the detached wing that just turned to black liquid the moment it got removed from the main body. Another wing started growing right back, but the regeneration was getting slower and slower. The angry monster fired of another mouth blast in Matt’s direction but missed by a mile, it looked quite pissed of as its face tentacles thrashed about menacingly.

He had been fighting it for an hour now, the thing was quite sturdy but after he learned its move set it was just a matter of dodging the telegraphed attacks while getting one or two of his own hits in. He could test his fighting prowess on this raging monster that was at around his level. He was able to test out his skills on a moving target, upping his fighting experience.

“I guess I could test this new move out on this thing…”

He was mostly focused on his swordsmanship in this battle, it was a lot easier to use his weapon than to rely on his fists. While the monster was down on the ground he also descended and started charging at it. The angry behemoth brought down its giant fist at the annoying cultivator but instead of hitting him, it felt a jolt of electricity running through its whole arm as it hit a lightning afterimage. While the monster was feeling a tingling sensation in its huge arm, Zhang Dong appeared behind it with his sword in hand.

He breathed in while concentrating, his body giving off a golden color. Everything seemed to slow down in the surrounding area as he activated the skill he achieved after upgrading his golden body. This skill let him perceive everything in slow motion while increasing his speed. He used this in tandem with his thunder god slash, slashing out with his sword energy. He didn’t just slash once, nor twice he delivered hundreds of these less powerful slashes in a mater of seconds that quickly turned the monster’s body into sashimi.

He breathed out, feeling his stamina getting drained due to the multiple usage of skills that was taxing his body. Delivering so many light sword slashes in unison was quite strenuous. He looked on as the giant’s body started breaking up into cut-up cubes that turned into black goop. The monster was quite in a bind as it tried reassembling itself back to its original form. Matt was a bit surprised that the creature was still alive as he hoped that this special move would bring the thing down.

“Do I have to disintegrate this thing to molecules or something?”

He performed some hand seals, pointing his hands on the cut-up monster that was slowly reforming its head. He pumped his cultivation into his next attack as a giant dragon head started forming. This dragon construct was huge, its head easily able to gulp up the monster remains as it was ordered to. Matt guided the dragon upwards, while the wiggling mass of tentacles and thick black liquid tried to escape outside. The over-sized lightning dragon could be seen from afar flying towards the heavens only to explode, disintegrating any remains from the Cthulhu lookalike, as the heavenly lightning that it was made off was quite effective.

The clouds parted revealing the stary sky to the denizens of the gloomy city, the multiple moons shone down upon the people as the battle was over. Zhang Dong fell down onto his butt, his forearms propped up on his own knees as he panted. He had slain the monster, he didn’t take much damage as the thing was all power and no speed. Still, he was gassed out the Qi regeneration pills weren’t tasty at all as he swallowed them whole.

He was slowly getting the hang of this fighting stuff, he grabbed the leftover core that the monster dropped and hopped onto his sword. He didn’t know if the people back in the city were able to handle the monsters so he sped back. He didn’t need to worry though, as the warriors from the Kin clan managed to clear them up. He also noticed that some monster stragglers were just dissolving. The beasts might have been part of the big boss monsters, it probably was just using them to gather in resources. Though this one had an acquired taste for infants, Matt didn’t know how many of them fell to the beast but at least there wouldn’t be any more casualties after this. He also wondered if this was really the last time he would see this type of demonic being.

He landed back in the Kin Clan estate, people were a bit apprehensive about his arrival as they saw him leaving with the huge overpowered monster. The clan came out to have a talk with Zhang Dong, that gave them a quick rundown of the things that happened to him after he arrived in town. He also told them that he was here to collect the bounty for the monster he defeated as it was put up by this here clan.

The clan members didn’t have a reason to doubt his story as they started examining the hole beneath their estate, finding the ritual cavern and the tunnels heading into various establishments around the city. They all gulped hard after realizing that the whole city would have probably been devoured by those devils if this cultivator didn’t show up. They were so grateful that they even doubled his salary which Matt was grateful for. They invited him to stay over for the night, though it was close to dawn at this point.

He took the denizens of the city up on their offer, he was quite hungry as the demons interrupted him when he was trying to get some grub. He was led to a nice looking room where he was offered various spirit foods, some cute ladies were even playing harps and slow dancing on the side to add to the atmosphere. The only awkward thing about this was that he was still in his disguised state and had to come up with some fake name. Being the big-brained individual that he was he gave himself the genius name of…

“Just call me… Lei Yinglo…”

He almost choked on his drink after coming up with that name, trying not to laugh while the people around him tried to please him. After some nightly pleasantries, he was guided to a nice room in which he just for a couple of hours. He left early in the morning, checking if he hadn’t forgotten anything. The people were nice enough to see him off, or maybe just being courteous.

He looked at his status and counted the spirit stones that he had gathered until this point, two weeks had passed since he had left. He should be able to get to that last wanted person. He would have about a week to take care of him before returning. He had a hefty amount of points now, but having more wouldn’t hurt. He left this disguise on this time around as he swished towards his next destination, it was a couple of days away from this spot. He really wished that he could get a smartphone with music or movies that he could look at during his boring flight. It was fun in the beginning, but now it was boring as hell just looking at the blurry ground below him as he zoomed by.

The Ravager sure sounded like an edgy character, he imagined someone dressed all in black with a strange haircut. Or maybe he would have a long coat and a mask covering his face. Though his body count seemed to be no joke as the notice said that he might have killed thousands of people. The town he was heading was called Frostriver, he wanted to check it out before going to those five dread peeks. Maybe if he was lucky he could get this done in just a couple of days, this tracking skill he had now was quite nifty.

For now, he just churned his cultivation power, the crystal flying sword glowing brighter as he dashed through the clouds. The milky sky marshmallows parted as his sword surfing board pierced through them, leaving a triangle-shaped path behind him. The wildlife below him scattered after taking in his overbearing aura, people craning their necks as they heard the sonic booms.

“Watch out Ravager, Lei Yinglo is coming for you!”

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