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Unfathomable Senior

Chapter 27

Chapter 27

Time looked like it had slowed down for Matt, the giant was slowly coming towards him while the people were right behind where he was standing. They were all weak cultivators a snort from this creature could turn them into gory bits. He had a decision to make, does he prioritize his own well being and move away or does he take the hit and hope that those people will getaway. There was another option though that he was running away for all this time, it was the option to fight back.

Matt was only a regular person, his life was mundane, to say the least before he was thrown into this world. He mostly cruised by his life unnoticed never really interacting with others and just doing enough to pass his days. Never doing more than was required of him and never having any ambitions, he was okay with his video games and slow boring lifestyle. But somewhere deep down inside he knew that he wanted to change, but he never could bring himself always putting it off for another day. Sometimes he wondered how he ended up with this sort of pessimistic outlook on the world but that was soon forgotten as soon as he got a new game or tv show to enjoy. Always looking at others as they led fun lives while he himself gave up on it.

He clenched his fist, anger appearing on his face as his brows furrowed, he wanted to change himself, he needed to change himself not for the people behind him, but for himself. An oppressive aura exploded from within his body as his fist started shimmering and crackling with electricity. He met the giant fist of the monster with his own attack, he just mustered up all his courage and anger into this one hit. His hand looked tiny compared to the corrupted ones, but as the two fists met and collided the one feeling most of the pain was the huge monster instead.

Lots of spiritual energy exploded, the monster could feel its fist hit something hard it expected to squash the little human in front of it but instead it felt immense pain in its upper limb. You could see the huge muscular hand’s veins bursting and the muscles convulsing as the lightning fist strike run through it. The beast got pushed back as it roared in pain, its knuckles broken to mush after it got hit by the cultivator’s own fist that was infused with lightning Qi.

The man didn’t stop at that though, no. He stepped forward acting and as the monster was momentarily stunned by its arm getting mangled in the exchange he delivered a high kick right to the monster’s chest. The monster had a humanoid body and it also had various humanoid-like organs so as the lightning infused kick landed on the chest area it could feel the air getting sucked out of it. The ribs or rib-like bones in there broke apart as the beast got sent flying in the opposite direction crushing into many trees as it just flew in an arc.

Matt stood there, panting a bit. He looked at the creature that just flew over a hundred meters away from him and crashed into the bushes and trees. The people behind him opened their eyes in bewilderment, their pants were a lot warmer than before as they might have gotten a bit scared. They saw the white-dressed cultivator from the back, he was holding up his fist, lightning sparks coming from it. The creature was gone but it didn’t take long for them to count two and two together.

*You fucking piece of shit!*

He ignored the people behind them and looked at the monster that was in pain, his eyes started glowing as he focused and took his first step forward, it was payback time. The monster stood up after a moment, it had self-healing properties so the damage was slowly regenerating. It couldn’t keep it up the whole time as it did train its energy. The red eyes glowed with madness as it looked in the direction of the cultivator that it was fighting with, but he wasn’t in that spot it only saw some pesky humans there instead. The creature soon saw a foot instead of in its field of vision as it landed right between the eyes, sending the hulking behemoth backward yet again.

The sound of thunder and thumping soon filled the forest along with a lot of trees getting destroyed as the creature got knocked around the whole place. The previously weak cultivator that was only dodging the attacks started wailing on the large thing, they were of the same cultivation level and all but the cultivation ranks that they had were a lot different. The monster reached its level by doping and absorbing other creatures, while the cultivator had a cultivation technique miles ahead of it.

“You like that you overgrown Squidward!”

Matt landed a palm strike to the creatures back after using his movement technique to dodge its attack, he was hopped up on adrenaline while fighting the thing but he was finally doing something. The creature might have been weaker than him, but it was still in the core formation realm and was regenerating from every hit he inflicted on it. After a while the creature started backing away while protecting itself from the hits, wings spreading apart as it tried to flee.

He could have let it flee at this point, he had won the fight. He still felt rage and was in battle mode at this point, not thinking all that straight and not being able to calm down. He used his range skills to charge up and aimed for the thing’s wings which brought the monster down after a couple of hits. The corrupted one screamed out in agony as it glared at the small human in front if it had known that the ant-like existence was that strong it would have run from the start.

The monster gathered up all its energy and started glowing in a crimson hue, its muscles bulged and the tentacles on its face started thrashing about. The cultivator saw that and started charging up his own energy as well, his eyes started glowing with bright blue energy, his whole body looked like it was covered by a sheet of lightning glowing the brightest in the spot where his hands were. The two stared at each other before they ground under their feet trembled and showed cracks. The two collided with each other as they unleashed their strikes, the two started pummeling each other but this time around the cultivator didn’t back away.

You could see that the creature wasn’t looking too great, its regenerative powers not kicking in anymore as it had drained itself during the fight. Matt didn’t look that well either, he had many scratches and bruises on his body but was still in better shape than the giant octopus. A huge arm was severed and flew up into the air as the cultivator held his light sword in one hand, the monster didn’t have much time to react as it tried backing away but got one of its lower limbs severed instead then collapsed onto the ground.

It roared in protest as the small human cultivator got closer and closer. Matt saw everything in bullet time, the eerie atmosphere filled the place, you could see the damaged trees everywhere and leaves were slowly falling down. The cultivator brought both his hands together, fist placed over the other as the energy sword expanded in length and girth. He then charged at the beast that was kneeling down on the ground. The monster let out one last roar as it tried to defend itself from the attack, but its large tentacle filled head got severed right at the neck. It flopped next to the large body that went down with it, but this creature wasn’t dead yet. The severed head started squiggling around and moving towards the severed neck, wanting to reattach itself.

At this moment the tribe people stood up wondering if the Senior killed the beast or not as they could hear less and less of the sounds of fighting. But then they saw the man in question fly up into the sky, he hovered there while raising both his hands above his head. He started forming what looked to be a spear of lightning, but it was growing in size every second, soon it was wider and longer than the human below it and thundering about.

Matt gave forced as much energy into the javelin attack as he could muster. He looked at the creature that was below him, the head was slowly using its tentacles to attach itself back to the body. He didn’t give it enough time though as he chucked the jumbo lightning spear down on it, a resounding boom could be heard right after as the corrupted one exploded along with everything in a 500-meter radius around it, leaving a gaping hole in the ground.

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