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Unfathomable Senior

Chapter 26

Chapter 26

The creature gave out a roar and the other tentacle beasts around it started squiggling as if they were having a dance party. The Tribe members were hugging each other tightly with the silky pants in the middle. The kid’s face was filled with tears and snot at this point and he probably had some more liquids filling out his pants as he looked terrible.

Matt got a hold of himself as the creature was looking around, it had wings on it’s back just like Cthulhu. It spread its wings and generated a lot of wind that sent the poor tribe people flying, slamming into each other, the ground and trees while the other tentacle monsters got closer. Just as the group of tribe people made peace with the world as they knew that they would be devoured any second now they saw some light in the distance and it was getting here really fast.

The closes tentacle thing next to them exploded into gorry bits as Matt’s lightning strike hit it, then more and more of the creatures started exploding from the hits while the people looked on in astonishment in their eyes. The big baddie turned in the direction that the attacks were flying from and gave out a roar, but it was met a light spear to the side as well. It staggered from the hit and a big wound appeared but it started healing at a rapid pace.

Matt appeared in a flash and kept zooming around on his sword while looking down at the creatures below, the Tribe members cheered as they saw who it was. They were glad that the Senior that they were familiar with somehow appeared out of the blue and was attacking the monsters. The group was a band of misfits but they weren’t dumb, they saw their chance as they noticed that the creatures stopped paying attention to them and slithered closer to the man standing on the flying sword. So they used this chance and run into the forest from the open field, Matt did clear out a path for them to escape and all.

So they grabbed their sobbing and shocked silkypants master and bolted for their dear life while not looking back at what was happening behind them, they could see some tentacle creatures moving to the clearing where the biggest monster was. For some reason, they didn’t seem that interested in them anymore. It was an eerie sight of the tencale wiggling things just converging into one location it was better viewed from up in the sky which Matt could see happening.

The cultivator dressed in white looked as the other people escaped on their own and then looked down at the squiggly spectacle below him. The big baddy was roaring up at him, this for some reason made his flying sword buzz. He had to focus on it so that it wouldn’t drop down to the ground, guess the monster was trying to bring him down below but its cultivation wasn’t strong enough for that.

*Hm, still in foundation establishment realm, guess I can still handle this one. Was this thing placed as the tutorial boss or something, or was I summoned here knowing that it was hiding below that tree and gathering its forces?”

The monster got angry as it couldn’t get the person down to the ground and found itself covering its head with those massive muscular arms. The lightning bolts started raining down on it as Matt was testing out the waters, the creature was taking a lot of damage and all but it was healing quite fast as well. But it didn’t look like the thing would be a problem for him at his current level. He didn’t feel like jumping down and engaging in fisticuffs with the huge thing, what if it spit some strange goop on him or if he got covered in tentacles?

While he was doing this he kind of ignored the smaller corrupted monsters that were slithering towards the big guy, but if he had some combat experience he might have been able to figure out what was about to happen. Why was the monster infecting the other beasts? What was the purpose of turning them into tangled up tentacle monsters? Also, the Chief mentioned that it used the monsters to elevate its cultivation in some way. But by the time the cogs in Matt’s head started turning you could see a massive ball of squiggling tentacles in the open field that was giving of an eerie red light.

What happened next would act as a wake-up call for Matt, as the huge humanoid-shaped, squid faced monster bolted away with huge strides and jumped at that mass of tentacles. The cultivator stopped pelting it with his lightning bolt spam and looked bewildered not sure what the creature was doing, was it trying to hide from him in that? Did it want to shield itself with the tentacles? But no, seconds after the whole area began glowing in a crimson hue, Matt could feel the mass of tentacles giving off bursts of spiritual energy and he could have sworn that he heard a heartbeat-like tune that went along with those bursts of Qi.

What happened next was a low witch shriek that made the man hold his palms to his ears. He could feel a sharp pain in his ears as he lost control of his flying sword and crashed to the ground. He landed a bit away from the mass of tentacles, but the screen kept him back from it. The creepy ball started shrinking and shrinking, it looked like the energy was getting absorbed from it and the tendrils crumpled into dust. Afterward, you could see the monster emerging, its eyes glowing red and it looking a bit taller than before all the injuries that it had sustained also couldn’t be seen.

It as at this moment that he knew, he fucked up. He probably should have taken out the smaller creatures first before they could gather up to give the ugly looking boss a power-up, he also felt that something was now blocking his flying skill as he couldn’t make the sword hover upwards well enough to escape.

This was the first time he came across anything at the same cultivation realm as he was, he wasn’t sure what that meant but it wasn’t anything good. His first thought was to flee but would he be able, if he fled what would happen to the people that were in the forest not so far away, would this behemoth turn on them instead? He mustered up all his bravery and took a fighting stance, he sure hoped that he could handle this beast as but it looked really intimidating.

The monster-filled the area with its core formation aura which gave Matt goosebumps then charged at him. It was a lot faster than the gorrila monster that he sparred previously and a lot bigger as well. Matt misjudged how fast the creature would get to him and was a bit slow with his dodging. He could see a huge fist getting thrown right at his face, he imagined he would be turned to paste if that thing cleanly hit him. Dodging to the side he could feel the creature’s limb just barely passing, the wind pressure throwing him off balance as he fumbled to the side a slight pain hitting his shoulder as the giant fist’s knuckle grazed it. This was the first time that he actually felt pain, the previous beasts were below his body strengthening technique so they weren’t able to even hurt him even if they gave him a full-powered hit.

He instinctively grasped his shoulder as he felt pain, but this only gave the monster the opportunity to extend one of its wings which landed a direct hit to his chest. He was sent flying into some trees, kicking up a storm of broken bark and splinters. The creature roared again while stretching out its muscular arms in a show of might, taunting its enemy that it just landed a hit on. Matt got off the ground and spit out some leaves from his mouth while his hair looked scuffled. The creature looked like it was feeling good about itself as it managed to bash this cultivator good and thought he wouldn’t be a problem. What happened next was a barrage of attacks that the monster unleashed on the human, which the human mostly managed to doge but not precisely. Each time he tried to evade he got scratched, poked and prodded and the damage on his clothes was a testament to that as after a while you could see a big scratch on his chest. Matt panted while he was trying to not die from the enraged monsters continues attacks.

Matt wasn’t really looking where he was dodging the monster as the fight had switched locations into the deep forest, the two were kicking up a storm as the huge behemoth just stomped its way through the trees while charging at the cultivator. Being the lucky bastards as they were, the tribe cultivators found themselves escaping in the same direction that the fight was happening. They looked behind them and they saw the hulking monster moving towards them while the Senior that they knew was dodging its attacks, he was dodging right towards them. Matt stopped in his tracks and looked behind, seeing the people right there they had stupid expressions on their faces as they collapsed from the monsters pressure. The beast didn’t care about them all that much it was focused on Matt, so it delivered another huge swing in his direction while the people were behind him, if he dodged they would surely turn into pancakes…

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