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Unfathomable Senior

Chapter 25

Chapter 25

The thumping in the house continued as Matt was looking at the people down, there were burly men and women even children prostrating themselves in front of him, probably most of them were the relatives of the silky-pants that was giving him a migraine right now. He scratched the back of his neck and then held out his hand out.

“Ok… Stop, that’s enough.”

All of the people stopped in their tracks but their heads remained planted to the ground, not daring to move an inch unless the honorable Senior told them too. They were praying that he would help them out, if he didn’t the Chief’s son was as good as dead and they would probably have to relocate their tribe as well due to the corrupted monsters and the even more dangerous beast that was behind them.

Matt felt a headache coming along as looked at the silent people in the room. He contemplated what he should do for a moment, the moral thing to do would be to help the people out. The smart thing to do would be to just get out of there or wait to see how strong that so-called corrupted one was otherwise he might find himself munched on by some creepy thing. Though Matt was one of the sorts of people that broke under increased social pressure so even though he didn’t think it was such a good idea, he decided to help the people out plus this also aligned more with his morals, plus deep down inside he was a big softy. He also was feeling bad for the prostrating people in front of him and he reckoned that he should be able to handle the creatures in the forest as he didn’t come across anything too dangerous for the time he has been here.

He gave out a big sigh as he spoke.

“Okay, stand up. In what direction did that silk… uh in what direction did your son go?”

Yang Shan was the first one to raise his head as a glint appeared in his eye, or it might have been a tear. He stood up and bowed once more, the rest of the tribe members did the same while backing away a bit.

“I can’t promise you anything though, this forest is gigantic it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.”

As Matt was talking, the Chief took out some kind of circular medallion with a stag engraved on it and handed it over to the cultivator in white.

“This is?”

“Senior, this is a treasure that was handed down to me by the previous Tribe’s head. It has a second part in the form of the ring if you focus your energy into it you can feel in what direction the other part is. It has a limited range though so we can’t use it from here.”

The chief replied while Matt was looking at the stag medallion.

“I didn’t use it as I thought the boy would just be away for a couple of days while hunting, he does these things from time to time… but with the appearance of the corrupted one, I’m afraid that he has a slim chance of coming back.”

Matt tried putting his spiritual energy into the magical treasure and as it absorbed it, it started to give out a dinging sound as it glowed slightly. After a few moments, the dinging stopped as the treasure couldn’t find its counterpart. He nodded and was lead out of the Chief’s house and pointed in the direction that the silky paints and his crew had left. The other problem was that it was getting dark outside, but the other people looked quite concerned and were giving him those puppy dog eyes as they pleaded.

“W-well, I’ll be off then.”

He said awkwardly as he didn’t take the expectations of these people all that well, his shiny Crystalline Sword was tossed out onto the ground, he jumped onto it and as he took his flying stance it took off while the concerned tribe people looked at each other with worry in their eyes. They didn’t doubt that this Senior was strong, but they didn’t know if he could handle the evil beast in the forest they had to keep the well being of the village in mind so they decided to inform every important person in the village. They had to prepare for the situation of the Senior not coming back, or abandoning the Chief’s son and coming back empty-handed. If it came to that they would have to relocate deeper into the mainland while seeking help from the stronger clans that were in the cities.

The Crystalline Sword produced a faint light as it drifted through the air with the muscular cultivator on top, that was scratching his head while flying forward.

*Why does it always have to be started by the young bratty masters, every damn time. Do they have some kind of troublemaker gene in them to cause trouble for others if you interact with them?*

He had been flying for a good hour by now, the sun was down but he still couldn’t get anything from this treasure. Matt had no tracking skills besides his map, but it had a limited range of showing living organisms in the vicinity as well. The boy and his entourage had a couple of days head start on him, but they couldn’t have gotten that far into the forest and he was a lot faster on his flying sword than people on the ground that could only run. He only had a vague idea where they could have gone, the people of the tribe told him a couple of places that Yang Rong could have gone to.

He was hovering above one of those places right about now, but he couldn’t see anything but he found out that he could see a lot more in the dark than he thought he would be able to. Guess the cultivator’s body came with various enhancements, plus the moons in the sky were also illuminating the silent night.

Why was it so silent though, Matt stopped in his tracks and tried to listen. He thought he would hear wolves howling in the night or various creepy beasts just crawling around the place. But it was really silent as if they had gone into hiding or escaped in a different direction. This gave of many red flags in his mind when he thought about it.

*Did they run away due to the corrupted one?*

He gulped and resumed with his flying. Going further and further as he flew for a good couple of hours now being close to the spot that he had arrived in where it all started. He grasped the medallion and inserted his Qi into it, it started dinging and dinging just as it always did, but this time around it gave out a louder sound than before. Matt could feel that the magical treasure was somehow guiding it to a certain spot in the forest, this must have been the area that the kid was in and would you know it, it was right dab in the same spot that Matt was spirited away to this place.

He scratched his neck and wondered if it was just a coincidence as he sped up towards that area, he still remembered hitting that tree and kicking that poor rabbit into meat paste by mistake. He just wanted to get there and get the kid and his idiotic posse and would you know it, there were all there but looked haggard and in a bad state, he was still a bit from their position but with his enhanced vision he could see some beasts surrounding the group. The beasts in question had squiggly tentacles protruding from their bodies as the ape that Matt battled previously.

Matt brought out his trusted lightning javelin and was ready to give them air support before they got the hentai girl treatment there, he really didn’t want to see burly men getting tentacled if he could do something about it. But before he could come to their rescue the broken tree in the middle of the field that he crushed previously started shaking and with a resounding boom, a creature emerged from within, kicking up a crowd of dust in the process. It was big and ugly and when Matt squinted his eyes to take a closer look his jaw dropped.

“I-is that… Is that god damned Cthulhu!?”

The creature wasn’t as big as the great old one from the stories, it was given or take 6 meters tall, but it was the spitting image of peoples favorite monster, it had the octopus-like head whose with a mass of feelers on them, plus the scaly humanoid body, claws on both hands and legs as well as a fitting name…the name made Matt feel like he was getting trolled by someone.

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