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Unfathomable Senior

Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Cheng Yun rubbed his cheek as he spit blood on the ground, he felt a stinging pain where he got smacked but he couldn’t resist the son of the chief, he didn’t want to trouble his family as Rong was a known trouble maker. He would have to take this beating, the senior that supposed to be following them behind probably had better things to do than, it was odd that he saved them to begin with. He was ready to cover his head to ease the blows but then he suddenly felt it, he felt the weight of a powerful cultivation aura, the senior didn’t leave and he was coming down.

Everyone looked up and the people from the tribe were shitting bricks right now as Zhang Dong was descending down from the sky while being lit up like a Christmas tree. He had an impeccable posture, he was straight as a pillar, his hands were behind his back and his hood was covering his head. The people could see his bright glowing eyes as he let his aura run free. Matt took his time, thinking to himself that he might be overdoing it a little bit as everyone around here looked like they were shitting bricks.

He came to a halt in front of the cowering Yang Rong and his band of bodyguards, he looked down at them the kid was too scared to raise his head upwards and look him in the eyes, as he knew well that this man in front of him was a lot stronger than his father that was the strongest fighter in the whole tribe. After a moment of silence the cultivator finally decided to speak.

“Sorry to break up your welcoming party, but I think these belong to those guys.”

He said while moving his arm in the direction that youth was in, this motion made Yang Rong almost scream out in shock but before he could do that he could see multiple dead beast bodies drop from thin air, with a larger beast deer body landing at the end and covering him in gory guts. Matt had dropped the monster beasts that he was storing in his storage ring and placed them directly on the silkypants that was now squirming under a pile of dead animal carcasses, he would be smelling mighty fine indeed.

“You don’t mind me dropping them right here, right?”

He pulled back his overbearing aura and stopped glowing like a neon light and looked back at the hunters that were behind him. They eyed him back with a dumbfounded look on their faces and didn’t know if they should laugh and cry. The person under that bloody pile was the oldest son of the Chief who would probably be enraged if he saw that. On the other hand he probably wouldn’t be able to do anything anyway as this monster of a cultivator had a unfathomable cultivation base, he had to at least be in foundation establishment but could he be in the rare core formation realm? The shook their heads side to side along with her hands wile awkwardly smiling.

“N-no it’s fine, it’s fine Senior Dong!”

“Oh? Well glad to hear that.”

He replied and then looked at the still shocked bully bunch.

“Think you should help your little friend out of there, he’ll probably need a throughout bath afterwards though.”

The tribe members that he was talking to, looked at themselves and moved up from their kneeling positions and just nodded sheepishly at the male in white words and began pulling the dead wolf bodies off of him, Rong climbed out of the pile covered in some gory bits, the wolfs weren’t processed and Matt did cut them up into pieces with his sword skill, so there were various ‘juices’ flowing in that pile, better not to know where they came from.

Cheng Yun had to cover his mouth to stop laughing, turning away after seeing in what of a sorry state the silkypants was in. He was glad that the bully got some instant karma, even though it wasn’t that much but it was quite a hit to his face. His eyes sparkled as he looked at the man in white that was hovering on his sword in front of them, hands behind his back and looking like a mountain, those were the sort of people young men alike looked up to.

Matt nodded his head a bit, thinking that was enough for now. He didn’t feel like beating up the brat, even though he looked like he needed a good trashing. He thought that some public humiliation would bring the overconfident youth down a peg or at least he hoped so.

The hunters sighted in relief as all of the animal bodies were removed, they could go back to their original work now and deliver those to other tribesmen for processing. They cupped their fists at Matt and started helping the others with the bloody mess, everything got cleaned up in a jiffy. Afterwards you could hear more footsteps coming closer as more and more people arrived, they all looked in the prime of their life, everyone was built like a brick house while one bearded man stood out as he was the largest one of them, being half a head taller then the next largest man from the loot, this was the tribe Chief.

The burly bearded man looked around, he saw his son that was drenched in what looked like blood and some unidentified bodily fluids. He looked to the floating man that was looking in his direction. He couldn’t measure the degree of this man’s strength, plus he was hovering on a treasure with no problem he was clearly above the Qi condensation realm that everyone in this village was in, this man could not be messed with or everyone in here could lose his life.

“A pleasure to meet such a master, my name is Yang Shan I’m the Chief of this village, what brings you to our humble home.”

He ignored his son’s predicament as he probably was up to no good as always, he already had a headache as he always had to cover up his son’s stupid escapees and he sure hoped that his stupid son didn’t offend this type of cultivator or they all were done for.

“Ah yes, greetings. Sorry about that little friend over there, just wanted to drop of those beast bodies and I didn’t see him there.”

He shrugged while every person that was here before sweatdropped as they clearly saw him fly up to the Chief’s kid and wave his hand in his direction before the pile of gore appeared. Not like they would tell that in this situation though.

“I met some of your people back in the forest, they said that you had a hot spring in here, was wondering if I could stay here for the night and use that hot spring of yours.”

The tribe chief glanced over at the hunters that Matt helped out, they just rubbed their necks and gave the chief a little nod. He wasn’t sure why the cultivator wanted to use that, as it was just a plain old hot water pool, there was no spiritual qi in it or anything. But cultivators were always an odd bunch.

“Ah yes! We will prepare the springs and bring you some refreshments as well, you can stay in our humble village as long as you want!”

He barked some orders at the near by people that quickly started running from where they came from, while the Chief moved over to Matt that was still hovering on his sword and tried to beckon him in the direction of the hot springs.

“Just follow me Senior, I’ll guide you here, you can also ask me any questions that you may have.”

Matt nodded while jumping off his sword, the sword then vanished into thin air after a wave of his hand which made the surrounding people go wide eyed once more and whisper among themselves. Spatial storage techniques were a rarity and most people didn’t have storage rings like what he had, if they did the storage capacity wasn’t much bigger than a cubic meter. Matt had an almost infinite amount of space in there.

“Okay chief, lead the way.”

He replied and followed after the burly man, a lot of people followed after him while a lot of them were also in front as they shooed other tribe members away so that the cultivator behind them wouldn’t need to wait, rule one of this kind of world was not to anger people stronger then them.

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