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Unfathomable Senior

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

“Uh… aren’t you going to take those? Think you were out here to hunt.”

Matt coughed into his hand as he finally noticed the uncomfortable atmosphere around him as the men were frozen while staring at him. He pointed with his finger at the dead creatures that laid down on the ground, he didn’t really want them as he already gained the spirit points for killing them, he was tempted to see how many he had now but he wasn’t sure if the others could see his system screen and either way if he started waving his finger around in a weird way they would probably think that he had a few screws loose.

“Oh but if you find any cores, could you hand those over?”

He stood to the side a bit moving away from the bloody scene as he inserted his spiritual energy into his flying sword that was still stuck to the ground. As it hovered upwards the blood and gore pieces fell down from the corpse of the crimson wolf that it parted in two. It was dripping and had pieces of flesh on it, the tip was kind of flat and looked more like it was better for bashing than skewering things on it. Matt grimaced at the gory sight. The flying sword didn’t seem to have a cleaning function like his clothes and the light sword as just a skill and it just evaporated all the blood anyway so he would need to clean that otherwise it would probably start to stink in a bit.

“Um… do you guys maybe have some water and a rag?”

He looked at the men that were moving over to the animal corpses who froze and looked at him as he was speaking. He had a strange way of talking in their opinion, but they thought that experts of that level were probably a bit quirky. He looked at them while asking and then to the sword that was hovering a bit of the ground and then placed down on it, then back to them. They spotted the blood on the tip and blade and then quickly spunk into action. The hunter in charge gave one of the other men a bottle of water and told him something and then that man started tearing off his sleeves he quickly run-up to the blade and started cleaning it with a ferocious dedication like his life depended on it which made Matt rub his neck as things got even more awkward.

“W-wait you don’t need to do that…”

“Dignified Senior! it’s an honor for us to clean your blade!”

The leader replied while cupping his fists and doing his bowing show of respect while Matt just looked at the thing a bit perplexed, but this was kind of how the world worked so he probably had to get used to it, or maybe he could change that world view of those natives if he wanted later on. His sword was nice and shiny within moments, the blood and guts were still warm so it was a lot easier to get them out than if they were dried. The male that cleaned it bowed to him and then moved to the other tribe members while they gathered up the spoils.

“Ah yes, thank’s.”

He moved the big sword closer to himself and just let it hover next to him, the hunters kept looking at the huge thing and the animal that it parted in one go and gulped. They were on their guard a bit, but kind of knew that they couldn’t do anything about the situation and hoped that this immortal cultivator was of a gentler kind, but that went a bit against their popular belief as most of what the rumors said, was that when someone reached a high enough level of strength they became quite haughty. But this person wasn’t giving off those vibes, so maybe the rumors were false.

“Ah, Also is there a hotel or something like that around here? It would be nice to take a bath.

The men looked at each other a bit surprised that this person was even here, most of high level cultivators wouldn’t really interact with low-level ones if they didn’t have too. He was even asking about bathing and staying for the night at their crummy little backwater tribe village. This wasn’t really a problem for them as having someone of this caliber come to their land would just make the other tribes shake in envy, maybe he would even fancy one of the tribe girls or pick up a disciple? That would elevate the entire tribe to new levels. This was a big opportunity and they were quite lucky because they even had a nice hot spring in their village, that being mostly the only good thing about it.

“Yes Senior, we have hot springs in our village also you can use any hose you deem worthy to stay in it, it would be an honor!”

The hunting party leader replied while his eyes were sparkling for some reason, Matt wasn’t sure why the person was looking at him like that but he shrugged and nodded back.

“Okay then, how about you pack those beasts up, I’ll just follow behind you, also would be a waste to not take that deer beast too.”

The men went back to work, quickly cleaning up and removing the beast cores that they handed over to Matt as he told them too. Though there was a little problem there were 14 dead wolves and 1 dead deer beast, they were a bit bigger then their Earthy counterparts and the men weren’t really prepared to drag so much game back home, they were mostly just prepared for maybe getting smaller animals and maybe one or two larger ones at most.

Matt wasn’t really too keen on dragging the dead animals on his own and he wasn’t interested in their meat whatsoever if he could just get food from his game like system instead. Though at that moment he almost facepalmed as he remembered that he had something he could transport the dead beasts with.

“Hey, just gather all of those together in one spot, I’ll just take them.”

Two of the men came back with the larger deer in tow and placed it together with the dead wolfs, and then looked as the man waved his hand around the corpses vanishing from the spot afterward. The beast corpses vanished into Matt’s storage ring of course, the hunters opened up her eyes wide as they never saw spatial manipulation before. They just bowed some more while the man dressed in white moved back onto his large sword.

“Venerable Senior, we thank you for the aid! Would you honor us with your name.”

Their eyes were sparkling even more than before, and Matt rubbed his neck as he felt a cold sweat taking over.

“Um… you can call me Zhang D-dong I guess…”

He regretted getting a silly last name like that, the man having a juvenile sense of humor but in this word that wasn’t such a strange-sounding name. But he would probably have to get used to hearing dong this dong that around this place now.

“Well, I’ll just follow you from up above then…”

He hovered back up while the hunters nodded to each other and started running towards their village, hoping that they could get this Senior to show some interest in their Tribe, they were a bit of an opportunistic lot but the times were tough so that was normal around these parts.

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