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Undying Warlord

Chapter 657 Power Of Honesty

Dilan wasn't really affected by Goldy's charm

Yes, she was beautiful, to the extent that it was questionable whether she had any flaws appearance-wise, and it was also true that her demeanor was also alluring.

In fact, there shouldn't be many existences, who could remain unfazed just by being close to the Princess of Haven.

But Dilan was different, or something about him was different. He was able to keep a cool head around Goldy even while staring deep in her large golden eyes from a distance of less than a meter.

But that was not all because Dilan could even provoke Goldy from up close.

"What is your Occupation's rank?" Goldy asked all of a sudden.

Her question attracted the attention of the other two Archangels, and Silver Chicken exclaimed upon realizing what was going on.

"Of course, everything makes sense now! You might only be at the fourth Tier, but you should possess a powerful Occupation and several abilities that work together with this regeneration ability you have. It's probably your Origin ability, isn't it?!

But that wouldn't explain why you're so strong as well…" Silver Chicken blabbered before she turned quiet for a few seconds. Rooster also grasped the situation and his anger dispersed.

"Do you have one of the limited Legendary Occupations, and you solved all Tier advancement missions in the abyss difficulty?" He thus asked before retrieving his weapon from Dilan.

Dilan had pulled Rooster's weapon out of his abdomen just before he appeared in front of Goldy. It would be a bit weird to move around with a sword pierced through the body, after all! 𝐢𝚗𝚗re𝐚𝚍 𝘤𝘰𝒎

The longsword of Rooster was exceptional, just like the War Princess Armor Set of Goldy but neither really attracted his attention.

The Hyel Destructo Armor Set was pretty good for his current needs and Oricalm was a weapon that was bound to become stronger than Rooster's longsword.

Dilan was confident in his equipment, his abilities, special traits, and most importantly…he was confident in himself, and his willpower to do whatever was needed to achieve his goals!

"I don't have a Legendary Occupation and neither did I complete each of my advancement missions in the abyss difficulty," Dilan answered honestly.

He looked at Rooster and noticed that the Archangel looked more like an intrigued kid than a mighty warrior. Dilan was already a little bit confused earlier. Instead of being calm and composed, the Archangel had been rather reckless and needlessly angry.

His behavior had been the exact opposite of what he had expected from an Angel.

'Looks like I have my prejudices as well…'

"...He is telling the truth," Goldy said when both Silver Chicken and Rooster looked at her for reaffirmation.

That made it quite obvious that Goldy was in possession of an ability that allowed her to detect lies. Maybe, it was even one of the Powers!

Being able to detect lies would have been really helpful for Dilan in the past. Now, it didn't really matter anymore because the Queen's Image had a few devices with which one could detect lies with a very high percentage. It was not 100%, or even 90% correct but that didn't really matter.

The psychological effect one could invoke by spreading rumors that they were able to detect lies to 100% was good enough, whether that was the truth or not.

"So…you have an Epic-ranked occupation? That's…unexpected…I don't really understand it…" Rooster seemed both disappointed and confused. He continued to blabber in front of himself, completely forgetting that a mortal human and his two fellow Lesser Archangel Gods were able to see him in this state.

"I don't have an Epic-ranked Occupation either…but forget about that annoying ranking. I don't even use the Primordial Ascension's system. I customized it because most notifications were useless.

Isn't it annoying to get a message for every single Essence you've absorbed, or being able to see your stats? I mean…my stats are much lower than the status of Demi Gods and Lesser Gods, but I will come out victorious if we find it until the very end. I don't need this distraction,"

Dilan's voice was neither calm nor agitated. He looked at the Archangels, exposing various information about himself without even realizing it.

At least, that was how it had been in the beginning. He realized only much later that he had turned into a blabbermouth even though he was usually rather quiet when it was not necessary for him to speak.

Dilan's head flicked toward Godly who returned his gaze with an extremely calm demeanor. Her entire expression made it seem as if she was totally uninterested in Dilan, let alone the answers he had given her…however, that was all a lie!

'Don't tell me…'

His eyes widened and goosebumps began to spread all over his body.

"You guys…Your Power is not only the Power to detect Lies…but it's quite literally the Power of Honesty or something like that…"

He had been tricked!

Both Rooster and the Silver Chicken played along with the Princess of Haven's game…they all fooled him.

Under normal circumstances, this would have enraged him, to the extent that he felt like getting rid of his enemies' existence.

However, Dilan had to think about his family, friends, and his people.

They were all on the flying island, exposed to the wrath of the Gods. The moment the weakest kind of Lesser God were to reach the flying island and unleash their faux Divinity, the entire island and every living being habituating the island would cease to exist.

This was something Dilan had realized quite a while ago already. But the Curtain of Invisibility hadn't been exposed to the Angel's Haven alliance by then.

'I can't kill them all right here. If they want to flee, Goldy can just obliterate me and throw me aside before disappearing with the others… If they want to destroy the flying island it's over…'

Dilan didn't want to accept that he was at an advantage but that was a matter of fact. It was frustrating, specifically when looking at the overly calm, composed, yet, also the otherworldly beautiful face of the Princess of Haven.

"What do you want from me?" He finally asked, his voice cold but also calm enough to make clear that he was not done yet.

"I'm more interested in your wants. You are strong enough to kill Demi Gods and weak Lesser Gods, yet, you're only at the fourth Tier. The Primordial Ascension occurred more than 27 years ago and your subordinates are already Demi Gods.

Why are you so much slower than them, but tens, if not hundreds of times stronger than them? What is your plan? What do you want to achieve in the future?" Goldy asked before she lifted one finger. "I just want honesty!"

Dilan looked at Goldy for a few seconds. At this moment, he wished to possess an ability that could differentiate the truth from lies.

Unfortunately, he was not in possession of something like that and he would never be.

He had to rely on his intuition, which could end up disastrous, or on a good note.

"Will you give me what I want if I tell you?" Dilan asked after another short break.

Rooster didn't seem to like the tone in Dila's voice but that was not something he could be bothered about right now.

"If I gain something equally valuable in exchange, I might reconsider it," Goldy answered calmly before she pointed at the Divine Relict.

"But before you will have to pay off your debt with more honesty…

Tell me your secrets!!"

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