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Treasure Hunt Tycoon

Chapter 22: Ah Meow Changes His Medicine

Chapter 22: Ah Meow Changes His Medicine

Translator: Vicky_ Editor: Vicky_

Li Du didn’t believe that Hans would cheat him, so he started to fill out the form while asking, “What club level are you in?”

Shifting from side to side, Hans nervously replied, “Um, are you hungry? What do you want for dinner? Ah, where’s my phone? Hold on while I get it…”

“Sh*t, are you still at the Ten Thousand Club?” Just seeing his reaction was enough for Li Du to guess the right answer. “How many years have you been in this business? Why are you still at the ten thousand level?”

“What’s that look? Are you looking down on me?!” shouted Hans. “It’s really difficult to get in the Hundred Thousand club, alright? Do you even know the guidelines?”

Li Du simply shrugged. “I don’t know, so tell me.”

“It’s really difficult. For the Ten Thousand Club, you only need to earn a net income of ten thousand dollars at an auction. To get into the Hundred Thousand Club, you need at least two auctions with income of over a hundred thousand dollars!”

“Is it really that hard to do?” questioned Li Du.

What he didn’t know was that it would only take a day for him to experience difficulty with the clubs. There was an association branch located right in Phoenix, so as soon as he finished filling out the form, they went to submit the application.

However, the application was immediately denied.

Seeing the big red X on the form, Hans angrily pounded on the desk. “Why was his application denied? My buddy here earned more than ten thousand dollars this time.”

“It’s really simple, Mr Fox. According to our investigation, you spent 5,500 dollars for the storage unit at the Cactus Storage firm, while your income from the items in the unit was less than 20,000—so how can your buddy have earned more than 10,000 dollars?” The chubby brunette explained all of this with a pleasant attitude.

“Actually, we’ve agreed to a forty-sixty split on our profits, and I get forty percent while he gets sixty,” Hans quickly explained.

“We need a document stating that, which you should have provided beforehand,” the chubby lady shrugged. “It’s too late now, but we’ll take the money split into consideration for future auctions.”

At this moment, a Mexican man appeared at the office. Soon, they heard the mocking laughter of Lucas as he spat, “Hey, look who’s here! Welcome to Phoenix, Hans, what are you guys doing here?”

He had clearly already been in the building, and must have known what the two came for. Now that the application had been denied, he was intentionally trying to annoy them.

However, Li Du didn’t give him the chance, and immediately dragged Hans away. As they passed Lucas, Li Du said, “We eared 20,000 with the Yamaha and the DW drums. if you’ve got any information in the future, you should make sure that it’s accurate.”

“There must be a lot of people who hate your guts now,” Hans taunted. “Yo, buddy, you are probably miserable here in Phoenix—do you want to move to Flagstaff with us?” Hans taunted.

“Oh, sorry, but Flagstaff doesn’t welcome you either,” added Li Du.

At this, Lucas’s face immediately turned red.

Although it was quite unfortunate that Li Du wasn’t able to join the club, his disappointment was gone in a moment since he knew that he would eventually meet the standards.

However, Hans didn’t seem to be able to swallow this annoyance. As soon as they got back to Flagstaff, he took Li Du to the red light district with the intention of finding some girls for him.

“I don’t have any anger that I need to release,” Li Du said as he shook his head.

Slapping the steering wheel, Hans shouted, “Don’t act like a monk! You are a normal man, not a cleric who has sworn off all earthly pleasures.”

There wasn’t much to argue with there; they simply had different views on life. Although Li Du was a normal man, and was quite interested in beautiful women, he wouldn’t get involved with such girls.

When they got to the red light district, Hans got out of the car as Li Du moved to the driver’s seat. Before leaving, Li Du said, “See you later buddy, and have a good time. I’m going to check up on Ah Meow’s wound.”

At this, Ah Meow piped up, mewling, “Meow! Meow!”

When he got to St. John’s Hospital, attending the front desk was the black nurse that he met last time. When she saw him and Ah Meow, she gestured to the door and took him to a side office, before questioning, “Here to change the drugs?”

“Yes, its situation is quite good. I think that the medicine worked.” Li Du showed her the cage.

As the nurse carefully played with Ah Meow, the cat took the initiative by pushing its paws forward.

“My name is Kanali. You are a very kind man—God bless you.”

“Thank you. In that case, could we change the medicine here?”

Kanali shook her head before continuing, “You don’t need to change the drugs here, Li. The fees at the hospital are very expensive. I can get you the names of the drugs which you can get at your local clinic.”

“It’s not prescription drugs, right?” question Li Du.

In America, getting prescription drugs was quite hard at the local pharmacies.

“It’s simply medicine for outer trauma—a kid-friendly version. Also, Dr. Sophie isn’t in today, so when you need help changing the medicine, you can go visit her home.”

Li Du hesitated. “Is that really alright? I’m not troubling her?”

“I think Sophie would love your visit,” Kanali said with a smile. “In fact, I think this is what she would want. She likes little animals very much, and will probably play with Ah Meow for an entire afternoon.”

Since he visited Sophie’s house with Hans just two days ago, there was no need to ask for directions.

After Kanali helped him get in contact with Sophie, he drove directly there. When he got to the door, Sophie was already waiting outside.

The chill of early spring was still in the air, and blonde hair twisted in a braid down the young doctor’s back. She wore a blue sweater and a high collared blouse decorated with lace that resembled flowers. As she stood upon the porch showing off her slim figure, she resembled the blooming flowers of early spring.

Seeing Li Du and the kitten, Sophie let out a captivating smile that showed her anticipation.

At this, Li Du’s heart skipped a beat. He couldn’t help but wonder when his charisma increased to such a degree that a beautiful doctor like Sophie would smile at him. Did she like him?

As if answering his unrealistic dream, Sophie directly went to Ah Meow.

Perhaps because of the shadow left behind by the surgery, the normally fierce Ah Meow behaved like a calm kitten, and didn’t attack Sophie as she caressed it. In fact, Ah Meow’s tremble could clearly be seen upon her touch.

“Everything’s alright, good kitty. Let’s see if your butt is any better today,” Sophie said, comforting Ah Meow after they went inside.

Hearing this, Li Du’s heart skipped another beat, which made him speechless. It couldn’t be that he was having a heart attack, right?

Seeing that it wasn’t any serious injury—and that Sophie often faced such issues—even though it took over an hour, the entire process was quite smooth and soon Ah Meow was taken care of.

With nothing else to do, Li Du quickly swept his gaze across the living room.

The house had been carefully cleaned, and the dark brown floor shone with the gloss of oak, contrasting the milky-white sofa and tea table.

There was very little decoration or furniture in the room; the only thing of note was the white piano that stood with the same color as the other furniture.

Since he really couldn’t just stare at the girl the entire time, he shifted his gaze to the piano. 𝐢𝙣𝓃𝘳𝙚𝐚𝙙. 𝓬𝐨𝑚

Noticing his attention, Sophie asked after taking care of Ah Meow, “Do you play the piano?”

Li Du decided to show off his elegant side: “Um, when I was in school, I often listened to Mozart—eh, Mozart used the piano for his compositions, right? Don’t tell me that he used the violin.”

Hearing the second part of his rambling, Sophie chuckled. “Of course he did. He could play and compose with many instruments. His talent composing classical music is unmatched.”

After that, with nothing else between them, they soon descended into an awkward silence. At this, Li Du understood the situation, and with another round of thanks, he soon left with Ah Meow.

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