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Treasure Hunt Tycoon

Chapter 15: Having Ten Thousand Dollars

Chapter 15: Having Ten Thousand Dollars

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At the last moment, Li Du felt a flash of heat on his face, making him very uncomfortable. This wasn’t from the rush of blood and adrenaline but the exhaust of the bike ahead.

That was how close they were!

Although his emotions were already in turmoil, Li Du was still able to keep a clear state of mind. He immediately screamed Slow down time! in his mind.

Once again, the little bug heard his request, and suddenly, the gliding bike slowed down. Taking this chance, Li Du slammed on the gas and then the brakes before turning the bike.

Accompanied by the roar of the engine and sound of the tires, the heavy motorcycle moved with the agility of a little antelope, turning onto the sides before showing off a beautifully executed drift!

Li Du fluidly righted the bike onto its previous path. The biker that had cut him off now had a taste of his own medicine. At that kind of speed, the Harley’s movements were like a choreographed dance. The motorcyclist only felt a blow of wind before Li Du’s bike reappeared in front of his own.

However, it seemed like the guy was also a veteran on the road, and was able to quickly change gears while slowing his ride down.

Li Du did the same with his bike. He stepped on the brake when he felt he reached a safe speed; he didn’t break previously because Stephen told him earlier that when the bike exceeds a hundred miles per hour, bikers should never brake without slowing down first. Even with the anti-lock braking system, it was still easy for the bike to lose its balance.

Behind the Harley, a deep black mark was left on the road, displaying the path that the Harley had taken. When the bike came to a full stop, Li Du took off his helmet and inhaled a deep breath.

This was the side effect of using his time ability. He needed to breathe deeply to supply a large amount of oxygen to his body and return to normal.

The other bike also stopped. Its rider took off his helmet, showing off a tuft of short blond hair. Whistling at Li Du, he praised, “Wow dude, that was cool!”

With a face full of pimples, behind the wheel was a young biker that looked about twenty years old. Although he was forced by Li Du to stop his bike, it seemed that he didn’t feel any shame. Running in Li Du’s direction, he exclaimed, “Hey buddy, where did you learn that kind of godly skill? That was awesome! How were you able to get in front of me?”

Li Du, on the other hand, continued with another deep breath. When he regained some energy, he fiercely grabbed the biker’s collar and exclaimed, “Motherf*cker! Do you want to die!?”

Raising his hands in a show of surrender, the young biker meekly replied, “Cool off buddy, I didn’t mean to offend. If you are going to ride a customized Street Glider, you should more or less expect to be challenged!”

Behind them, Hans and the others quickly caught up in their pickup and started asking what happened.

That pimply boy’s partner, a blonde man, took out his phone and showed them a short video of the Harley as it executed its perfect glide.

“Sh*t sh*t sh*t!” Hannah exclaimed. “No wonder this is called Street Glide! This bike is made perfectly for moves like that!”

Hans looked at Li Du with surprise. “Yo buddy, I’m starting to feel like I don’t know you at all.”

On the other hand, Stephen didn’t seem too pleased. “Hey Li, you are clearly a pro, why did you act like you didn’t know how to ride a motorcycle earlier?”

Hearing this comment, Li Du became filled with exasperation. “I’m the expert of noobs! It was God who just spared my life at his mercy! How the hell did I pull that off? I have no idea! Any idea why this guy tried to kill me?”

“When you ride a customized Harley on the road, it means that you are asking for a race,” Stephen explained.

Tossing the keys back to Hans, Li Du commented, “You were right Fox, anyone who wants to live a long life should stay as far away from motorcycles as they can! Quickly get rid of it, this machine is like a magnet for misfortune!”

“You are planning to sell this bike?” the blonde biker asked in disbelief. “Are you serious?”

Stroking his chin, Hans replied, “If the price is right, then perhaps we’ll sell it. Buddy, what’s your name? Are you from around here?”

“He’s not from Flagstaff,” Stephen said.

There were only so many bikers in Flagstaff, so the circle was very small and everyone knew each other.

“I’m Ronald Yax, from Phoenix. I’ve got a couple of friends here that I’ve come to visit. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” answered the blonde teen, shaking their hands.

“Hello Ronald, I’m Hans Fox; my friends call me Fox. Do your friends need a bike like this? I’m sure you know its specs since you’ve seen it yourself,” Hans tempted.

“Your bike was in front of me, how were you able to get the video?” Li Du asked bewildered.

“I’ve got cameras in front of and on the back of my bike; isn’t that quite common? As for this bike, you’ll have to tell me everything about it, but I think I’ll be able to find you a buyer.”

There wasn’t anything to hide about the motorcycle’s condition. Storage auctions were very well-regulated, and one of their rules was that the buyers must be provided with detailed and accurate information of their purchases.

After knowing that the bike was acquired from an auction hunt, Ronald marveled at their luck. “You guys must be blessed by God to have such good fortune. Alright, since the bike was from a public auction without any problems, I’ll try to find a good owner for it.”

He then made a phone call. Then he informed the group that a potential buyer would be there in about two hours.

These two hours were the best time for Hannah and Stephen to enjoy the bike. For a regular American girl like Hannah, there weren’t lots of opportunities to ride twenty-thousand-dollar, heavy-duty bikes.

Ronald was quite accurate with his two-hour estimation. As the roar of several engines approached, a group of Harleys began to circle them, leaving a trail of black smoke.

“This kind of people will get themselves killed on the road sooner or later,” Li Du commented as he shook his head.

“As long as we can get their money before they die,” Hans smiled nonchalantly.

Four people came on two motorbikes. One of the four guys was bald, well-built, and he was the potential buyer. His nickname was Cylinder Head according to Ronald’s introduction. Cylinder heads were a part of the internal combustion engine of motorcycles. Located on top of the cylinder blocks, they sealed the top of the combustion chamber.

This item was often in contact with very hot gasoline, which was also highly pressurized, so the material used must withstand high heat and pressure. Because of the specific requirements of the materials, they were the most costly part of an engine.

After examining the outer appearance of the bike and listening to its engine, Cylinder Head nodded. “This is a well-maintained machine. How much do you want for it?”

“Fifteen thousand,” Hans answered, crossing his arms.

Cylinder Head called over one of his companions, “Rooster, give them the money.”

A blank stare was the reaction from Hans, who had originally prepared to haggle.

This transaction was much different from the massage chair’s. There was no additional bargaining. One of the bikers took a stack of bills out from his jacket and handed it over to Hans.

Cold, hard, green cash!

“Should I have asked for a higher price?” Hans asked Li Du in a very low voice.

“Don’t be too greedy. I don’t think you should irritate these guys,” Li Du answered.

Fifteen thousand dollars would earn Li Du nine thousand, according to their agreement of splitting the money sixty-forty. In addition to the remaining money from last time, he now had over ten thousand in savings.

After making sure that the bills were all authentic, Hans took out ten of them and invited the bikers out for a drink.𝙞n𝐧𝚛e𝚊𝑑. 𝗰o𝐦

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