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Chapter 8: Chapter 8: Who Is My Father (1)

Translator: ShinoJ

Today, Tang Chunxiu actually placed her attention on Gu Manxi, whom she had not seen for more than ten years, to show her concern and care?

“Uncle, eat the milk cake.” In his arms, a five-year-old girl held up a piece of white cake. Her eyes were curved into crescent moons, beautiful and gentle.

Uncle, on account of how cute I am, Why aren’t you coming to save me? 𝙞𝙣𝗻𝒓𝗲𝓪d. c𝘰m

Zhao Yan took the rice cake and calmed down. He had never asked about the family matters of his own family. This time, he planned to investigate thoroughly.

His parents’ recent behavior was indeed very strange.


After lunch, Zhao Yan and Zhao Jing went to deal with the company’s affairs. Tang Chunxiu brought Gu Manxi and Gu Chu upstairs. They had already prepared two rooms.

“Sister, I’ll bring Chuchu to her new room. You and Mom can chat slowly.” Zhao Manshi pulled on Gu Chu’s sleeve and walked to the room on the left.

“Okay, you bring Chuchu to play. Manxi and I still have some things to talk about.” Tang Chunxiu wanted to be alone with Gu Manxi and continue brainwashing her.

In order to win Gu Manxi’s trust, the Zhao family still put in some thoughts to the room layout. Gu Chu’s small room was warm and cutepink. There were cute Barbie dolls and fluffy toys on the floor of the bed. There was a small computer on the pink desk. The curtains and carpet were all pink. It looked very much like a princess’s room in a fairy tale.

Gu Chu let out a “Wow” very cooperatively. She threw herself onto the bed and hugged the Barbie doll. She looked like he had never seen the outside world before. “What a beautiful doll.”

She despised it in her heart!


Are you kidding me? I’m not a five-year-old child! Why don’t you give me the latest sports car, the black card, and a top-equipped computer? Those are my favorites!

On the surface, Gu Chu was still holding onto the childish doll and could not put it down.

Zhao Manshi turned her back. A child from the countryside was indeed easy to fool. A few dolls could fool her until she was dazzled, but she did not know that her good days were coming to an end.

“Chuchu, what are you doing?” Zhao Manshi turned her head and found that the five-year-old child had put down the doll and was already sitting next to the computer. Strange lines of code appeared on the computer screen.

His chubby little fingers were typing randomly on the keyboard.

Gu Chu retracted her fingers and blinked innocently. She made a “Shhh” gesture. “Auntie, I’m playing a computer game. Shhh, don’t tell Mommy.”

Only then did Zhao Manshi notice that there were zombies, plants, and sunflowers on the computer screen.

This child was playing Plants vs. Zombies. She rubbed her eyes. She must have seen it wrong. How could there be code on the computer just now?

“Okay, I won’t tell your mother.” Zhao Manshi put on an elegant appearance and sat next to Gu Chu. She tried to entice her. “Chuchu, do you know who your father is?”

Gu Chu’s big black eyes rolled around. She lowered her voice and said in a cute and serious manner, “Auntie, I’ll tell you in secret. Don’t tell anyone else.”

Zhao Manshi was delighted. This child really knew who her father was!

Zhao Manshi had already made plans. She wanted to secretly find Gu Chu’s father. When Gu Manxi married Director Li in the future, she would find Gu Chu’s father to cause trouble. Director Li loved to save face and would definitely be furious. Gu Manxi’s life would definitely be extremely miserable, comparable to hell.

“Good girl, Auntie won’t tell anyone. Chuchu, tell me,” Zhao Manshi said gently.

Gu Chu blinked her eyes and said mysteriously, “My mommy?said, my father is a diver.”

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