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Chapter 4: Chapter 4: Return to The Capital (2)

Translator: ShinoJ

“Mommy, when we get to Grandma’s house, Chuchu still wants to stay with Mommy.” Gu Chu hugged Gu Manxi’s arm and rubbed it intimately.

Gu Manxi lowered her head and looked at her cute and obedient daughter. Her eyes were gentle. “Okay, Mommy will always be with Chuchu. No one can separate us.”

A woman may be weak, but a mother was strong.


Chuchu was Gu Manxi’s last straw.

Gu Chu wanted to set off fireworks to celebrate.?Mom, you’re finally starting to be a little wary! Come on, keep up the good work! Next, let’s tear apart the Zhao family’s hypocritical skin!


After a long journey, they finally arrived at the wealthy and prosperous capital. On the way, Gu Manxi hugged Gu Chu and barely slept in the car.

The driver drove the mother and daughter to the wealthy district of the capital and stopped at the entrance of a luxurious house. It was close to noon. At the entrance of the luxurious house, two servants were waiting by the side to help Gu Manxi carry her luggage.

“Miss, the old master and the madam have already prepared a welcoming lunch. Please follow me in.” A servant took the luggage with a slightly arrogant expression.

Everyone in the Zhao family knew that the missing miss, “Zhao Manxi”, had returned today. The news had spread throughout the house. This young lady hooked up with a random man and had given birth to a little bastard. It was simply filthy, a world of difference from the elegant and generous third miss, Zhao Manshi. 𝐢𝓷n𝗿e𝙖𝑑. 𝘤om

“Miss, do you need my help with your schoolbag?” The servant saw Gu Chu carrying a pink schoolbag and pretended to be attentive.

Gu Chu shook her head and said innocently, “I can’t. There’s a very impressive treasure in Chuchu’s schoolbag. Uncle, if you touch it, you’ll die.”

It sounded like a child’s words.

The servant sneered and looked at the dirty and ugly pink bag behind Gu Chu. He didn’t want to take the dirty bag to avoid dirtying his hands.

Gu Manxi held Gu Chu’s hand and walked into the slightly famous Zhao family.

The servant led Gu Manxi and her son to the dining hall.

The dining hall was decorated elegantly and beautifully. Three people were already seated at the long dining table. The dignified middle-aged man sitting at the head seat was Zhao Jing, Gu Manxi’s biological father. Tang Chunxiu sat next to her husband, Zhao Jing. The young man sitting across from her was Zhao Yan, Gu Manxi’s eldest brother.

Tang Chunxiu had three children: her eldest son, Zhao Yan, her second daughter, Gu Manxi, and her third daughter, Zhao Manshi.

“You’re here, Manxi. Chuchu, come and sit down.” Tang Chunxiu was delighted. She held Gu Manxi’s hand and asked her to sit beside her.

As for the five-year-old Gu Chu, Tang Chunxiu pretended to ignore her. She didn’t like this bastard granddaughter at all. If she left her in the Zhao family, it would only tarnish the Zhao family’s reputation. Tang Chunxiu even secretly planned to find an opportunity to send Gu Chu away. It was better to be out of sight than out of mind.

Gu Chu shrugged, giving Tang Chunxiu the space to “display her motherly love”. She herself ran to Zhao Yan, the eldest son of the Zhao family. She raised her little arms and raised her little head. She called out in a childish voice, “Hello, uncle. Uncle, hug Me.”

Gu Chu remembered every detail of the original novel.

The Zhao family did not have any good people. The only good person was her uncle Zhao Yan. Unfortunately, Zhao Yan ended up in a tragic end.

Zhao Yan was 28 years old this year. He did not have the flashy air of a young master from a wealthy family. His facial features were cold, and his aura was distant. When he was young, he hid it from his family and went to the army. He had developed a calm and cold personality. Later, he returned to the Zhao family and was groomed as an heir.

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