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Chapter 28: Chapter 28: Don’t Bully My Mother (2)

Translator: ShinoJ

Gu Manxi was a clean and kind woman. Zhao Yan admired her, loved her, and wanted to protect her as her brother.

The brother and sister continued to talk, but little did they know that their conversation was heard by the little ears in the corner.

Gu Chu touched her chin, her little face beaming with joy. He sold my family’s house? And the sentence was less than a month?

I, Gu Chu, will never let you get what you want!

Whoever bullies my mother, I’ll make your whole family suffer!


These few days, the Zhao family had been very busy. They had found all sorts of connections and finally managed to suppress the matter between Director Li and Gu Manxi.

The head of the Zhao family, Zhao Jing, sat in the main seat. His expression was terrible as he scolded, “You shouldn’t have brought her back in the first place.”

“Too late to say that.” Tang Chunxiu glanced at her husband, who still looked dignified. Disdain appeared on her charming face as she put down the teacup in her hand. “You didn’t object to my suggestion to bring Gu Manxi back. Now that the plan has failed, you’re blaming me?”

The two of them had been husband and wife for more than 20 years. They had long understood each other’s personalities.

They hated each other.

If it were not for the Zhao family’s interests, the old couple would have long shed all pretense.

Tang Chunxiu clenched her fingers and snorted lightly, “This girl is now living in Xiao Yan’s house. Xiao Yan’s temper is as bad and difficult as you were back then. I reckon that she doesn’t believe us anymore. If we want to make a move on her, I reckon we won’t be able to.”

Tang Chunxiu also did not expect that her good plan would mysteriously fail.

It could only be said that Gu Manxi was too lucky. She looked weak on the surface, but she was more stubborn than anyone else. Now, Tang Chunxiu could no longer control Gu Manxi.

The situation became a mess. Not only did the Zhao family lose Gu Manxi as a chess piece, but their relationship with the Li family was also strained. Tang Chunxiu and Zhao Jing spent a lot of money to suppress all the havoc before they helped Director Li reduce his sentence.

“There’s no rush. The Li family is actually not the best choice for marriage.” Tang Chunxiu rubbed the silver ring on her middle finger and narrowed her eyes. “You know about the Song family, right? President Song, Song Chen, is interested in our Manshi.”

Zhao Jing’s interest was piqued. “President Song? How is that possible?”

“How is that not possible? Our Manshi is smart, beautiful, and well-read. She’s also a well-known young lady from a prestigious family in the capital.” Tang Chunxiu’s face was full of pride. “I’ll make some arrangements in the next few days.”

Tang Chunxiu’s eyes flashed with determination.

She was full of confidence in her youngest daughter.

The husband and wife were chatting when the butler rushed in. As he walked, he shouted, “Madam, Master, something bad has happened! Quick, watch the news! Something big has happened!”

Zhao Jing raised his eyebrows and looked displeased. “What are you panicking for? It’s not proper.”

The Butler was so anxious that his face was red. He quickly turned on the television in the living room. The major news platforms on the television were rolling out the latest hot news.

“Li Youde of the Li Corporation is suspected of taking bribes, embezzlement of public funds, abuse of power, violation of a minor, and 18 other crimes. The prosecution has approved the arrest:”

“According to sources, Li Youde has been continuously evading taxes since 1996... he is suspected of evading a total of more than 1.8 billion yuan...”

“Netizens are discussing and demanding for heavy persecution...”


Tang Chunxiu was stunned. “W-What’s going on...”

The butler hurriedly said, “Late last night, a large number of scandals about the Li Group suddenly appeared on the Internet, and a large amount of internal information was exposed.”

“Then why didn’t you contact the backstage and delete the negative news!” Zhao Jing was furious. The Zhao family and the Li family had a close business relationship.

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