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Chapter 22: Chapter 22: Meeting the Father Again (2)

Translator: ShinoJ

Gu Chu walked to the nearest luxurious elevator and tiptoed to press the button for the 30th floor. She remembered that in the original novel, Tang Chunxiu caught Gu Manxi and Director Li undressed on the 30th floor.

Unfortunately, she was too short to press the button for the 30th floor.

Gu Chu wanted to cry but no tears came out. Her small face was drooping and her cheeks were puffy from anger.

“Little girl, why are you here alone?” Gu Chu was worried when two men in suits walked into the elevator. One of the men who looked like an assistant saw the cute little girl and asked softly.

Gu Chu raised her small head. “Chuchu wants to go to the 30th floor to look for Mommy, but Chuchu can’t press the button for the 30th floor....”

“Okay, Uncle will help you.” The assistant in the suit was kind enough to help Gu Chu press the 30th floor.

Gu Chu was about to thank him when she caught a glimpse of the silent man beside the assistant. Gu Chu’s mouth was wide open in the shape of an O, and a string of curses rolled through her heart.

This cold and aloof man with the words “Don’t touch me” written all over his body! He was the Song Chen from the email! The blind male protagonist from the original novel!

Her stupid father!

However, Song Chen was very cold. After entering the elevator, he didn’t even glance at Gu Chu. With an emotionless and handsome face, he was flipping through the blue document in his hand, thinking about the billion-dollar project plan.

Gu Chu’s mouth twitched in her heart. Se took a step forward and tugged at the corner of Song Chen’s shirt. In a childish voice, she said, “Uncle, have you seen my Mommy?”

Song Chen frowned. His gaze shifted from the document to the corner of his shirt. A small, white hand was tugging at the corner of his shirt.

It was a little girl.

She was exceptionally cute.

Her snot had not been wiped clean yet!

It was sparkling...

Song Chen frowned. He hated children! Especially children whose snot and tears had not been wiped clean!

The assistant beside him quickly pulled away Gu Chu’s hand and said kindly, “Little girl, our president is a germaphobe. Don’t tug at the corner of his shirt.”

Gu Chu rolled her eyes in her heart!

I’m your biological daughter!

Believe it or not, in the future, I won’t let you sleep with Mommy. I’ll make you sleep on the floor and kneel on instant noodles!

Today, you’re ignoring me. In the future, I’ll make you regret it!

The female protagonist of the novel was a silly and sweet girl, and the male protagonist of the novel was practically blind!

In the original novel, Song Chen was also oblivious. He fell into the water accidentally as a child and was rescued by a long-haired little girl. He mistakenly thought that the person who saved him was Cheng Qingyun (the female antagonist). When Cheng Qingyun went missing, Song Chen couldn’t forget her and signed a lover’s contract with Gu Manxi, who looked similar to Cheng Qingyun.

The dramatic thing was that the little girl who saved Song Chen as a child was Gu Manxi! She wasn’t Cheng Qingyun! It wasn’t until the end that Song Chen, who was blind, learned the truth. He regretted it, but it was too late.

Ding ~

The elevator reached the 20th floor and Song Chen and his assistant left the elevator.

Gu Chu pricked up her little ears. She heard Song Chen say to his assistant, “Get someone to send over a new suit.”

Gu Chu gritted her teeth. Just you wait, stupid Dad! I’ll deal with you when I’m free!

The elevator continued to go up and soon reached the 30th floor.

Gu Chu walked out with a limp. Empire Hotel was the most luxurious hotel in the capital. It was a major business owned by the Cheng family. The 30th floor was vast. It extended in all directions and was resplendent. Gu Chu limped down the corridor.

She didn’t know about her uncle’s condition, nor did she know if Gu Manxi had been rescued.

She could only endure the pain and move deeper into the corridor.

As she walked, she suddenly heard the sound of rapid footsteps behind her. Gu Chu was delighted. Could it be that her uncle had come? Before she turned her head to take a closer look, a tall shadow covered Gu Chu.

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