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Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Five-year-old Cutie (2)

Translator: ShinoJ

She was once a hacker, but now, she had become a five-year-old baby waiting to be fed.

Gu Chu covered her face silently. She was too ashamed to face anyone.

As the five-year-old Gu Chu barged in, the voices in the room came to an abrupt end.

There were two women in the room. The one who was dressed plainly and had a beautiful face was Gu Manxi. The other middle-aged woman who wore a limited-edition Dior summer dress and had exquisite makeup was Tang Chunxiu. She was Gu Manxi’s biological mother.

Tang Chunxiu was stunned. She stared at Gu Chu with a rather shocked expression.


Gu Chu held Gu Manxi’s hand and pretended to ask curiously, “Mommy, who is this old granny?”

Tang Chunxiu’s face darkened and her face was filled with malice.

Old granny? This child actually called her old granny?

She was not even fifty years old yet. She had paid attention to her health for many years and looked to be in her thirties at most. This little brat actually called her grandma!

Gu Manxi quickly pulled Gu Chu back and said gently, “Chuchu, this is your grandma. Be good and call her grandma.”

Gu Chu’s eyes narrowed into tiny crescents. She put down the small pink schoolbag and called out in a childish voice, “Hello, Grandma.”

The small pink schoolbag was placed on the sofa. The schoolbag was slightly unzipped, revealing the black corner of the computer. However, no one noticed.

Tang Chunxiu tried hard to maintain her aristocratic demeanor. Her well-maintained face broke into a bright smile. She asked tentatively, “Manxi, is this the child you adopted?”

“No, I gave birth to Chuchu. She’s five years old this year.” Gu Manxi clearly did not want to talk about Gu Chu’s background. This was a scar in her heart.

Tang Chunxiu was too lazy to ask further. The disdain in her heart grew stronger.

Gu Manxi was so young, and she already had a five-year-old child! This cheapskate daughter was indeed uneducated. At such a young age, she hooked up with random men outside and even gave birth to a little bastard. It was simply immoral and tarnished the Zhao family’s reputation!

With this comparison, she felt that her youngest daughter, Zhao Manshi, was more sensible. She was virtuous, gentle, and versatile. She was a socialite that the Zhao family could bring out. Many rich children in the capital wanted to marry Zhao Manshi.

Although both daughters were hers, Tang Chunxiu obviously loved her youngest daughter more. So this time, when Li Group’s Director Li proposed to marry the Zhao family, in order to protect her youngest daughter, Manshi, Tang Chunxiu was determined to find her eldest daughter, Manxi, who had been lost in the past. Manxi would marry the fat Director Li.

“Good girl. You’ve worked hard these years. I know that you must have suffered a lot.” Tang Chunxiu’s face was full of love as she held Gu Manxi’s hand affectionately, “Tomorrow, I’ll send a car to pick you up and bring you back to the Zhao family. In the future, no one can bully you and Chuchu.”

She looked like a typical loving mother.

Gu Manxi’s eyes were slightly red as tears welled up in her eyes. “Mom...”

As the heroine of a typical tragedy novel, Gu Manxi had really suffered all these years.

This time when she saw her biological mother, the long-lost love of a mother engulfed her. Gu Manxi’s originally dead heart was once again revived as if she had finally found new hope in life.

“Mom will go and arrange everything. Tonight, you must pack your things. Tomorrow, the chauffeur will come to pick you up.” Tang Chunxiu patted Gu Manxi’s hand with a face full of love. “Mommy will leave first. Manxi, take good care of yourself.”

Gu Manxi nodded gently. “Mom, I’ll send you off.”

Gu Manxi reluctantly sent Tang Chunxiu into the car. She could no longer remember what happened when she was young. When she was five years old and lost her way, she had a fever and lost a lot of her memories.

Tang Chunxiu got into the luxury car. The moment the car door was closed, the loving smile on her face instantly disappeared.

She took a wet towel and repeatedly wiped her fingers. Her fingers were tainted with the scent of a cheap bastard. She wanted to wipe them clean. As she wiped, she muttered, “I can’t believe this slut gave birth to a bastard. It’s a disgrace. Thank God I threw her away back then.”

“Old Zhao, find a car to pick them up tomorrow,” Tang Chunxiu said to the driver.

“Yes, Madam.”

Gu Manxi was in a good mood. She was happy that she had found her family again. She was a woman with no sense of security. She had suffered too much over the years and suffered too many injuries. The hard-earned family love made her cherish it even more.

In the evening, Gu Manxi made Chuchu’s favorite steamed milk cake. The mother and daughter sat at the small dining table and ate dinner.

“Mom, are we really going to Grandma’s house? I think Grandma is so scary.” Gu Chu held the steamed milk cake, her dark eyes rolling. She had to think of a way to remind Gu Manxi that the Zhao family was a den of wolves and tigers.

Gu Manxi smiled and said, “Chuchu, that’s my biological mother. I want to go back and accompany her and my family.”

Gu Chu blinked her big eyes and asked in a baby voice, “Mom, will you find a new father for me?”

“No.” Gu Manxi shook her head, her eyes sad. “Mama has you, and she will never marry again.” Although she had run away from that man for five years, Gu Manxi could not let go of him.

It was tiring to be a substitute.

He should have married and had children with his first love by now. Perhaps he had long forgotten about this cheap substitute lover of his.

Gu Chu hugged the sweet steamed milk cake and patiently enticed her. “Mama, is Grandma’s family very rich?”

“Very rich. They’re a little famous in the capital.” Gu Manxi was rather emotional. She had never thought that the Zhao family that she would occasionally see on television would actually be her own kin.

Gu Chu tilted her cute little head with a puzzled look on her face. She continued to entice her. “Mama, Grandma’s family is so rich. Why didn’t she find us earlier? Chuchu is already five years old, and Grandma only came to find us now...”

I’m literally being so explicit now. Mama, don’t you understand?

Nothing good would happen!

However, Gu Manxi was clearly like all the female protagonists in these sorts of novels. She was innocent and sweet, pure and kind in nature, and had a weak personality. She always thought that the whole world consisted of good people who would help her count the money after being betrayed.

“Chuchu, I’m your grandma’s daughter. How could a mother harm her own child?” Gu Manxi rubbed Gu Chu’s little head, her eyes flashing like a classic Mary Sue, “Chuchu, after you eat the steamed milk cake, remember to do your homework. Mom will pack your luggage and we’ll go to the Zhao House tomorrow.”

“Also, Chuchu, don’t secretly use the computer to play games at night. It’s bad for your eyes.”

Gu Chu was speechless. She had nowhere to vent the anger in her heart. Mama, you have such a benevolent character. You always fall into a trap. No wonder you were tortured so badly in the novel...

It seemed that she could only rely on herself to save the female protagonist of the novel.

If there was a chance, Gu Chu wanted to find her stupid father and teach him a lesson!

Early the next morning, the van stopped in front of Gu Chu’s house and drove the mother and daughter to the capital.

Not long after they left, a pitch-black car slowly stopped in front of Gu Chu’s house. The car door opened, and a person who looked like an assistant got out of the car. He went to knock on the door and returned after a fruitless investigation.

“Young master, they have already moved away,” the assistant said respectfully.

In the back seat of the pitch-black luxury car, the mysterious man moved his fingers slightly and controlled the keyboard. A photo of Gu Manxi and her daughter appeared on the computer screen.

“Are you sure she has a daughter?” The man asked. His tone was faint and distant, like the snow that had just melted on a snow mountain, cold and emotionless.

The assistant said, “I’m sure. After Gu Manxi retired from the entertainment industry, she disappeared for five years. This little girl is definitely her daughter.”

The man sighed faintly. His eyes were complicated. His gaze lingered on the computer screen for a long time. He sized up Gu Manxi’s beautiful face as if he wanted to see another person’s shadow on her.

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