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Chapter 17: Chapter 17: The Father Appeared (2)

Translator: ShinoJ

The man had handsome facial features, and the outline of his face looked like it was exquisitely sculpted by an artist. As he walked towards her, he had a natural domineering temperament. He was wearing an Italian high-end suit that accentuated his height and long legs. He was extraordinarily handsome.

This man was the famous CEO Song Chen of the captial, the man who controlled more than half of the entertainment industry’s resources. Song Chen was talking to his assistant when he heard her. He raised his head slightly.

He knew Zhao Manshi. They had met at the dinner party before.

Seeing Zhao Manshi’s familiar face, Song Chen stopped in his tracks and nodded at her.

Zhao Manshi was ecstatic.. Song Chen still remembered her! He even responded to her! Countless beautiful female celebrities and socialites had tried their best to get close to Song Chen, but all of them were coldly rejected by him. Song Chen wouldn’t even spare them an extra glance.

But today, Song Chen actually responded to her!

He must really have a good impression of her.

Zhao Manshi’s face was slightly red as she lowered her head shyly. She was wearing a beautiful light yellow long dress today. Her long hair was tied up and her high heels wrapped around her ankles. It accentuated her gentleness and quiet temperament, attracting many people’s gazes along the way.

She knew that she was beautiful, so she added a kind character to herself in a subtle manner. “My little niece is in the hospital. I like children a lot, so I came to the hospital to see her. Oh right, CEO Song, what are you doing at the hospital? Are you sick?”

Song Chen replied faintly, “To see a friend.”

His gaze fell on Zhao Manshi’s face, but he quickly moved away.

They were similar. But in the end, it wasn’t her.

Song Chen didn’t stay any longer and left with his assistant. Zhao Manshi stayed where she was until Song Chen’s back was no longer in her line of sight. Only then did she reluctantly leave.

Song Chen, who had a lot on his plate, came to the hospital today mainly to see a special friend.

In the VIP Ward, the room was pale and clean. The afternoon sun shone through the window frame, and a bunch of green tiger ear grass peeked out of the window. The pale young woman on the bed was looking out of the window.

Her sickly face could not hide her quiet beauty.

“Brother Chen, you’re here.” Hearing the door, the woman smiled.

Song Chen pushed the door open and entered. He sat down by the bedside and said, “I heard from the doctor that you had another attack today.” 𝗶𝓃𝓷𝒓𝘦a𝐝. 𝗰𝒐𝗺

Cheng Qingyun shook her head and said helplessly, “Congenital heart disease, it can’t be cured. It acts up every now and then. I get used to the pain.”

Song Chen said, “You shouldn’t have returned to the country back then. The medical environment overseas is more suitable for recuperating.”

“But, I miss you very much. I don’t want to be separated from you.” Cheng Qingyun held up the glass of water. She looked at Song Chen’s face and said, “Brother Chen, you said you liked me in the past. Why... Can’t you forget that woman?”

With his hidden worries exposed, Song Chen stood up and said calmly, “Since you’re fine, I’ll leave now.”

After saying that, song Chen left the ward without looking back.

Cheng Qingyun’s fingers holding the glass of water were trembling. She was unwilling to accept it.

In the past, when my illness acts up, you would come to visit me day and night. Now, you would only stay in the ward for less than a minute and then leave!

I was clearly your childhood sweetheart, I was the one who loved you the most!

But you actually got yourself a small celebrity in the entertainment industry! After I thought of a way to get rid of her, you still couldn’t forget about her!

Cheng Qingyun was unwilling to accept this! She gritted her teeth so hard that they creaked. She liked Song Chen, but she liked Song Chen’s wealth and power even more. Only by marrying Song Chen would she have the confidence to fight for the family property in the Cheng family.

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