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Chapter 16: Chapter 16: The Father Appeared (1)

Translator: ShinoJ

Zhao Yan found it hard to imagine that the Zhao family would lay their hands on a cute five-year-old child.

“Don’t go back to the Zhao family for the time being,” Zhao Yan suggested. “I have a lot of empty rooms in my apartment. You and Chuchu can stay there for now.”

Gu Manxi caressed Chuchu’s face and her eyes were gloomy. “Okay.”

Gu Manxi planned to return to the town they previously lived in when Chuchu’s foot had almost recovered. Gu Manxi worked in the town’s hospital. Although her income was low, it was enough for her to support Gu Chu.

The small town was peaceful, without the scheming of the big cities.


“Beep beep-”

Gu Manxi’s phone rang. Gu Manxi looked at the caller ID and raised her head. “Tang Chunxiu.”

Zhao Yan made a prompt decision. “Manxi, don’t fall out with my mother for now. The Zhao family still has power in the capital. If you fall out, it won’t be good for you and Chuchu to escape unscathed.”

Gu Manxi nodded and answered the call. On the other end of the phone, Tang Chunxiu’s anxious voice sounded. “Manxi, how is Chuchu? Oh God, it’s all Mother’s fault for being careless and not putting carpets in the room. Mother has already gotten the servants to clean the room and put carpets on it.”

What a gentle and considerate mother. 𝚒𝐧𝐧re𝚊𝙙. 𝙘o𝓶

However, Gu Manxi was no longer as gullible as she was in the beginning. As long as it was related to Chuchu, Gu Manxi was more clear-headed than anyone else. Gu Manxi tried her best to sound as calm as possible and said gently, “Chuchu’s feet were pierced by a few glass shards. The doctor said that she can’t walk for the time being. I plan to let Chuchu stay in the hospital today.”

“That... That’s fine. Take good care of the child. Don’t exhaust yourself.” Tang Chunxiu said lovingly, “I’ll reschedule the appointment with the principal of Chuchu’s kindergarten. There’s one more thing. When the relatives heard that you’re back, they were all very happy. Tomorrow, Mom will bring you to meet the relatives.”

Gu Manxi said lightly, “Let’s talk about it tomorrow. I’ll take care of Chuchu first.”

Tang Chunxiu rambled on and said a lot of concerned words. Gu Manxi’s face was expressionless. She listened quietly and occasionally said a few words.

After hanging up the phone, Tang Chunxiu’s smile disappeared.

She vaguely realized that Gu Manxi seemed to have noticed something. Tang Chunxiu did not dare to delay any longer. She hurriedly sent a message to Director Li to agree on the time and place for the meeting tomorrow.

She wanted to make the marriage between the Li family and the Zhao family as soon as possible!

As for Gu Chu, this five-year-old little bastard, there were plenty of opportunities to deal with her again.

That afternoon, Zhao Manshi brought toys and fruits to the hospital. She lowered herself and apologized to Gu Chu. “Chuchu, it’s all my fault. I should have caught you.”

Gu Chu’s small body tensed up like a frightened quail. She trembled as she huddled in her mother’s arms and muttered, “Thank you, Auntie. Chuchu’s feet don’t hurt at all. Really.”

Zhao Manshi did not notice Gu Chu’s “Fear”. She pretended to be concerned and asked Gu Chu a few questions. After that, she excused herself to go back to school and left.

After Zhao Manshi left, Gu Chu raised her little head and said softly, “Mommy... Chuchu is afraid.”

Gu Chu admired her own acting skills.

In her previous life, she only cared about hacking for money. With her looks and acting skills, she should have gone into the entertainment industry. She might even win a lifetime achievement award for Best Actress.

Gu Manxi hugged Chuchu, her eyes slightly sour. “Chuchu is not afraid. When Chuchu’s foot is healed, Mommy will bring you back to town.”


Zhao Manshi did not really like hospitals, even though this hospital could be considered the best private hospital in the capital. She walked out of the ward, took out her perfume, and sprayed it on her hand in disgust.

She touched that little bastard just now. It was really disgusting.

As she was putting on her perfume and when she took a glance out of the corner of her eye, her eyes instantly lit up. She hurriedly adjusted her appearance, and a smile appeared on her exquisite and beautiful face. She greeted the man who was walking toward her, “CEO Song, long time no see.”

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