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Chapter 10: Chapter 10: The Heroine Has Awaken (1)

Translator: ShinoJ

In her previous life, Gu Chu had also single-handedly established a hacker organization that was a headache for all politicians. She could do whatever she wanted.

Unfortunately, Gu Chu, who could do whatever she wanted, later met a stubborn guy who chased her across half of the world. The past was unbearable to look back on, so it was better not to mention it.


At night, the members of the Zhao family rested separately.

Gu Manxi was worried that Gu Chu was not used to the environment, so she came over to accompany her daughter to sleep. Gu Chu was actually very sensible. After the age of four, she could sleep alone, and she did not need Gu Manxi to accompany her..

“Mommy, this computer is so fun.” Gu Chu sat on the small swivel chair, her paws randomly tapping on the keyboard.

Gu Manxi shook her head helplessly. This child really liked to play computer games like Plants vs. Zombies and poker. Fortunately, Gu Chu only played for an hour a day and did not exceed the time limit. Thus, Gu Manxi did not stop her daughter from doing this little hobby.

“It’s almost nine o’clock. Chuchu, go back to bed and sleep.” Gu Manxi bent down and wanted to carry Gu Chu back to bed.

Gu Chu reluctantly stretched out her chubby hands and hugged her mother’s neck. Her feet inadvertently pressed on the computer keyboard, and the computer browser page refreshed. Gu Manxi also saw the computer screen. She was stunned for a moment, and her expression instantly became solemn.

Gu Manxi carried Gu Chu back to bed. “Sleep first. Mommy will turn off the computer.” Gu Manxi walked back to the computer. She saw the encyclopedia photo of Royal Kindergarten appearing on the screen browser.

This was the kindergarten mentioned by Tang Chunxiu.

Out of impulse, Gu Manxi clicked on this webpage. The Royal Kindergarten, a private school with shabby decoration, and there was only one teacher in her forties.

This was a kindergarten specially set up for the poor children in the suburbs. The quality of the teaching was very poor.

The more Gu Manxi read, the more shocked she became. Tang Chunxiu’s words from the afternoon echoed in her mind. This afternoon, Tang Chunxiu pulled Gu Manxi along and praised this kindergarten in various ways:

“Manxi, the quality of teaching in this kindergarten is very good. Our Zhao family also has investments. The tuition fee is more than 500,000 yuan a year.”

“Don’t worry, Mom will pay for it. Mom even informed the kindergarten teacher and she will take special care of Chuchu.”

“Do you want to go to the kindergarten to take a look? There’s no rush. Wait until Mom takes you to meet your relatives. Don’t worry, Chuchu is my granddaughter. As a grandmother, how could I not love my grandson?”


It was as if a bucket of cold water was poured onto Gu Manxi’s head, she was instantly clear-headed.

At this moment, Gu Manxi was unprecedentedly smart. As long as it involved her beloved daughter Chuchu, Gu Manxi always kept an extra eye out.

She searched a lot of information about the so-called “Royal Kindergarten” online and found that the reviews of this kindergarten online were mostly negative.

Even the kindergarten in a rural town had a better teaching environment than the “Royal Kindergarten”! inn𝘳e𝑎𝘥. co𝐦

“Mommy, all of you adults like to play with computers.” Gu Chu put on her cartoon pajamas and muttered, “In the afternoon, Aunt Manshi was also playing with this computer. She even asked who Chuchu’s father is.”

Gu Chu was not the five-year-old child in the original novel. The original Gu Chu would always cry and drag her mother down. But this Gu Chu was very smart. She knew how to push the cart before the horse, and her words woke her up.

Gu Manxi’s expression changed as expected.

Manshi had used this computer before. No wonder there was a browsing record of the kindergarten.

Manshi even asked who Chuchu’s father was?

Gu Manxi turned off the computer and went back to bed to hug Gu Chu. She asked gently, “Chuchu, what else did Aunt Manshi Say? Tell Mommy.”

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