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Volume 5, Afterword

Hello to all my dear readers, I’m the author Mikawa Ghost.

How did you enjoy this volume, filled with a raging storm of feelings, depicting not only a sweet, but also painful youth? I’m sure that a lot of you are interested in the development from here on out, but instead of making this the content of this afterword, I would instead talk about another comical episode of mine. More details on the 6th volume you will find after this afterword, so please see for yourselves.

This time, I would like to talk about the idea of ‘Being doxxed’. Scary, I know.

In this world of [ImoUza], I’ve implemented several pseudonyms and relationships for the various characters, such as the fake lovers relationship, the mysterious voice actor brigade X, and Makigai Namako. The people using these pseudonyms and fake names cannot live without them. Naturally, I am the same to a certain degree, as I work under my pen name. Using the name Mikawa Ghost, I hide my true identity, and live secretly.

When I head off to my usual massage parlor, I keep my pen name a secret, so when they ask me for my occupation…

“Ahh, my work, huh? I do stuff like writing and all that…yeah…”

I would always awkwardly cover it up, but recently, that therapist told me the following.

“You are writing books under the name of Mikawa Ghost, I see.”


How did things end up like that? Was my therapist a yandere stalker all this time? Or is my personal information being distributed deep in the dark web? I’m sure you all must have various ideas floating in your heads, but every single one is probably off in this case.

In reality, this doxxing actually happened because of something easily explainable, and every single person is currently inconvenienced by this.

…Indeed, Coro*a!

Even a massage parlor suffered from this entire situation, and had to put a restraint on the medical treatments, but because of the therapist’s kindness, we exchanged contact addresses after they said ‘I can do an individual treatment in the event that you’re feeling unwell’ (Though I never once used that service). And, since we used a super popular app for this, it activated the option of [Adding friends via phone number], which led me to appear as ‘Mikawa Ghost’ on the therapist’s recommended friend list! What a scary thing…Was I too careless…? Ugh…!

Just as doxxing can happen fairly easy in real life, the same is the case for the story depicted in [ImoUza], and with that transition, I’d like to announce that the upcoming 6th volume has a small booklet with it, and a third drama CD has been announced as well, so please continue to support the main series from here on out!

This has been Mikawa Ghost!

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