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Tomodachi no Imouto ga Ore ni Dake Uzai

Volume 2, Intermission: Iroha and Mashiro

Volume 2, Intermission: Iroha and Mashiro

The classroom at school is my, Kohinata Iroha’s, stage. I am the star! The center of the normie groups! Of course, that’s not what I want to say. Instead, I’m referring to something like the stage of a theatre after the curtains go up, the place where I have to stay in character no matter what. A ‘stage’ in that sense. In this place, I’m an actress. I play the character of Kohinata Iroha, honor student, and I have to make the audience think that this is my true character. 24/7, no mistakes allowed. It’s comparable to an actor acting out their role at all times.

…That’s why, today is really bad! During class and during breaks, I’m really freaking close to letting out the grin that’s about to rise out of my mouth!

I remember back to the two of us riding on the bike this morning.

The very instance of Senpai being late is weird in and of itself, so chances like these seldom appear. If such a chance were to actually arise, I might find myself thinking ‘Maybe it’s fine to turn off the alarm clock?’ Naturally, I wouldn’t do that.

Senpai’s back is so big~, him pedalling with all his might, as if he was doing it all just for me, he’s so warm~, I’m so happy~, all of those things were flying around in my head back then. And even as I got off the bicycle, those feelings lingered. His sensation, his body temperature, this blissful feeling in my chest. I can still feel these feelings all throughout my body, and they won’t go away.

I’ve had my share of issues too, you know!? Even though I’m acting as an honor student, what would happen if they see my slack, grinning face!?

—Just kidding, it’s no use complaining now. Not to mention that there’s a far greater problem right now.

Mashiro-senpai’s confession…

It was just a coincidence that I saw that message. Now, I can’t help but get this weird, gloomy feeling in my chest. Well, we’re talking about the impregnable Senpai here, so even if he got thrown a 160 km/h straight ball, he wouldn’t flinch. Still, to think that Mashiro-senpai would cause this much of an impact…

I assumed that if nobody made any moves, and Mashiro-senpai stayed as a friend, everyone could just happily enjoy their life. But it seems that I was too soft.

“Haaa…” I let out a sigh in the corner of the classroom.

What’s going to happen from now on? I don’t want Senpai to get taken away from me, but I want to remain friends with Mashiro-senpai. Hmmm… Can’t this shitty feeling go away already!?

This is what I was racking my head about during the break after 3rd period.

“Kohinata-san. There’s a guest for you. An upperclassman, it seems.”

“—Ah, okay. Thank you very much.”

Being called out by a classmate, I hurriedly switched back to my neat-and-tidy persona. There are some perceptive people out there after all, so I can’t let down my guard for a single second~! But, what business would an upperclassman have with me? I really only know Senpai and Onii-chan as upperclassmen, but they shouldn’t have any reason to come see me during school, I guess.

And just while I’m thinking that, a huge shock for Iroha-chan! Why is she here, out of all the people?!

“Mash—Tsukinomori-senpai. What might be your business?”

As I was about to call her Mashiro-senpai, I hurriedly retracted my way of addressing her. In my neat and clean mode, I always refer to upperclassmen with their family name, and a -senpai. This is the most polite way, after all.

Anyway, standing there was indeed Mashiro-senpai. Being stared at by the male students walking down the hallway, as well as the students inside the classroom, she was shaking like a scaredy cat.

“Ah, Iroha-chan. Good thing you’re here… Mashiro thought you were getting raped or something.”

“Cough… Tsukinomori-senpai? It’s only noon, so you might want to keep such expressions in moderation.”

“Eh? …Iroha-chan, your character is somehow different than usual…?”

“What might you be referring to? I’m always like this, right?”

While saying that, I tried to convey my message by winking at her.

Realize it already! Play along, will you!?

“Eh? Uhm… Uhm………… Ah!”

Mashiro-senpai seemed to be deep in thought, but after a few seconds, it seemed that she she realized something.

“Tehe★” (While making a pose)


What’s with that excessively self-conscious mode-like selfie pose!? No, this gap moe from the usual Mashiro-senpai is so friggen cute, but this isn’t the time for that!!!

Or so I cursed inside my head, putting all my anger and desire to retort into making a fist, and continued with my honor student smile. But, since I couldn’t say anything, an awkward silence presided over us…

“…Was Mashiro…wrong?”

“…Yes. Regrettably.”

“A-Ah… Ahhh…”

Poff, Mashiro’s face went red in just a second.

“S-Sorry… Mashiro thought that this was what normal JK’s do on a daily basis. That’s why she thought you were waiting for her to do that… Uuu…so embarrassing.”

This girl’s too cute for her own good. To be honest, as soon as I looked at Mashiro’s face, I started to get frustrated about her cuteness. I could even hear my male classmates behind me whisper in response.

“That girl who’s talking with Kohinata-san is crazy cute.”

“Woaaah, a beauty and a beauty lined up next to each other!”

“Who’s that?”

“Isn’t that the second year transfer student? She’s insanely beautiful.”

…and so on.

I’m glad to see that other people agree with me, I totally feel you guys. But she’s getting a bit too much attention right now, which is why I whispered to Mashiro-senpai.

“Let’s go somewhere with less people. Come on.”


After taking Mashiro-senpai with me to a corner in the hallway, we could relax. If it’s here, I should be able to shift out of my honor student mode for a bit, right?

“Uhmmm, so… Why did you come to my classroom, Mashiro-senpai?”

“Ah, your usual persona is back.”

“Well, not completely. Anyway, what is your business?”

“Ah, that’s right. L-Listen… Uhm, there’s something that Mashiro wants to ask…”

“I see I see. About make-up? Or how to properly use tampons?”

“N-Not that… Uhm… About Aki.”


Bad, very bad! There it is! Ahhhh, talking about Senpai here is bad! Really friggen bad! To be precise, it’s because I know about Mashiro-senpai’s confession! I can’t exactly cheer for her, and I wouldn’t feel good trying to get between them… No, I can’t let on that I know about the confession in the first place! This situation is already a pain right from the get-go, you know?!

Now, what’cha gonna ask me, Mashiro-senpai?!

“Today… Aki entered the classroom a bit later than usual. But it’s not like that happens on a regular basis, so Mashiro was wondering… Iroha-chan, do you know something?”

“Uhhmmm. He wasn’t late to class, right? Then there shouldn’t be any problem—”

“No. Aki always comes to the classroom at the exact same moment. Mashiro knows that very well.”

“Well, that’s just how Senpai is. But, he’s just a human, so there will be mistakes or irregularities.”

“16 minutes and 34 seconds.”


“He was 16 minutes and 34 seconds later than usual. This is more than just a simple miscalculation on his part.”

…Or so she says, but this calm-headed declaration paired with that strangely detailed information is a bit scary, you know?! Just how much attention are you paying towards Senpai on a daily basis?! Well, I can’t really say anything… But, shit! How nice it must be to be in the same classroom as him!! I want to sit next to Senpai during class!!!

While I was cursing my own existence, Mashiro-senpai looked at me with a worried, almost saddened expression,

“Hey, Aki isn’t overburdening himself or anything, right…?”

And said that.

“…Ahh. Mashiro-senpai, are you the one who’s earnestly worried about Senpai?”

“Yeah… Being almost late like that really isn’t like Aki… So Mashiro thought that maybe something happened…”

“But why would you ask me about that? Why not just ask him yourself?”

You’re seat neighbours after all!—is what I added in my head.

Thinking for a bit, Mashiro-senpai lowered her head, and said something that could come out of an anime character’s mouth. One who was in the midst of experiencing their first love.

“Talking to him, is embarrassing… This isn’t the timing…for intimacy like that… Though Mashiro can’t tell you the reason for that…”

No need for that!! I know already, I’m sorry!! That makes sense, you literally just confessed to him after all! And I can perfectly understand you, Mashiro-senpai! Not knowing what his response is, it’d be the same for me!! Ahh, if only I didn’t happen to see that LIME message, for crying out loud!

“That’s why, Mashiro thought of asking you, Iroha-chan… She doesn’t have any friends other than you…”


And now with that phrase. Crazy, with that timing… She hasn’t planned this conversation out or anything, has she? Even though she’s my rival, I can’t bring myself to hate her at all. Well, it’s not like I would want to in the first place.

Ahhh, I give up. I lose. I can’t act like I don’t know anything if she asks me like that.

“It seems like Senpai overslept today, he probably just overworked himself last night~”

I’m sure that he was probably racking his head because of Mashiro-senpai’s confession, but that I won’t say. I can’t. That’s why, I’ll just give her the important details.

“He’s not sick or anything?”

“Nah, I think we’re gucci on that one. Senpai’s a real health maniac, after all.”

“I see… What a relief.”

To my reply, she put one hand on her chest and sighed. Seeing that expression, I could tell that deep down, she’s really worried about Senpai.

“So he’s tired… Then I guess I’ll eat lunch alone today. If he’s with Mashiro, he probably wouldn’t be able to take it easy.”

“Aren’t you just thinking too deep on it? He’s always eating alone, so I’m sure that he’ll be happy if you invite him.”

“No, Aki is Mr. Considerate reincarnated. Mashiro will hold off on inviting him.”

Ahh, this consideration of hers, so strong. Way too strong. If she were this honest in front of him, he’d definitely say OK to her confession, huh… Grr…

And with that, the chime of the bell rang, returning the hallway to its usual level of noisiness.

“Ah, Mashiro has to go back to her own classroom now… Thank you, Iroha-chan.”

“No biggie. I just told you what I knew. Ciao!”

“Yeah… Ah, I know.”

As I was about to go on my way, Mashiro-senpai’s call brought me to a stop. As if she was afraid of something, she slowly brought out the following words.

“Can Mashiro…come again? She won’t…be a bother, right?”


I felt like an idiot for sighing like that.

Eh, eh, Mashiro’s really being a bother?!—was her reaction to my sigh.

“Of course you can! After all, we’re friends!”

“…! O-Okay. Thank you, Mashiro will come again!”

Flashing a bright smile, this time Mashiro-senpai really went down the stairs. Once her figure disappeared completely, I let out another heavy sigh.

“…I wonder if Senpai will really be okay…”

We’re talking about the blockhead Senpai, who’s never had even a millimetre of experience of love, but if it’s Mashiro-senpai, he might really fall for her. That’s just how charming she is, no joke.

“But…he will be, right…?”

It’s the Senpai who continues to brush off every advance that I make. The reason he doesn’t see me as a woman…must be because of that promise we made that day, right? Then… Then, no matter how cute, kind, or charming of a perfect girl Mashiro-senpai is, he will be fine…right?

In the end, this hazy, gloomy feeling in my chest never went away, even after lunch break finally came.


1 Possible ‘Kuroko no Basket’ reference

2 Makigai’s name is written with the kanji for shell, whilst tamago means egg.

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